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2016/6/8 20:50:54
O verdadeiro herói 2 - Todos Episódios Cool!.. i love the video colour tone. what video editor did you use?
2016/6/8 20:38:12
Hello.. Police Hat UV Map Thanks MrDrWho13! I appreciate the reply.. I'm very new in this forum... later maybe i'll ask people here to make one.
2016/6/8 20:06:07
Hello.. Police Hat UV Map Hi.. I'm Muvizu rookie from Indonesia.. It's been a while using Muvizu n find it a amazing animation tool !!..
Is here anyone can tell me how to edit Police hat?.. I want to create my own Police Uniform (symbol, Emblem, etc)..
Is there UV map for Police Hat ?..

Tx for attention

Warm Regards..

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