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2017/1/31 15:55:01
Failed to load object from file Hey guys, I'm just having the same problem...
Please let me know when this thing is solved.
2016/8/30 16:52:14
The End of the Chase Good stuff :-) and an impressive T-Rex !
2015/10/28 11:08:41
Horror Villain and Zombie packs are here! Great, love the axe and the knife Cool .

Now, we need some "animation packs" in order to let us use these items properly.

'cause if you try to use these two objects with the actual "Fight animations", here's the result...

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2015/10/23 13:19:26
Content store opens it's doors! Can we have some news about the Chinese history pack ? His content ? When will it be available ?
2015/10/3 13:45:49
How do I load chemistry set? Hi there.

Same problem for me, I purchased the Chemistry set yesterday, downloaded it twice (first with the patch, then I deleted it and redownloaded it from the option within the muvizu application), and I still don't have access to the new content.

Here's a capture :

As you can see, there are no thumbnails on the objects when I click on the Chemistry Set in the Objects section. However the padlocks are still here. I have not seen new characters either.

Now this is what happens when I try to create one object :

The message says that my copie of Muvizu Play is already authorized. But still they encourage me to buy another OR to enter the code.
So I tried to enter my licence code of Muvizu Play + and here is the result...

Error Message : The code that I entered has already been used...
(Thank you Captain MuvizObvious Cool )

So, I think we got a serious problem with that Chemistry pack.
Help pleaase !
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2015/9/2 1:41:12
Cool News.. Well, we're in September now, does somebody know when we're gonna have the pleasure to discover the "brand new content pack store" ?
2014/10/23 13:32:36
Digimania News This new software seems interesting.
I googled "render digimania" and found the official website. I'll probably try the free trial soon, but I didn't find what happens after the 30 days.
What about the price(s) ? Can we have an estimation ?
2014/9/5 1:50:43
Import a Sketchup object (with his textures) Okay, I will never think about Blender again in my entire life ^^.

Do you know if someone have made a tutorial about how to make it step by step ? Will be helpful !
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2014/9/4 18:22:03
Import a Sketchup object (with his textures) Thank you guys !

The house is perfect, I will not to forget to credit you fazz in my next movie .

However, I'm still interested in learning how do to it by myself, since I'll probably need 2 or 3 more Sketchup models.

It seems to me that the easiest way to do it is the ziggy's approach (I don't know a lot about Blender). So I downloaded the Raylectron v4 "Punch Edition" and have it now on Sketchup.

I rendered a 3D model with Raylectron and here's the result :

I watched a video tutorial about how to use Raylectron, and indeed this thing have a lot of possibilities. I saved my work (as a Raylectron model file, since I don't had another choice). How to proceed then ?
2014/9/4 1:22:59
Import a Sketchup object (with his textures) Hi everyone !

I need some help here about importing an object from Sketchup to Muvizu. As I am now familial with the video tutorial dedicated to it, I just wonder if it's possible to keep the original textures of the object found in Sketchup.

For exemple : I found this lovely house (searching "tudor house" in the 3D warehouse)

The problem is : When I import the house in ASE format and bring it to Muvizu, I just have the same pink colour, with very few possibilities to customise...

Here's the result :

Well, that's definitly not what I was expecting... ^^

So, is it possible to keep the original textures of a Sketchup objet ? And if it's possible, how to make it step by step ?

Thanks a lot,

Best regards ;-)
2014/3/19 20:14:50
Can I import default objects as hand-objects ? Hi ! Need some technical help here ! ^^

As a Play + user with the possibility to import a lot of objects (from Sketchup for example) and fix them in the hands of my characters, I was wondering :

Can I import the default objects of Muvizu (all the ones we can find by going in "Create" => "Objects") as hand objects ?
Maybe there's a specific folder where we can find them ?
This could be very interesting to use them (I'm thinking about chairs for some bar fights, the megaphone also...)

Thanks !
2014/3/13 14:10:50
The Intrepid Hey there !

I'm seriously working on a sequel to "The Intrepid" since several weeks now. Your missing the best french superhero ? Well, here it is !

Don't worry about him, he's doing good and feels impatient to be in a new adventure ! An adventure that can be described with one word : interactive.

I'll try to put some english subtitles this time ^^.

Hope to finish it for June 2014.
2013/12/24 15:21:21
Help ! Need a digital camera for my next movie ! Big thank you guys !

I tried to use a Sketchup model, following ziggy's instructions. Here's the result :

As you can see, when I import the object in the set without hand attachment, the digital camera looks good.

However, when I import it using the hand attachment, it works but we can see there's a problem with some textures.

Maybe I can get a better result if I follow the Parts 2 and 3 of the sketchup import tutorial ?
How can make it look like when it's without hand attachment ?

I'm all ears, by the way, merry christmas ;-) .
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2013/12/23 17:15:16
Help ! Need a digital camera for my next movie ! Hello muvizuers,

I'm asking your help because I don't have a lot of experience with 3D modelising.
For my next movie (The Intrepid Returns), I need a digital camera that I can attach to the hands of my characters (Play +).

A digital camera like this one would be perfect :

(I don't need a model with a lot of details, just one that we can identify easily as a camera)

And for the next time, I'm also interested by a tutorial, so I can learn how to do it myself. Is it possible with Blender ?

Best regards,
2013/12/14 19:24:26
YT Monetizing: how can I prove that I'm a Play + ? Hello everybody.

People talk a lot about Youtube and commercial issues these days.
As a Play + user, I'm preparing a new film and maybe win some money with it (in case of great success of course...).

So now that the Youtube users must be able to present documents that proves they have the authorisation to use their stuff commercially, I am wondering if this kind of document already exists for Muvizu. And again as a Play+ user, where can I find it ?

If it doesn't exist already, is it possible to have one for the next weeks ? Also I think it could reassure and motivate some folks to take the step to Play +.

Best regards.

PS : French dude, sorry for my bad english ^^.
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2013/10/11 23:05:15
using a joystick My controller is not wireless so I just have to connect my pad with USB. It works with my Steam games for example, but not when I'm in Muvizu. Did I forgot something ?
2013/10/11 21:44:22
using a joystick I agree, it will be great to control the camera rotations with my 360 controler, is it possible to do that with Muvizu 1.2 and how ?
2013/8/27 23:01:02
The Intrepid I'm proud to present to you "The Intrepid".

The Intrepid is a french superhero. He has to stop his worst enemy, the Green Thief, who have stolen a jewel.

French language there, but I'm sure you'll understand the essential ;-) .

See you next time !

Reggie (David Vannier)
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2010/11/24 3:45:49
Suggestions / Modifications Kelvin876 wrote:
Please, please, can you make SOME way we can remove the Muvizu logo from our videos. Apparently, Hitler's Cat video has done that. How?

Hello everybody, I'm a french machinimaker and I was at the MachinExpo. I have already made some tests with Muvizu (excellent software !) and I am working on a very big project (I will probably demand a Commercial Licence).

I have the same question than Kelvin876, how can we remove the Muvizu overlay ?
I swear that I will include Muvizu and his logo in the credits at the end of the video.
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