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2016/8/19 20:53:29
How do I use the costume pack? Thanks that worked!
2016/8/19 20:07:51
How do I use the costume pack? I've installed the costume pack, but when I create a character (Man or woman) and Edit > Costumes there is nothing there. I can't see any of the costumes shown in the image of the costume pack. Help!

2016/8/19 0:30:11
texture issues with sketchup ---> muvizu I'm having the same problem. I have a nice model of a pacman game, looks great in Sketchup 8 with all the textures loaded. But when I export the ASE, every texture in the ASE file is changed to "toto.bmp". Is there no way to make it keep the existing texture references?
2016/8/9 0:04:27
Donald Trump Parody in front of audience Hi Ziggy72 - I'm new to Muvizu so apologies if this is a dumb question-- what did you use for the theater seats? Thanks!
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