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2017/4/5 18:08:55
Period Dress Wanted Hahaha - Love a good tease, well done. Now I feel part of the team. I was chatting with a good friend named Ken just prior to posting. Didn't switch gears
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2017/4/3 15:56:02
Period Dress Wanted Very helpful indeed, thanks so much Pat.
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2017/4/2 23:22:25
Period Dress Wanted How do I make a period dress please?

I'm trying to make a scene set in 1890.

Been though the Store and as many threads as I can find, but nothing on period dresses.

Thanks for your help.
2017/4/2 18:08:19
iClone 5.5 3D Give Away of the Day 31/03/2017 Can't get a serial number & sent them a support request. Let's see if they respond.
2017/4/1 22:01:27
iClone 5.5 3D Give Away of the Day 31/03/2017 I downloaded yesterday but could not get a serial number. I registered and did everything they asked for. Nothing. Sent them an email asking for help. We'll see.
2017/3/17 14:32:48
Creating A Cartoon Voice Wow, thanks for the great replies!

Also have Audacity and will watch the videos.
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2017/3/16 19:42:05
Creating A Cartoon Voice What are people doing to create animated / cartoon sounding voices?

I'm thinking there should be software out there that will create different sounding voices.

I have Audition, but that seems more for correcting audio problems. Not that familiar with it, maybe it does have what's needed?

Or are folks just changing the way you speak when recording?

Thanks for your thoughts
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2017/3/14 20:09:51
Where to get Sketchup8? Thanks so much MrDrWho13, I'm very grateful. Computer isn't smoking (yet)

2017/3/14 16:12:20
Where to get Sketchup8? I've seen Sketchup8 listed in the Wiki with a link. Unfortunately the site is Softronic.

I've downloaded several files from Softronic in the past and always had a computer crash or mess to deal with. In particular getting rid of popups. My guess is that they make their money by people paying them to put trojan horses in their downloads.

Sletchup8 is Google freeware, but I've done a Google search and can't find a direct from Google link.

Doe anyone know of any safe site to get this please? Thanks.
2017/3/14 15:43:41
Adding My Face Much appreciated, thanks so much I'll give it a try.
2017/3/14 15:39:34
New marketing surge .... That's me Pat

I had no idea Muvizu existed. I got some junk mail because I bought a drawing program from Smith Micro a while ago. Best piece of mail ever.

I've been wanting to animate for about 3 years and tried everything I could in After Effects and Premiere Pro. This was using full motion video and playing with the settings. Sort of OK, but not nearly as riveting as Animation.

I'm totally stoked that we can add Animation to the things we already do. Premiere Pro will be used to fine tune audio, create headers and exits, add text etc.

I'm making my first one for our product photography biz and it's fun and challenging.

Hard is good because most people doing what we do won't have the persistence to compete with us.

Thanks for all your hard work Pat and readiness to help others.
2017/3/14 15:05:41
Adding My Face Great reply, thanks Matt.

Another post which has disappeared, suggested adding my face to a mask. Replace George Bush's face with mine.

I did this and it worked really well. Very recognizable when I lightened it a LOT in Photoshop. But no lip sync. So back to square one.
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2017/3/13 18:07:24
Adding My Face Yes, thanks.

The one where he put the face on didn't work out too well.

I think the UVMap will do it.

Is it possible to put a box or tin or maybe 3D Vector drawing from Photoshop over the stick figure using UVMap?

That would be huge.
2017/3/13 17:37:20
Adding My Face Pat Marr gave me the answer, thank you.


Open the Muvizu Program.

Place a Character on the page.

Edit > Edit (at the bottom) > Decals > Get Custom Template

That takes you to Custom Character Textures on

Just above the Character Faces there is a video link on how to do this.

Such fun, so much to learn
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2017/3/13 16:12:08
Adding My Face Hi Everyone,
I'm struggling to put my face on a character. Is there a trick to this? I've watched whatever videos I can find and it doesn't look that hard.
Thanks for your help.
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