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2013/7/14 11:28:13
Iron Man 3 Oh no, this looks extremely terrifying ! Shock
Could you please dress him back ? OMG

Cool comeback !
2013/7/6 12:52:41
how do i remove mystical swirl Hi David,

probably one of the effects is activated:

Simply change it back to "None" under "Appearance" - "Effects".
2013/7/6 9:20:53
Iron Man 3
Looks like he's done a runner....

You don't get rid of me that easily!

Oh no, toonarama seems to be right. Do hand puppets really close their eyes when they run ?

I'm a bit disappointed. Secretly I had hoped for the 3rd solution: "SOCKS OF STEEL" !
2013/7/4 9:27:57
Hello Everyone!
try to make your music by yourself

Unfortunately, I'm not very talented in this.

But what do you think of "DigiBand" that is free today ? Link here
2013/7/4 5:44:37
Iron Man 3
Scottish software / Scottish tester !

I am shocked - Nessie is a sock !
2013/7/3 17:50:35
Iron Man 3
why does dreeko's avatar have a bag over it head?

1. he (and his account) is kidnapped ?
2. its his lookalike who watches his back as long as he produces the next video ?
3. maybe its already hidden promo for the next blockbuster ? Whaaaaa?
2013/7/3 17:35:30
Brawl And why not...

Excellent work and look ! Cool
2013/7/2 20:45:39
Hello Everyone! Last but not least, a warm welcome also from tripfreak !

I have to admit that I'm rather snatchy here...
Nevertheless, at least it seems that I'm the most active german member in this forum.

I haven't done that much "Muvids" because in Germany we are very limited by the GEMA for the things I wanted to do (not only with Muvizu) and especially on Youtube. Even certain Muvizu videos are not watchable because they contain music or "certain history content"... (look at the link).

So, I use Muvizu most of the time to annoy my colleagues at work...

CU for sure later here,
2013/6/23 20:03:15
360 panoramic video
I enjoy the websites with the panoramics on them as well where you move your mouse from side to side to rotate.

Unfortunately, flash is not allowed here !

In principle you're right, but without a proper program to join the videos or pictures together, it will be nearly impossible to generate an interactive 360 degree video.
Even a simple picture export won't do the job because the stitcher will encounter problems due to the repeating Muvizu logo on every single frame (that was my first trial). Except you pay for it, of course...

But you can do it the "gadget-way":

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2013/6/22 15:02:09
360 panoramic video Thank you !

Although I don't know if you mean the static panorama or the video panorama ?
By the way, here is the correct link for an interactice 360 degree video as "endlessly" flash: Link

Some more videos here: Link
So, you can do it on your own, but it'll be good to have some extra cash: Link

Maybe, the Muvizu team could equip the little guys with such a camera in the next release ?
2013/6/22 13:52:38
360 panoramic video I assume you mean something like this: Videolink
This seems to be a bit more complicated. Probably, you would need a 5th and 6th camera for up and down filming ?

Otherwise, a static 360 degree panorama inside Muvizu is easily been done by simple camera rotation and importing the video into the Image Composite Editor:

and saving the picture (Western set):

This could either be used in interactive flash (look here) or java applications.

Alternatively, you could also export the video from Virtualdub as GIF animation:
2013/4/24 17:01:50
How do I get an image on a sphere? Alternatively, you could also try the sphere from my "space set" - forum link and download: here

Looks like this, if you make it smaller and load a bumpy Earth texture:
2013/3/30 16:57:43
Muvizu Play Launch! I would like to say thank you to Kim & the complete Muvizu staff for their present that arrived today ! Thumbs Up
I've got the same problem as EEFilmz, but nonetheless it will get the best place among all my trophies:

Thanks again for your kindness ! Cool
2013/3/25 19:05:10
Edit Environment sloped sky backgrounds? Has anybody already checked a sphere or a ball as background space model ? hmm

Here's a short example:


I simply tested a sphere that was imported using Ziggys sketchup mesh (unfortunately, only the smallest of 3 different sizes worked). Maybe somebody can make it bigger, because it's rather difficult to work or orient oneself inside.
To get an idea you can download the set: here
or maybe I could upload it to the gallery ?
2013/3/25 18:47:24
New Wardrobe Me too !? Good Posting
2013/1/7 6:07:15
Sketchup to Muvizu Looks excellent ! Cool
2012/12/24 20:07:27
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar
To crack the code it is mandatory to have Muvizu software installed?

I also thought this might play a role, but finally there are more clues than MUVIZU can handle ?

Merry Christmas to you all !
2012/12/17 18:43:59
New for 2013 Your first picture reminded me of the new film "Intouchables" about the true story of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, but now it seems to develop into a different story... ?
2012/12/4 18:14:40
Codec issue when making video Did you know that there is a 4 GB patch for 32-bit programs that works for (32-bit) Muvizu as well ?

Here's the link:

You don't necessarily need the 64-bit version if you prefer to work with the 32-bit video codecs.
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2012/12/4 18:07:23
Sappy Christmas Videos and the like Very nice use of your cool set ! Cool

But OMG the elf is misusing santas sleigh !

Hopefully this will not interfere with the official start:
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