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2016/9/18 11:32:11
Is anyone using muvizu to create explainer videos? Hi there. Just to say I haven't used it for business but have used it for a conference presentation and some teaching vidoes (I work in Faculty Development in Medical Education) and found it worked really well for these purposes. It looks pretty professional without too much hard work while being a bit "different" than standard 2D cartoons
2015/8/17 16:47:51
Uploading to youtube thanks again - hadn't attached my accounts but looking in my Muvizu account now the site seems to have picked it up despite me uploading directly to Youtube. I'll know the next time -although I did try to do it through Muvizu originally but for some reason couldn't get the file to upload. As I need an embed code from You tube for an e-poster I'm doing I did it directly to save time

Got to say I'm really pleased with the video -got a couple of minor glitches with character movements but for a first go over a few hours pretty impressed with the software
2015/8/17 11:53:33
Uploading to youtube Hi. Sorry to post another query but needing more help. Have made my first video used video joiner to make and all seems ok. Now can't see how I can upload to youtube from the site? The red upload button just seems to put it onto Muvizu gallery. I need a youtube link and know that I can do this myself separately but thought I would show off my mediocre attempt anyway!. Has the set up changed since the tutorial videos were made as these suggest that you have to upload to Youtube through the Muvizu site but I cant see how to do this now. The drop down menu "upload to youtube" is not active, despite me being logged in to You tube and Muvizu
2015/8/15 15:40:13
Lip sync multiple characters To MrDrWho13 I seem to have got it
Was toggling between the prepare and direct to change the shush on and off. Didn't realise I could do it straight from the direct dialogue window Thanks again for the help
2015/8/15 15:16:29
Lip sync multiple characters thanks. Wondered about the video being out of date as I noticed some of the screen shots looked different. Yes been trying this multiple times now. When I shush one the entire dialogue for the other "unshushes" and vice versa so either have both talking or both quiet. Cannot alternate between them. Have deleted the track and retried multiple times. Feel like I'm doing something in wrong order or missing one simple step somewhere but can't see where- I know its probably me !
2015/8/15 11:52:48
dialogue conversations between 2 Hi. Am new here and having problems with dialogue between characters. Have tried both direct recording and imports from Audacity but cannot get software to recognise that dialogue between two characters. What am I doing wrong? Can get them to individually lipsynch to their own parts but each time I do it it seems to overwrite the others timeline -can't get them both to appear at same time and don't get the pop up window to prepare dialogue as shown in the tutorial vid
Also not able to add cue points to any scenes -either using button on timeline or with keyboard insert -help please!
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