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2016/8/7 10:02:01
Quadrupeds NEW with only ONE character ! ikes wrote:
But how does it look when he's not walking? Then you have 4 legs on a row?

Because the ones on the arms swing much wider than the others at opposite times, giving that illusion.
2016/8/7 9:06:14
Quadrupeds NEW with only ONE character ! That's brilliant! Great for characters that actually move. I look forward to seeing some films with this technique.
Well done Rodrisilva for working out how it was done.
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2016/8/7 9:00:49
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) Yep, I should have made that clearer. Titles and credits are allowed.
2016/8/6 14:44:04
Re-installed Muvizu: Play+ Do you have your latest GPU drivers?
2016/8/6 13:59:30
Re-installed Muvizu: Play+ Did you get the full version?
You should probably tell Jamie about that.
2016/8/6 8:41:35
Quadrupeds NEW with only ONE character ! 2 characters in the same position walking out of sync, one of them had the model attached?
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2016/8/4 14:38:20
Second video, Minions styled characters.... ziggy72 wrote:
@ Christian Clavet - I did a project with 130 characters once. Once! Never again. 7 or 8 second lag for every thing on the timeline to happen, horrendous. A couple of dozen is reasonable, but then I'm using a GTX 970 and Windows 7 (every version above that sucks - don't care what Microsoft says, everything higher than 7 sucks in terms of speed and getting the most out of Muvizu).

I can't comment on speed since I went from Windows 7 on a slow HDD to Windows 10 on an SSD, but Windows 10 has much improved with functionality. Better native multi-monitor support, better multi-drive support, better file transfer wizard, better looks ( ). And you can render in UHD from Muvizu. What more could you want?
2016/8/4 9:16:26
Chicken test from Sinister The slow-mo thing looks a bit staggered because Muvizu renders at 25fps, and by halving that speed, the gap between each frame becomes noticeable.
2016/8/3 22:27:16
Thank you Pat...I could not find the meaning of stoy boarded

A storyboard is a usually sequence of annotated drawings used to plan a film scene.
2016/8/3 22:23:02
Bedroom set There's a children's bedroom in Muvizu, but if you want an adult one you'll probably find it easiest to build it yourself with the Muvizu assets.
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2016/8/3 21:51:55
Second video, Minions styled characters.... Thanks for the excellent walk-through! I'm sure this will be helpful for people attempting similar projects in the future.

The bottleneck with your system here is the GTX 780. Muvizu is heavily reliant on the video card, and the 780 is what I would recommend as the minimum. If you find yourself wanting to upgrade your computer, you might want to look into some of these cards (In ascending order of performance):
  • AMD RX 470
  • AMD RX 480 (or NVidia GTX 970)
  • NVidia GTX 1060
  • NVidia GTX 1070 (or NVidia GTX 980)
  • NVidia GTX 1080
2016/8/3 20:10:06
Chicken test from Sinister This is even better than the first one! Keep up the brilliant work, Ikes!
2016/8/3 19:02:05
Competition? PatMarrNC wrote:
it would be useful to me to see how each judge graded such a list.. (a number for each item... ) on my projects.

When I'm learning, feedback like "ha ha that was good" doesn't tell me anything. An analysis of what I did right or could have done better is VERY helpful. ESPECIALLY if there is a number to gauge my need for improvement.

Anyway, all this is speculation, since no agreement has been made about the usefulness of the idea. I'm just brainstorming here.

I like the idea of a feedback system for competition entries like you suggested. I'll see what I can do for the current one.
Maybe a future competition can be based on these points... if only there were someone to run it..... Pat?
2016/8/3 16:18:26
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) That's good to hear, Rocque! We know you're not copying anyone since you've been working on this for a while. The whole point of this competition is as a learning exercise so I'm glad to hear you've be learning. Good luck!
2016/8/3 9:19:12
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) tonyob67 wrote:
Can we have some Muvizu People? I think That
Will be the best for all of us

Yep, I've already persuaded a couple of people, but I'm waiting on a few replies.
2016/8/3 9:11:04
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) tonyob67 wrote:
Hey... Who are the judges by the way?

I haven't actually got that far with the planning.... oops!
I'll have a small team by the deadline.
2016/8/3 8:47:58
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Hi anticip, you need to create the UT3 folder in your C drive and that should stop it asking every time.
Also you can choose any colour to fill this in with, it will be the default for models you import.
I'll have a look on the wiki and change the link where needed.
edited by MrDrWho13 on 03/08/2016
2016/8/3 7:33:42
still images/photo frames - without importing You could use either a photo frame or flat screen TV from the Muvizu objects library, and then import the photo onto that. Then you'd use the "object" action to make it look like your character is holding it.
2016/8/3 7:28:40
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) tonyob67 wrote:
Hahaha good.... but I think I 'm still ahead

Oh we've got some fighting talk here.
We'll have to see what the judges will pick.
2016/8/2 21:46:31
Chicken test from Sinister primaveranz wrote:
I feel a competition coming on...
Best "creature" created in Muvizu.
Not that I have anything to offer as a prize of course

Now that's a good idea! You're in charge! *runs*
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