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2016/7/29 15:47:44
Character Action Animation suggestion I do mean create in the main, but if I want to cut short an action I would usually select another one and so if that could be done with keyframes that would save me having to re-record actions. But if the action length is ok then it would just mean dragging it to where you want it.

The key to me is really speed of animation, using keyframes and linking actions to them would save a lot of time.
2016/7/29 10:16:45
Character Action Animation suggestion Thanks MrDrWho13 - I have passed it on to Support as you suggest!
2016/7/29 10:02:27
Character Action Animation suggestion Hi, I would like to suggest that you look at the option of 'keyframing' actions in the following way.

You could select Character Actions and have a Prepare mode that allows for Keyframing (assuming you buy the keyframe plugin) and then create keyframes and then click on the action you want. Then, you create another keyframe and select the next action or idle - and so on.

Or, maybe just make it so that you can drag an action down to the timeline and adjust its length there?

I'm suggesting this because the present method isn't very good for a fast work-flow. Presently I keep needing to click record and wait for the countdown each time I want to change/create an action and that uses a lot of time up waiting for countdown timers etc. But if you link the action to a keyframe that would make the whole thing much faster.

What do you think for a future update?
2010/2/22 12:44:14
whishes list Does anyone else have a problem using Muvizu on a Vista machine? Neither I nor a friend of mine can get either the alpha or the beta to work on vista and it's a real pain! Please can you investigate and sort it out?
2010/1/25 16:33:01
whishes list I agree with nosys70, and especially with the idea of creating a camera from the present view - this could save a lot of time.

I also think that when it comes to editing the cameras it would really help to have much bigger screens so that we can get close up to see what each screen is doing and what the master screen is like. So, for example, why not split the screen in half with one half being the final output and the other half being the selected cameras - more than 4 would be nice as well if you don't intend to offer more camera editing functions. If we are editing cameras in the final edit then we really don't need to see the set as we should have set the cameras up by that point.

At some point it would be nice to be able to take pannels off the screen so we can make the best use of multiple monitors if we have them. That way, we could move the pannels away to stop them interfering with our view of the action.

Someone elsewhere also suggested some partical systems, and at the very least I think it would be helpful to add rain, snow, smoke, fog to give an edge to the productions - and if possible some fire options?

Lastly, character editing. Obviously it would be great to be able to import other assets from other 3D programmes as say .obj but even with the items you have, and especially the characters, why not add a set of tools to squash and stretch arms, legs, body, neck and head? You could also add maybe a taper option or even a bend option? This, along with the options to change colour would give you the ability to make big changes to any character and so create much more individule characters within Muvizu rather than having to import ...
2010/1/25 16:13:58
Things I would like to see. I'm with Gravitation, especially with the idea of specifying where something should be when rather than the dragging option which is really a bit hit and miss.

As for the emotional editing, why not add an advanced button to the control pannel that gives the user the option to use a mouse controlled on-screen joystick? Then, the user can decide the degree of response and shift quickly between the type and intensity of responce simply by draggind the tip of the joy stick in the direction they want? So, for example, top could be angry, very top would be VERY ANGRY and just above the middle would be very slightly angry but not a lot more than neutral. And then down could be sad, right could be happy etc ... This would give a little more control than just clicking a button. THEN, once an emtion is selected at the right intensity an additional contextual action could be triggered by a simple click of the right mouse button.

Just and idea -

Oh, and while I'm on ideas, why not add support for 3DConnexion space navigator mouse?
2010/1/25 16:04:42
What I think would be most important If we are going to be able to output really high quality from muvizu it means we need to have the option for lossless codecs and probably some kind of image (taga/tiff) sequence options which could be imported into other video editing applications and exported from there.

And, it would be really nice if things could be exported with full alpha channels so that we could say export a character with transparacy all around it and then use it in another application to give the look of an animated charater in a real world setting? So, codecs that support alpha channels would be nice.
2010/1/25 15:57:49
The ability to edit the animations more visual I agree with perettol, more editing options would be great.

How about adding edit points to say each hand, each foot, the head and the body? Then, once we have a workable solution with the emotional editing system in muvizu we could go in closer to make simple movement edits to hands and feet on separate layers which we could show/shy as needed? If each point had it own IK then it would be a simple editing solution and more tweak-able to give us the finner controls we need.

AND - why not add the ability to import mo-cap files for our characters? There are litterally 1000's of mocap files all over the internet, so if we find one we like we could just put it on the character at a specific point and it would over-write the present mode until the file ended and then go back to the present edit?
2010/1/25 15:49:33
Cameras and objects I think Dump_Weed is bang-on with his suggestions, and maybe to make things slightly simpler you could set up a camera and then have a parent/child option so that the camera could be parented to an object or a character to follow them around. If that was added, then being able to make tweaks to the path of the camera after that would make it a simple animation exercise.

It would be nice to have the same option with say a spot light that could be parented to a character as they moved around a set giving the look or feel of a theatre? Oh, and having spot-lights would be nice too ;o)
2010/1/25 15:42:38
Timeline with layers or multiple tracks I think this idea has a lot of merit and if you add more animatable layers you could add a shy switch to turn off layers you don't want to see so you can work only on layers you want. For me, a really important one would be to have the option to fade music dynamically throughout an animation so you can turn it down during speach and up during more silent sections.
2009/11/13 17:28:51

I've downloaded both the versions and neither of them get me anywhere. I simply get the message from my machine (Not Responding).
I have a good machine running vista business 64.
Any suggestions?

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