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2011/7/11 10:30:10
Imported Objects - Odd Specularity I take it by 'specularity' that you mean the highlighted triangle area above the buttons? It's a common problem with imported objects (until we nag them to fix it ) and can only really be disguised, although you'll find you can lessen the effect if you get the lighting just right.
2011/7/11 10:24:02
Animated TV Set Hi Wizaerd

It's most likely Muvizu doesnt like the codec the AVI is encoded in. Convert it into an Xvid AVI instead, and see if that helps.
2011/7/1 19:56:23
Easter Eggs Okay, everyone, enough with stressing over these things - the easter eggs are just codes that can show up randomly (on backdrops at the very least) that let you watch a little hidden movie, that's all. They don't effect Muvizu, they don't unlock features, you can live without them, so everyone, please, chill out and get back to making mad movies
2011/6/26 19:51:03
The Barmy Buccaneer Excellent stuff - reminded me of Dangermouse, Bananaman, etc. BTW, were you intending to colour all of it later on, or just select bits?
2011/6/23 19:01:10
Free 3d models Good stuff on there, thanks Q!
2011/6/18 21:53:23
Volumeric lighting That terrain editor looked AWESOME. As did the lighting. And the clothing. And everything, actually.

One question though, for the Devs - can we use any of those assets ourselves (like the foliage) in Muvizu? I mean, are they not available because it's not included in the version you're licenced to use, or they are included but you cant use them because you'd have to code them into the Muvizu animation system? Either way, are we likely to see any of the funky things mentioned in the trailer available to us in the future, or is there a limit to what you can do with the system as it is?

Wait, that's three questions, uhhh....Tell you what, I'll simplify my request to the following :

Gonny Geezat?

2011/6/17 20:03:30
Interface & Timeline Yup, I also concur. It's nice to have the swoopy stuff, but an Off switch would be very helpful. I suppose you could have a slider to control the speed of swoops, from where it is now, down to faster, then off.

I think what we all want here is the option for the view to stay where it is while we work, regardless of what else we may be doing. It's functional, boring, but definitely more productive - but the kids should be able to keep their swoops if they like
2011/6/17 19:53:55
audio jumping around! I'm no expert on sound cards, but I've seen this kind of problem before, and it can be the Windows audio buffer. How you change it depends on which version of Windows you've got, but usually making it bigger helps (although conversely reducing it can also help! Ahh, computers... ). While you wait for the coders to check it out, it can't hurt to try changing the buffer setting, see if it makes a difference.
2011/6/16 21:08:37
Interface & Timeline Yes, it's that damn Zig Phone again with yet another feature removal request - when you right click on a character, can we please have the option to just go straight to their properties window without the long swoopy camera move? Takes too long, and I get impatient when I'm building stuff.

Also, while I'm here, I've noticed that the post boxes have aquired a horizontal scroll bar which only scrolls one character either way, which in turn hides the first or last character of every sentence you type - but only in IE9. When I put IE9 to Compatibility mode, the scroll bar (and the problem) dissapears. Odd one.
2011/6/16 18:54:41
Favourite ever cartoon? KerryK wrote:
DUDE! i can't believe no one's mentioned this yet!

I totally don't remember this, and for that I'm truly grateful. That is hideous. And so, so pink and girly - Thundercats in spandex... Big Grin
2011/6/16 0:33:09
Facial animation mos6507 wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
, but...consider this - how many 3d packages dont have a manual? How many have courses which, realistically, you have to go on to learn them? How many dont mention vertices, polygons or UV maps? If you really want all that (and the control that it will give you) then Muvizu isn't the place to look for it.

Where in my post did I say I wanted that?

You didn't - I was merely framing my point about what Muvizu is, rather than what you want it to be. And, if I understand this correctly, you want it to be capable of being an Xtranormal emulator kinda thing. Good luck with requesting that one!

Also, you say that "Muvizu can not be evaluated as a general purpose animation system, even though it is one" - uh, I don't think Unreal Tournament is a general purpose animation system. I think it's a system to allow you to shoot people in the face. The fact that we can animate anything with it is quite impressive, I always thought. And I hate Status Quo. Sorry, I mean, I don't support the status quo and I don't think anyone else does either. We all want to see Muvizu become a general purpose animation system, but it's early days, like I said.

(Actually, 'Caroline' was okay)
2011/6/15 20:24:46
Facial animation mos6507 wrote:
My opinion is that there should be an open API/SDX for the more ambitious and technical people to do what Muvizu currently does internally. There's a HUGE gap between working with something like Muvizu and something like Maya, not the least of which is price. A small team like Muvizu could benefit in having motivated 3rd parties extend the system.

A very good point, but...consider this - how many 3d packages dont have a manual? How many have courses which, realistically, you have to go on to learn them? How many dont mention vertices, polygons or UV maps? If you really want all that (and the control that it will give you) then Muvizu isn't the place to look for it.

For me, everything I've done up till now has been an effort to reduce the cartoony element to make something more realistic, and all I really want from the package right now (apart from guns, obviously) is the ability to turn off it's features, not create new ones from scratch. A neutral expression is much more useful to me than the ability to postion individual fingers, or make them do somersaults, or whatever. Have you ever tried to get an kinematic figure to do what you want by moving it's joints around? It's bloody hard, time consuming, and never really looks good enough - the Muvizu people, on the other hand, are pretty good at this kind of stuff.

Outsider plugins would be welcome for sure, but I get the feeling that the number of bug reports/issues would balloon out of proportion to their usefulness. And how could you guarantee that everyone stays within the remit of an easy-to-use program, rather than yet another overly fiddly movie making tool? Tricky. Still, early days
2011/6/11 0:46:30
Interface & Timeline I seem to keep finding features I want removed, rather than added, but never mind - could we PLEASE have the option to turn off the camera look thing the view does when the object you're working with goes offscreen a bit. It's starting to drive me mad - I'm building sets for Dreeko using big walls, and trying to position them is an exercise in frustration because Muvizu tries to 'help' me see what I already know is there and don't care about. I can move the view around myself to track the objects, thanks all the same, it's no bother
2011/6/8 22:53:18
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Good tutorial from the Big D (as usual!) although it made me wonder - could we have the ability to use the grid on the floor to align/snap objects? It's not doing anything else at the moment...
2011/6/7 19:13:09
Random requests! Boots! As in, a sort of ankle cuff that could look like boots if blended into the foot - maybe be able to rotate the laces up higher too...
2011/6/6 0:31:38
Muvizu and mice From my own experience, a good mouse can make a difference - having extra buttons is especially useful for calling up those windows you need all the time (like the timeline), or using a hat controller to move around with. A left hand controller is also very useful - I use the Saitek Cyborg Mouse and the Saitek Command Unit to fly around in Muvizu - I couldn't do it without them! Seriously, I couldn't, I'm so used to them that I don't even know what most of the keys are, being assigned to the Saiteks as they are. Saves time, at the very least.

Hope that helps
2011/6/2 21:22:35
Problem with New Upgade Ooh, good one! Apparently it's something to do with the masking or some such - Neil described it (better!) on the other topic about the new release. Doesn't seem to stop Muvizu working though.
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2011/5/30 23:17:32
The newest Muvizu release... glasgowjim wrote:
Windproof houses! Pfft, I didn't even have a house - I used to live in a hole in 't' middle of road!

We got evicted from our 'ole - there was 17 of us livin' in a shoebox. You try tellin' the young people today that - they won't believe you.

(actually, there is another Monty Python sketch I was thinking of Muvizu'ing...d'ya think the BBC would mind? )
2011/5/28 15:21:44
Compatibility: Old set files and the new Muvizu For me the old sets came out too bright as well - not a bit issue, since I expected to have to re-jig them a bit to suit the new engine. The main difference I noticed is how the light reacts to backdrops in it's path (completely different effect - nice, but requires some more work to understand how to manipulate it better).

I also noticed the change to the camera settings, BW, and it is a little annoying but hey, you'll have to tweak them a bit to suit the new lighting anyway so no big deal, really. I didn't notice any objects relocating anywhere, but that may be a set specific effect I've yet to experience.
2011/5/27 12:32:38
The newest Muvizu release... After a bit of further experimentation with my other sets, I can't actually force the text/timeline overflow to happen - it seems to only happen sometimes - yeah, I know, random bugs are everybody's favourites Brick Wall.

One thing I did notice was that Muvizu still can't work out what resolution my desktop is in - it always defaults to some bizzare res like 984x738 when I'm running at 1024x768, and something different again when I'm running at 1280x768. It's always done this before, but it's not a big problem, just a bit annoying. And since it means I always have to change screen resolution, could this be a contributing factor in the overflow thing? Just a thought.
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