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2011/9/4 21:50:41
Upload not showing Thanks Vince.
Of course, I got the audio FROM youtube in the first place
2011/9/3 14:11:37
Upload not showing Still waiting
2011/9/2 23:37:44
Lost objects Aha! Found it now.
Still a couple of things...
It would be useful to have the default name for a non-character object have a more unique name eg a counter on the end would do that (Dry Ice 1).
How can I move an effect that's obscured by another object. Although the scene window allows us to select it, its still tricky to avoid moving the obscuring object instead of the one you want. Maybe have combo light Shift+UpArrow to move the selected object up?
2011/9/2 18:25:31
Upload not showing OK. Sorry, I thought it went through you first as I updated via your seite. I shall be patient.
2011/9/2 16:53:40
Upload not showing Is "Better by Christmas?" in someone's inbox?
Shall I upload again?
Do we get PMs if an upload doesn't get past moderation?
2011/9/2 14:49:09
Video joiner crash Reposting this as I think it got lost in the v0.16b feedback topic

I'm getting a crash in the video joiner. see

Anyone had a chance to look at this?
2011/9/2 13:44:20
Lost objects Is there a tutorial that mentions it?
2011/9/2 13:03:53
Lost objects Great! I'll give that a go.
2011/9/2 12:08:19
Lost objects One problem that occurs when things start getting cluttered is "where is that thing I put down a minute ago". This especially happens if you move an effect about and accidentally put it inside another object. It's then very tricky to get it out again without having to select the other object, move it, move the mislaid one, then put the other object back.
To get around this it would be good to be able to select the object by name (which I think I've mentioned before). But maybe being able to turn object view off might help - we can already turn off cameras, and effects. Maybe display a wire-frame for guidance?
2011/8/28 16:30:52
Actions ignored Thanks Em. That's sorted it, movie's uploaded.
2011/8/28 15:18:36
Actions ignored I've got Emily's Pirate set up and running but the pirate is ignoring my character actions. What would cause that? I thought perhaps it was head movements but I've removed them and it still doesn't work.
Any thoughts?
2011/8/22 11:11:29
Website feedback Quoling wrote:
IanS wrote:
Quoling wrote: fact to be honest the site needs a overall - there are buttons that don't link to the correct page and it's not easy to find things (at least I don't think so)...

Quoling, if you have details of any bugs and any suggestions for improving the site then we'd love to hear them. We're actually planning a bit of an overhaul just now.
edited by IanS on 22/08/2011

The only thing I can think of at the moment is the links in the Gallery - for example click on any of the options (Assets, Scripts etc) and then click on Back and it goes to the home and not the last page..if that makes sense..If I get more time I will try to come up with something more specific..

Yes, this happens when you go on to subsequent pages too, select an asset and then BACK takes you the gallery home pages again.
2011/8/17 15:28:17
Extras!! Come on - you know character movement is difficult at the best of times, let alone spending time getting extras to go the right place.
2011/8/17 14:11:43
Extras!! An extras generator. Two of your ubiquitous red boxes, placed off screen and randomly generated characters spawn and walk between the two boxes (one way or both). Good for street scenes.
2011/8/13 22:10:07
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? yes more subtle stuff.
Drinking action - beer ,tea.
Picking up , putting down (one handed,two-handed)
sort out the collision handling when sitting down. I had to put in an invisible ground layer to get Rene to sit on the bar stool.
2011/8/11 23:34:20
Need some help on video, suggestions... Heart-shaped cake right in the kisser? or a wedding cake?
2011/7/23 9:25:26
v0.16b Feedback I'm getting a crash in the video joiner. see
2011/7/22 14:37:08
Colour picker/eyedropper My breath is suitably baited!
2011/7/22 14:34:42
Stripping Steady on!

I was musing about how long ziggy's cheers set took to load and how I have to save the whole set for every scene and wondered if there was any mileage in a 'strip' function? This would imagine a cone(well I guess, a pyramid) shone out from each camera to select the objects needed for the scene and then delete everything not selected to give a minimal set of objects needed for that scene. Probably need to keep things like lights, effects etc that project into the cone(pyramid) but I somehow imagine we'll just keep them all anyway as their overhead is not too much.

Obviously this would work better the sooner you sort your camera angles out.

Just some musings as I get ready for my hols.

2011/7/22 14:22:08
Colour picker/eyedropper So is this in then (as the OP was in Feb)? 'cos I just thought about an eyedropper tool too!
Another suggested way of doing this (I know, too late!) would be a custom colour set.
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