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2016/7/9 19:33:28
New South Asian character pack available! If I was the head of marketing and/or product development for Digimania I would want to hear all of the input, both positive and negative. I would especially want to hear this input from the very active users who are on this forum. Digimania needs to understand how people who are its most passionate users love and are frustrated by its software. They need to know what features core users want the most, because core customers are the most important customers. If at least 40% of active users of Muvizu wouldn't be extremely upset if it disappeared tomorrow, then Muvizu is in trouble. If 40% or more of its active users would be really upset if it went away then they have product market fit. In business you have to have a great product and you have to know your customers. Feedback like people have been leaving above is priceless. Digimania, I hope you're listening.
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2016/7/9 19:13:34
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting That set is really great!
2016/6/29 6:34:11
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting Rocque wrote:

Since there was the discussion on the microphone, is mine okay? I know I could invest in an upgrade, but I would rather not if it is not necessary.

Clayster2012, I'm assuming we'll be recording at 48khz? I just want to check.
2016/6/29 6:31:21
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting Rocque wrote:
Maybe I will just send my voice recordings to you first, Pat, so you can see if they are okay. I wear hearing aids so am not always sure how my recordings are after I submit them. I seem to always be using the amplify feature and have my speakers turned up. I am the victim of too many ear infections and too much time in water having fun. I tired ear surgery but it did not make things better, it added nerve damage.
I learned my lesson about having surgeries.

I have constant ringing in my ears so do not know if that is in the recordings or not. Crazy, huh?

Rocque, if you're only an hour from me and if you're having issues with your recordings I may be able to help. I should have my mic and preamp by this Thursday. The mic is from eBay so after I've tested it and if everything is working the whole setup will be very portable. My kids are out of town this week and weekend so I have a little more time than normal as well. I've engineered a lot of recordings in the past for other people so I feel comfortable with that process. I also have some moving blankets and foam that work well for dampening room echoes. My mom had scarlet fever when she was a kid and it damaged her hearing so I know what kind of an obstacle that can be. Anyway, let me know if that's something that would be of help to you. If so, you can message me and we can work out the details.
2016/6/28 4:22:17
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting clayster2012 wrote:

Thanks, by the way did you get the script i sent you for Milo Bill, quick Jack, Robo James, and Wild Bill Hiccup, I messaged with the link.

The script didn't come through. I messaged you my personal email address. Could you try attaching it there? I ordered a mic this weekend and can start recording as soon as that gets to me.
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2016/6/28 4:20:00
Hello from SoCal PatMarrNC wrote:
Also, where did you get the background music and sound effects? It all works together so well!
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Thanks, Pat. I appreciate the encouragement. I animated the camera. The music is from I can't remember which royalty-free sites I got the sound effects from. I looked around a lot for the right ones. Some of them may have been from inside the Adobe Audition library as well.
2016/6/28 4:16:02
Hello from SoCal mysto wrote:
Kind of looks like he may have tilted the camera back and forth. I could be wrong though. In any case a great looking video!

I did indeed animate the camera instead of the ship. I tried to force the ship to go over some hill-shapes but that didn't work.
2016/6/28 4:14:58
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting Looks fantastic. Great work.
2016/6/26 7:00:19
Create a campfire ziggy72 wrote:
You can't import effects, no, but you can sort this. Either put the campfire on a raised bit of ground (like one of the mounds) so that you have room to put the fire lower, or else build a false floor. I tend to use a lot of ground planes (pretending to the be ground) hovering higher than the actual floor.

Thanks for the ideas, Ziggy72. I'll give them a shot.
2016/6/26 5:39:15
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting clayster2012 wrote:
Ok, then you can Have quick Jack, and Milo Bill, and robo James, once I get the full their scripts ready I'll send you their Lines.

Sounds like fun. I look forward to it.
2016/6/26 5:37:58
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting PatMarrNC wrote:
(I know it was just a demo and that's probably why you used the most convenient mic)

Lol. Yeah, don't worry. I used to work in audio post. I would never turn in actual work files off that kind of mic. I'll either buy or borrow one.
2016/6/25 22:33:36
Create a campfire I'm trying to create a campfire but I'm not having a lot of luck using the small fire effect that ships with Muvizu. I can't really control it and I can't place the effect-generating box below the floor of the scene I opened so that the fire originates basically at floor level. Is there another program that I should try using to create this kind of effect then import it? Or are there some tips for me that someone could offer? Thanks!

2016/6/25 19:42:02
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting MrDrWho13 wrote:

Excellent voice work there!
I'd recommend you get a fairly good mic since you might even be able to monetise your talent.

Thanks, MrDrWho13. I've taken voice acting classes and worked for an audio post production company for a couple of years. I was around so much stellar talent though that I don't take myself too seriously. I will look into getting a good mic. I almost bought one on Black Friday but I didn't think I'd need it For these auditions I just used the built in mic on my laptop, which is pretty bad.
2016/6/25 19:37:28
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting Rocque wrote:
Isn't it the longer that people will watch your video from start to finish the better Google likes it?.

Partially it's about the % of a video that gets watched but even moreso it's about total # of minutes watched per video, so those crazy long gamer videos rake in the ad sharing money. PewDiePie made between $4 and $7.4 million last year. Recently when I went to visit my sister, my nieces and nephews one rainy day watched episode after episode of someone on YouTube playing King's Quest. The guy doing the voiceover was charming and "Let's Play" videos are huge business.
2016/6/25 18:57:16
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting PatMarrNC wrote:
Clayster, even if you don't get Finger Pistols officially "published", you should look into monetizing your Youtube videos.

The Music industry has taken advantage of bands for years, offering them bad contracts in exchange for all the rights to their music. Lots of people are finding out that they can make almost as much by marketing their work themselves than they can get with a record deal... and they still own the rights to their music! You might find the same to be true for video.

YouTubers LOVE funny videos, and if you set up your account as monetized, youtube takes care of putting the ads on your page, and you just get the money. It's not much at one time, but it keeps trickling in forever. And the more videos you have, the more it trickles.

Also Facebook is aggressively promoting their own video, and due to the way people on FB can easily link to anything posted there, it works well as a way to build a following. I'm not sure if Facebook video can be monetized though.

If that sounds like too much hassle, consider delegating it to somebody else. The bigger your production gets, the more you will benefit from specialists.

I actually work full time in marketing and I agree that you should monetize your videos on YouTube. It's easy to do. All you need is to set up a Google AdSense account. The longer the videos the higher you will rank on YouTube. Right now the genre that rules YouTube are video gamers who record themselves playing games because YouTube gives big points for length of time watched and those videos get the most minutes watched of anything on the platform. Another important ranking factor is the number of subscribers you have to your channel and there are a lot of videos on YouTube about how to get more subscribers. If you do get a distribution license, make sure it's not exclusive so you can still publish your videos through your own channels for money. It's always good to have a hand in your own marketing. Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, talks a lot about how he wishes he had self published. His publisher got most of the benefit from his first best-seller and there are a lot of tools out there now to help people do their own marketing. I recommend reading blogs from Neil Patel, Ramit Sethi, and Brian Dean to get good self-marketing tips.
2016/6/25 18:47:57
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting clayster2012 wrote:
MarcKennedy wrote:
I love voice acting. I'd be happy to pitch in. Here are auditions for a few characters.

Lol I love those pickup lines for milo Bill, you seem to understand his character that's funny, could use those, and you know I been looking for a good sound for Robo James, because him being a clock work robot and with that hollow sound you made seems fitting, and another thing that weird is for some strange reason you hit Quick Jack the way I would always imagine how he would sound, are you getting into my head or what, anyways those Characters are available if you want them, aslo I may use those pick up lines.

Oh and to let everyone know, I may use this 30 minute video as a submission to try and get Finger pistols are Dangerous published.
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Lol. You did a great job designing them and describing them so I picked up on those cues and ran with it. I'm happy to do as many of these characters as you need. I love collaborating on projects. (Note: I didn't have any good ideas for the chief that weren't terrible racial cliches so I didn't audition him). And I'm happy just to get my name in the credits no matter what you do with the project in the end. I'm not looking for compensation, just for fun.
2016/6/25 18:24:38
Hello from SoCal Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm currently in Pasadena. Here is the test film I made

2016/6/25 9:25:08
Hello from SoCal Hi everyone,
I've had Muvizu for almost a year now but just upgraded to the full version. I've used it a couple of times for the video introductions I've had to upload for some online classes. My voice lip synced to a dog's body has been pretty popular with my classmates. I also made a short test movie that was more complex, a sailor on the deck of a ship in a storm who dives overboard. I hope to make some more projects soon.

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2016/6/25 9:12:43
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting I love voice acting. I'd be happy to pitch in. Here are auditions for a few characters.

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