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2016/1/26 22:41:06
1.6? Any good yet? Ta, is there any problems with the download? I think there was a problem upgrading direct from 1.5? better uninstalling the lot and reinstalling to 1.6 ? dunno
2016/1/26 22:29:04
1.6? Any good yet? Oh, what's the Head movement Bug? hmm

Also, is it better to update direct from 1.5? or uninstall the lot and start downloading from scratch????

I know this is simple, but I got a few sets done, and I don't want to rip my hair out just yet naughty

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2016/1/26 21:03:09
1.6? Any good yet? Hey guys, just a quick one before I download 1.6..

Has it been fixed yet or what??????? Whaaaaa?

Ta, artpen
2016/1/6 7:04:38
Star Wars Spoof (The Dark Side Tickles) artpen wrote:
fazz68 wrote:
nice job

and yes Artpen is king of the voices

Ta mate, I'm blushing now Lol!

Hope to see more of your masterpieces soon fazz!
2016/1/6 7:00:46
Star Wars Spoof (The Dark Side Tickles) fazz68 wrote:
nice job

and yes Artpen is king of the voices

Ta mate, I'm blushing now Lol!
2016/1/5 21:58:07
Star Wars Spoof (The Dark Side Tickles) MrDrWho13 wrote:
You've gotta love that lightning!
The only piece of criticism I have is that the title credits were a bit quieter than the rest.
Great job Artpen and Clayster!

Blame me , I was a bit slow with the last part of the voiceover, sorry clayster!
2016/1/5 21:52:44
Star Wars Spoof (The Dark Side Tickles) Lol, great work there clayster, I always enjoy watching new talent, and when new Muvizuers make funny stuff, I Like it!!! Honestly there is not enough comedy in Muvizu, so bring it on

Love the use of after effects for the force lightning, really cool, also great set building with great characters to match, yep, Muvizu can do a good job on Star Wars, or anything else that needs Spoofing!!!!

Hi, Pat, yeah, it's just playing around with Audacitys Pitch and speed control to get the voices just right, it's a great free tool!

So, yeah, it's a pleasure to help out

Now, back to the drawing board with a New series coming soon, well make that two.......

Oh, and some more 2D stuff........
2016/1/3 10:23:05
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... Excellent work, love em
2016/1/2 1:05:58
Coming Soon 2016 ukBerty wrote:
Happy New Year Muvizuers...

Who knows, maybe this year "Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra" will finally see the light of day.....

Wow! Looks fantastic , you've worked extremely hard at your movie, and I wish you all the success with it, can't wait to see it!
2015/12/29 22:24:42
I'm going crazy Yep, v1.5 all the way, I did the my latest video with it

It works great, with no stress Cool
2015/12/22 7:10:34
Star Wars Smoking Lol, love it, your videos are just getting better and better clayster!

Makes me want to try and do a Star Wars spoof it does!

So funny, keep em coming
2015/12/19 14:44:44
Buzzball Day 3 Thankyou all guys, Buzzball day 4, will be back next year sometime.

I'm collaborating on a new pilot for a new comedy series ( R.A.F.T )

For next year, more details to follow....

Its going to be Bumpy ride....

Thanks artpen
2015/12/19 14:28:37
Buzzball Day 3 clayster2012 wrote:
artpen wrote:
What can I say, Buzzball is on duty again guys! Whaaaaa? happy Xmas everybody enjoy

This is dedicated to Danimal

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edited by artpen on 17/12/2015

I loved your video man, it made me laugh, hope to see more soon!

Thanks clayster, get well soon buddy!
2015/12/19 14:21:09
Buzzball Day 3 PatMarrNC wrote:
excellent in every way!

I especially like the concept of a clueless "defender of the innocent" who interferes in situations he doesn't understand and makes things worse. It's really not all that far removed for local politics.

I also like the idea that the clueless hero also hosts an online blog defending his fiascos by spinning what happened into a version that makes him proud and all the more a self-sacrificing martyr... Again, not much different than the current political reality. ( Except they use the mainstream media for their spin, not just a blog.)

As already noted, the dropped camera was a great idea, one I wish I had thought of first (but since you thought of it first, I may have to steal it later)

I also liked the way you used the Hitchcock technique of IMPLYING his climb up the ladder by showing the onlookers watching with heads raised. What a great workaround for any scene that would be hard to render with the built-in muvizu actions!

I thought this was masterful in so many ways, you inspire me to take this a lot more seriously. The true craft here is really in the directing, and since muvizu frees us from getting bogged down in the mechanics of making the animation , there is leeway to work at a higher level. Your work is a good example of that. As I watch this (and some of the other forum members works) I realize that my own thinking is still trapped in the old paradigm of simply animating a scene. But what YOU and others here are doing is to create something much more imaginative and compelling! Great job! More!

Why thankyou, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yep, Muvizu is ALL ABOUT THE DIRECTING... THE ONLY ANIMATION INVOLVED IS THE HEAD, Eyes, and expression slider.....

Muvizu is an Moviemaking tool, with its prime focus on DIRECTING your puppet... not animating your puppet.. the hard work is done for you, and this frees you to truly get your vision onto the screen, and think, not animate, like how a film Director makes his movies.
Im glad you are inspired to get more creative with your shots.
My advice is to watch how old movie directors took short cuts to get round difficult shots, or lack of special affects ect...
It works! If you have a good script, start planning, get your voice work done, get all yor assets together, then set your scene, get all the lighting done, honestly, Muvizu lets you think like a Movie director, sit back, move those Cameras about like if you are really on the set, it's total freedom, use it, dont rush it!

Also read about film directing, its a must, after all, your puppets are your Actors, so camera work is soooooooooo important in Muvizu, it's Muvizus major strenths so try an get it right. Again think like an old school Movie Director, and have fun.

Remember Direct dont animate!


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2015/12/19 13:37:41
Buzzball Day 3 ziggy72 wrote:
Yeah, like how it's shot, especially how the camera gets 'dropped' at the end - good one Thumbs Up

Thanks ziggs!
2015/12/19 13:31:19
Buzzball Day 3 MrDrWho13 wrote:
Brilliant as always! It really is Christmas with all these excellent videos appearing!

I loved the way you moved the camera just as if it were being held.

Thanks Doc, I'm pleased you get the way Buzzball is shot.

I'll be doing some more next year sometime! They could be smaller episodes dealing with Buzzballs personal life... spoiler

All the best artpen
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2015/12/17 2:15:32
Buzzball Day 3 What can I say, Buzzball is on duty again guys! Whaaaaa? happy Xmas everybody enjoy

This is dedicated to Danimal

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2015/12/16 17:38:00
A Star Wars Christmas Short Ha ha, like it, love the little mouse droid Lol! Nice touch

All the best clayster
2015/12/9 18:22:17
Star wars The Emperor " oh, and I'm afraid the deflector shields will be fully operational when your friend's arrive..."

Yeah, like him, but throw a little hot-rod red in there, especially round the eyes, then your journey to the Darkside of the force will be complete!!!

2015/12/6 19:03:32
Danimal Dan was the man, said it how it was, and a good laugh too!

Top creative artist, say no more....

Miss you already mate
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