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2014/9/1 16:59:47
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Nobody's @ home ? Shock

(Picture taken from Dreeko's: "Life on Muvizu" 2011)
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2014/8/30 8:57:31
The Future of Muvizu revealed! It's a GIF (because it's written !)
Otherwise you're right: LINK

Ha ha, look at his own pic, he's still waiting for an answer !

But I'm afraid we'll have to wait until monday...
...and that he's able to cheat a bit with one of his tentacles ?
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2014/8/29 17:33:18
The Future of Muvizu revealed! I hope not !?

But it's definitely time for ziggy to take a deep breath:
2014/3/20 6:31:54
And the Muvizu Oscar winner is... Congratulations ! Good Choice !

and do i get a gold statue?

Here it is:

A WOF star is also in preparation...
2014/3/10 20:57:58
Modeling help I don't know if you still need a mane, but I "found" one on another model.
Short test together with some assets and textures from hobobo:

It's still too big, not double-sided (import as fbx) and needs some smoothing, but if you're interested I could go on... ?
2014/2/28 7:14:36
Asset Creation Sorry, no offence !

I didn't say I want them to be removed but we were asked for constructive suggestions.
And from your offer it seems that you could outsource some of the real big files to your shop (what others might not be able).

Personally, I don't think sets of 50 MB and more are "small" and really good usable inside Muvizu with a normal computer but maybe that's just my impression.
2014/2/27 21:23:53
Asset Creation No, this was just taken as example, because most of her brilliant assets are rather huge.
But as I said, even if she would shift them to her own shop, this would only mean a short time solution.

If Muvizu is not able to offer more space, I see no other choice than to set links in the future.
But it would probably be the best for both producer and user to get these links collected on a certain Muvizu site.
2014/2/27 19:17:17
Asset Creation @urbanlamb & Rocky,

in case you wonder where your temperatures are - WE have them ! Toast
It's the fourth warmest winter since 1881 here in Germany.

But back to the topic:

If space is really the problem than you could either remove the real huge assets (sorry urban) in order to release more space for a few new contributions (but of course that would also be just a temporary solution).
Or you could at least build a new section under "Get Assets" where picture upload is still allowed but the "producer" finally only sets a link to a free download (e.g. from his Dropbox account, Mediafire etc.) or to an online store of his choice or makes an offer, leaves his email address or whatever.

By doing so the user base will at least stay informed about available assets and where to get them.
2014/2/25 15:45:20
Toon Shading Thank you !

I have to admit that I polished the video output from Muvizu (picture: left side) slightly with some VDub-Filters (middle) afterwards to get to the final result (right):

But depending on your video editor this should also be possible using similar modifications.
2014/2/23 16:13:00
Toon Shading @bigwally,

I hope your problem is already solved ?
I haven't used Toon shading that much in the past. Therefore, I gave it another try today in order to see if it's possible to get kind of a 2D look:

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2014/2/20 15:35:58
classic kirk fights. number 1 Cool, that's a true classic ! Cool
2014/2/20 15:34:39
Toon Shading Sorry to hear that, but be assured that in principle it is still working:

"Mouse Gertrud strikes back"
2013/12/9 5:42:30
Muvizo: Pro - can you give us any details I understood that you didn't mean it seriously (similar to the Dragon/Kraken-thing).
Because of that, it was fun for me to realise your "idea".

Furthermore, I could use the chance to set some links to other models that would at least partielly fit into the Muvizu world and/or where you could get some inspiration for additional items.
Although I'm not a fan of stupid first-person-shooters I like the way they present the updates, the creativity of the users (in that respect) and the idea of a workshop based on the original models that was also suggested here by Dreeko and others.
2013/12/8 15:21:56
Muvizo: Pro - can you give us any details
also ninjas with lazer beams shooting out of their eyes is probably an addon

In the meantime you could also use some assets from even more evil software - the ninja stuff here (LINK) fits pretty good to Beefy:

That's a nice ninja with lazer beams, isn't it ?

Unfortunately, I don't own the Pro-Version in the moment, so the single ninja props don't stick very well to the head (lower right).
Otherwise, it would be possible to use dozens of free similar props, e.g. from here (LINK):

or from here (LINK).

2013/11/30 19:05:36
Off my trolley I'm a little late here, but unfortunately I had not much time this week and didn't spend a 2nd look.

Nevertheless, I remembered that I've seen some trolleys in the program that's name shall better not be mentioned here:

They converted pretty easy with the additional help program to the program with the unspeakable name:

Some time ago I set some links to even more self-converted lowpoly props (~800) from a no longer sold product, e.g.:

In case you're interested, have a look in the other forum (toonarama and uranlamb should know) or write a mail.
2013/11/6 18:09:59
Help needed with sketch up to muvizu There's also another ASE exporter for sketchup from ziggy and ukberty: here

But it's better to first read the WIKI and follow the instructions !
2013/11/6 18:03:47
Hello Muvizu Community G'Day !
2013/7/21 15:52:53
dont think its helpful to cloud the issue with animation etc because then i get people yelling at me on forums calling me "lazy" because i wont build them a fully rigged and animated animal for muvizu use.

I fully understand you in this respect !
Nevertheless, animations with rigged (blender) figures can also be done in other programs (even in Blender itself) and then the video output transferred to Muvizu (e.g. for a missing dragon).

Blendswap is full of cartoonish looking chars and objects that could either be used directly for the (Ase-)import into Muvizu or after animation in another 3D program:

Gromit character by Adokin on Blendswap.

Luckily I found a way to extract also the other guys from the Blender file (see above - I had to switch the layers since only the first layer could be used for fbx export) - Animation example with 2 other guys:
2013/7/20 19:41:45
tutorials in muvizu to help people out revolving around use of blender for "newbies"

Oh yes, please ! Cool

In the moment I could urgently need help in order to "extract" some cute little guys out of this blender file: LINK
There are 10 of those in the Blender file, but I only get the first one:

I would really appreciate if you could help me since I have no idea about cycles !
You can also directly load this file: here

Maybe you should open a new "Blender corner" where all questions regarding Blender could be answered !
2013/7/20 15:19:34
WIKI I also throw a glance at the WIKI and surprisingly found something that will badly disappoint somebody here:

So, it may take a while until we will see scenes likes this in MUVIZU:

On the other hand this clearly enhances the chances that the kraken will arrive in one of the next Muvizu releases:

Looks like the first exemplar is just checked by the Muvizu crew !
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