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2010/9/25 18:14:35
New animated concert This is the second in my series of animated gigs, and again featuring Manny Garcia.

Learning from the first animation I've reduced the number of people in the audience, to speed things up a little, and I've also removed the piano so I can give Manny more animations.
Any comments and suggestions welcome :-D


John M
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2010/9/18 14:09:19
Animated Concert Hi all

I've just finished animating a Manny Garcia performance and the end results can be seen here:

Any feedback more then welcome :-)

Its been a steep learning curve and I would do things a little differently next time but the process has been great fun. The number of people in the audiance really helped slow my laptop down to a crawl so I'll need to look into how to optimise.

John M
2010/9/3 20:20:28
3d model of piano Actually I've just seen Google Sketchup - looks like that might provide the answer :-)
2010/9/3 19:06:39
3d model of piano Hi all.
Does anyone know any online resources of 3d models that are compatible with Muvizu?
I'm looking for a model of a piano. ;-)

John M
2010/8/30 20:15:27
Raindance competition I've really enjoyed producing my entry, and part of that fun was working to a deadline, and working with static camera.

I was a tad miffed (to say the least) that the deadline has been put back, as my some of my stressy moments were for nothing but I'm still very proud of what I've produced.

I don't think I'll be changing my entry but will use the extra weeks to see if I can produce another entry, I have a few ideas' especially if the import object does what i think it might.

Still it's a great comp and a great product and I've had fun.
2010/8/30 13:01:43
My thoughts on potential features Hi all.

I'm loving Muvizu. It's incredible.

I've just spent all weekend completing my entry into the Raindance competition, and the only element that has caused me countless frustration is making characters walk to where I need them to be at the right time.

There may be times where real time route creation will work really well but I really struggled. I found it impossible with my laptops tackpad and really hard with a mouse, and many re-takes were needed.
What would be great is it was possible to have the option to predefine way points not in real time. This way exact locations and timings could quickly and easily set.

Other then this - a great application. First application I've found which lets me put my ideas into something visable.

Many thanks
John M
2010/8/22 11:42:38
Hi all - just finished my first small project :-) Thanks Jim
2010/8/21 23:28:02
Hi all - just finished my first small project :-) Hi all,

Just a quick word to say hi.
I've been interested in animation for years but never had the talent to create my visions.

Muvizu is fantastic - Loving it.

To get used to the interface I decided to animate a snipit of a famous Churchill speech.
I love the results form Muvizu. I'm Buzzing :-)

Take a look at:

any feedback welcome.

Many thanks
John M
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