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2012/1/27 9:48:42
question about muvizu spec this is my big question...this heaviness can be justified by the increased quality that me, and others like you, can't see?
2012/1/20 8:48:44
question about muvizu spec sorry for the delay but intel, finally, has replaced the i7 then now i'm on the good configuration ( here the specs)
but still have big slowdown for example in the timeline moving the cursors or when start recording action for examples....and with the G15 i can see always a min load of 40% on the gtx580 and about 20% on the cpu (in unity mode not with normal lighting and the 2600k is at stock frequences and with HT activated)'s very heavy :S
2012/1/11 10:28:53
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). ukBerty wrote:
Alakyr - The download buttons for the latest release (1.09) are at the top of the screen.

lol i'm blinded today! sorry =P
2012/1/11 8:19:19
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012).

i don't see the link for the 0.19b O_O
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2011/12/9 8:10:26
question about muvizu spec sorry i didn't had times...i'll do the test during the weekend i hope :S
2011/12/6 16:11:00
question about muvizu spec i didn't used muvizu for some months for several reason and i found this surprise when i downloaded the new versione...
windows is home premiuim 64bit
2011/12/6 15:39:48
question about muvizu spec i'm like a nerd in information technology...i know how to keep a pc....i always clean the registry from errors, I defrag the hard disk and i execute the scan with avast every pc it's isn't the problem

ps. puoi parlare pure italiano con me xD
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2011/12/6 15:08:43
question about muvizu spec Marco_D wrote:
You can see it, but you know it's there.

if I can see then I'll know for sure Big Grin

btw the problem is that my pc it's not low spec, my 2600k is death but i'm on the "old" e8400@3.6ghz with 4gb ddr2@1066 cl5 powered by a gtx580 and that's not normal...i accept it on the pc that i have in office (e5400 with no brand ram and a gt430) but not on the home pc...btw if u can link me a full detailed changelog i will be happy to read it and maybe revalue my own opinion (doubt about it xD)
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2011/12/6 14:32:29
question about muvizu spec can't see any relevant graphics improving to accept this big difference....the cpu load is ALWAYS at 100% also with unit mode and the pc go very slowly...can't have a web page opened like facebook without having slowdown and when i'm making video I can't touch anything, neither move the mouse, or the video will be rendered with bad artifact...

pls spend some time to optimize it a's becoming to heavy this program...
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2011/12/6 11:22:18
question about muvizu spec i know that it's a game engine unreal based but i'm doing the same light set as before and i noticed a big difference...that's was the question
2011/12/6 8:26:05
question about muvizu spec it's only a my impression or muvizu become more heavy? I remember the release before the new interface and it was very light and it was running perfectly on my office it very very very heavy and slowly...every movement of the camera it's a suicide in particoular in "direct camera movement"'s only a my problem or the fault if of the new interface or anythings else?
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2011/2/3 15:37:30
'Make Video' Problem ops sorry...i didn't saw this particular xD
2011/2/3 14:58:26
'Make Video' Problem have u set the video codec?
2011/2/3 9:02:54
head/eyes movements and sliding on the ground ziggy72 wrote:
I dont know if this helps all that much, but I find the answer to the sliding to be just putting the timeline back to zero using the Home key. If you play it again after that it should work - seems to for me anyway.

mmm next time that it happen i'll try! thank you for the tip
2011/1/28 10:11:16
head/eyes movements and sliding on the ground now is fixed..."only" had to re create the actions...the problems appears randomly when i open the file.....
2011/1/28 8:59:13
head/eyes movements and sliding on the ground here at work were i had these problems i have:

CPU: Intel E5400 2.7ghz
GPU: nvidia gt 430 1gb
RAM: 4gb

at home i have but till now hadn't time to try these things:

CPU: Intel E8400 3ghz
GPU: nvidia 8800gt 512mb
RAM: 4gb @ 1066mhz

both have windows 7 home premium x64
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2011/1/25 8:02:05
head/eyes movements and sliding on the ground hi guys i have 2 problems:

1) yeasterday i was playing with muzivo to waste time at work (lol i'm too fast to done my job xD) and i found a problem with head and eyes movements...
i "recorded" both head and eyes but only one of these were played...I checked the timeline and it was ok and can't find the problem

2) sometimes, in particular when i close and open again the project, when i make the video the character, intead run, slide on the ground for a small distance and then start again to run but when i play the video moving manually the arrow of the timeline the character run without any problem

sorry for english :P
2011/1/21 10:29:30
hi guys no problem ask me when you need anythings in italian
2011/1/21 10:21:46
hi guys Emily wrote:
Benvenuti Alakyr!

benvenuti is plural, benvenuto is singular ihihih

by the way thank you so much for the welcome...i have already noticed that the forum is very helpful indeed is about 2/3 days that i'm reading it but i have found only now the time to write here

for my future creation i think you'll have a bit to wait because for now my priority is the job that i have started this monday after 1 year spent to find one >.<
2011/1/21 10:02:30
hi guys hello guys! greetng from taly and congratulations for the wonderful's very easy and user friendly but the result are very very awesome!!!
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