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2010/11/12 1:27:58
latest version Yay! Buddies Cheers guys. The new version is really good. Can't figure out how to make objects move but I don't care. I can import models and the models and textures save for when I open my movies (or muvi's) again! This is good! REAL DAMN GOOD! wOOt!
2010/11/11 2:24:30
Modo & Muvizu claireq wrote:
Your work around will work well but some people won't have access to 3DS MAX.
As you have mentioned, I won't use any other software for modelling as it is far superior, cheaper and much easier to learn than other packages.
Having played around with the script mentioned by Jim I would definetly say that this is a very good resource and one which is discussed quite a lot on the luxology forums.
The only tip I would give you is make sure (if you haven't already) that Modo's unit system is changed to game units, otherwise the model you import into Muvizu will be tiny.

First off, you don't need 3DS max for this. It's just an example. The good thing about .OBJ is that it's such a common format that most software uses it, including Blender, which is free and also has an available ASE exporter. The only reason that I use 3DS max is, A) I have it and, B) I know it better than most Windows modelling packages because I am mostly a Mac guy but have done some Unreal Mapping in the past and Max was the way to go and it is a great program. I actually wish there was a Mac version of it. That being said, after a kind of awkward learning curve with Modo, I REALLY, REALLY like Modo.

Also, I did find that ASE exporter for Modo and it didn't work for me. I have Modo 401 but it's SP3. I know SP5 came out recently so maybe I need to upgrade or something.

Anyway, bottom line is if you are using Modo and having trouble with the ASE exporter, this export to OBJ, import to something that imports OBJ and exports ASE is a relatively painless work around.
2010/11/10 4:47:07
Modo & Muvizu Hey all, I don't know if anyone uses Modo for modelling but I am working on a tutorial for it. Just a preemptive note: There is no working ASE exporter (at least for Modo 401). However, I have discovered a work around. Again, the video is coming soon but the trick is to export from Modo into Wavefront OBJ format and then import into any program you have that supports ASE export. Since OBJ is a fairly common filetype, just about all 3D software has an option for it.

If you use Modo, you know why you would want to use it to model and then export through a 3rd party program. If you don't use Modo and you are pretty good with another 3D package, you can keep doing what you're doing.

Modo, as far as I am concerned is the best program out there for modelling so I like to use it. I am using 3DS Max as a passthrough to ASE for now. Modo is growing in popularity so there may well be an ASE export feature or even an ActorX plugin in the near future (I am speculating and this isn't confirmed).

Anyway, between working 2 1/2 jobs, I should be able to get a tutorial online soon!
2010/11/9 1:00:42
Missing Textures Okay, so I have imported model with textures. The textures show up when first imported but then save, exit and then come back to anim file later and the textures are gone. Well, not gone...They are in the edit dialog of the model but the model has the default URE checker board texture in pink and green. I open the edit and the texture is in there as the current texture but the model doesn't show it. I also cannot apply any other texture to the model.

Also, if I try to apply another texture, the original texture disappears from the texture dialog and is nowhere to be found.

I searched the forums. Am I the only one having this problem? Any fixes or work arounds?
2010/11/7 20:34:24
how to import ASE glasgowjim wrote:
Nice one BinaryGenesis!

The limit for YouTube has actually been increased to 15 minutes - still too short for your video but I thought you might want to know for any future projects.

Take care,

Thanks for the tip. In that case I probably could split that video into two and add it where it's supposed to be.

Also, a little note here for people trying to use 3DS Max (or any modelling software), remember that the Unreal Engine only accepts models with polygons with 4 vertices. If you are having trouble importing models, make sure all polys are quads. No tri's or N-Gons. I remembered that just now when trying to import a model and it ended up having 2 triangles, which I changed to quads.
2010/11/5 3:52:11
how to import ASE KerryK wrote:
BinaryGenesis wrote:
Now that I have it figured out, I may do a video tutorial on it when I get some time here in the next few days.

Don't forget to upload the clip to the 'your hints & tips' section of the tutorials channel
edited by KerryK on 11/3/2010

I was going to upload there but I see you only take You Tube videos. My video is longer than 10 minutes and splitting them up was a little annoying so I just made one for Vimeo here:
2010/11/3 1:43:25
how to import ASE glasgowjim wrote:
Hello BinaryGenesis, thanks for trying Muvizu.

If you could please e-mail the model to with a brief explanation we can have a look at the model and see what is causing the crash.

Once we know what is causing the crash we can hopefully tell you how to work around it.

Take care,

Actually, I think I figured out what I was doing wrong. For anyone else who runs into this:

Prior to today, I didn't see the page where you explain how to name textures and id's here: at the bottom. I also didn't know I had to put texture in the same folder as my model.

Now that I have it figured out, I may do a video tutorial on it when I get some time here in the next few days.

Thanks for the reply!
2010/11/2 0:41:38
3D Modelling Packages (For Object Import) abolina wrote:
Hello tripfreak

thanks for the reply, i agree for some models, small like cars, nut for buildings, no
my blender is 2.53 Beta.
now i will try 3D Max 2011
i hope i can find a way to export buildings and persons, realy need them to work in Muvizu
i loved this creative apllication

Any luck getting this to work with 3DS Max 2011 with ID textures?

Can't figure out how to do it.

2010/11/1 23:39:54
how to import ASE abolina wrote:
see this ?

it's simple

This helped me a little. I can get an ASE object into Muvizu but cannot for the life of me figure out how to get an object in with ID textures from MAX 2011. I am assigning IDs the way one normally does by selecting polys and changing id #s. I have tried it with and without textures and muvizu will crash on import (actually a warning comes up that says "No Disk" and I have to End Process which closes program).

Any line on a tutorial to get these 3DS Max textured Meshes into Muvizu?

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