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2011/3/23 15:21:41
CLR20r3 error Marco_D, Neil, thanks for your speedy replies. I just got it working with another install. Runs very nicely with full lights/fx on as well, the dual core, 4 gb ram and 512mb radeon make a big difference.

I ran the installer as 'administrator'. This time Direct x that comes with the program installed some components, and the launcher/manifest works.
Looking forward to playing with it on my new machine.

Thanks fellas.

2011/3/23 14:18:06
CLR20r3 error Trying to run Muvizu launcher on my new lappy -
64bit AMD Athlon II x 2 P340 (dual core) 2.2ghz,
4gb ddr3 ram,
ATI mobility Radeon HD 5470 - 512mb ram,
64bit windows 7 home premium, directx 11, .netframework 4.

I've tried reinstalling and running the launcher in several different compatiblity modes. The launcher manifest closes, and a 'close program' dialogue pops up giving a CLR20r3 error each time.

I've done a search in the 'tech help' forum. One post refers to CLR20r3. Glasgow Jim's relevant reply is to uninstall and reinstall trying different compatiblilty modes.

Any help or futher info appreciated.

Hoots Mon.
2011/1/28 4:22:25
head/eyes movements and sliding on the ground alakyr wrote:
hi guys i have 2 problems:

1) yeasterday i was playing with muzivo to waste time at work (lol i'm too fast to done my job xD) and i found a problem with head and eyes movements...
i "recorded" both head and eyes but only one of these were played...I checked the timeline and it was ok and can't find the problem..
sorry for english :P

I've had the same problem (in the two vids I've posted here).
None of the recorded eye movements for my Ghosty Dog lead guitarist (far right) play. A number of recorded (silent) speech/mouth movement in the organ solo don't play as well.

Regarding effects, I noticed the laser beams disappeared completely when I was recording camera cuts with the dry ice going, but they appear and work well in the final render.

My Radeon integrated graphics chip has only 256mb of ram (I thought it was 512mb initially), and the 2.1 mhz processor is going flat out the whole time Muvizu is open, so I suspect there's some heirachy of what the processor does and doesn't process while trying to keep up.
What are the specifications of your computer alakyr? That may have something to do with it.
2011/1/28 3:10:46
Ghosty Dog - Organ Solo Thanks man, it's getting there!
2011/1/25 0:17:18
Ghosty Dog - Organ Solo Thanks jonbez. There's a fair bit of scope to play with, in the face animations of muvizu.
Careful action selection allows reasonable audio synch as well.
2011/1/23 15:23:46
Creating a story for new animated series... Yep, it's a great site for anyone looking for animation script ideas.
2011/1/23 11:46:51
Creating a story for new animated series... barrys wrote:
Hi MerdeK

Well, you've asked the very question that has tormented every single creative person that's ever lived: How do you get a fresh idea?

I'm afraid there's no magic button with this one.

No magic button, Barry, but here is the next best thing.
Every story device and convention (known in the tv and film industry as 'writer's tropes') you've ever seen on TV or a cinema screen is here.
What is a trope?
"Tropes are devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members' minds and expectations. On the whole, tropes are not clichés. The word clichéd means "stereotyped and trite.... Tropes transcend television. They reflect life."
2011/1/22 19:08:03
Ghosty Dog - Organ Solo Playing with audio synch to character action/play, experiment with head and face animation.

2011/1/9 17:49:49
Ghosty Dog - Baby Broke My Heart My first play with Muvizu, run on a single core AMD sempron 2.1ghz laptop, 512mb Radeon 3200.
Took a while to figure out the work arounds. I'd like to play with Muvizu on a powerful machine.

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