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2011/1/14 23:08:33
File Size and Download from Muvizu I had trouble downloading muvizu from cnet (I considered it safe) and it did not pass the security protocols, so it would not open once installed on my computer.

I searched the FAQ for the error code that I received and found a posting that addressed my problem and that allowed me to down load the program directly from your site.

I downloaded it and checked the file size to make sure that the file size was the same, to ensure that the file was not corrupted or did not contain a virus.

the file size is 570,659,459 bytes. I believe that is way too big, but came directly from your site. I am now afraid to open the program. I am afraid that it has a virus, but would love to be able to use this program. I am training to be a special educator and would like to use this to animate social stories for children with autism....

Any help would be appreciated.
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