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2016/6/23 20:20:24
Patient lying in bed ziggy72 wrote:
Dude, have you ever tried to make something in a 3d package and then try to get it to match the dimensions/curves of a character? It ain't easy, and the characters move, and you have to put them into poses to see what's happening... This set just keeps them nailed in place in a nice, easy to see pose when creating new attachments.

Ah I see!
Can you link the FBX models with the set?
2016/6/23 20:13:42
Patient lying in bed ziggy72 wrote:
Extracted and prepped as FBX models.

I will put this set into the store (free, of course) so you can use it for reference if you don't want to have to extract the figures yourself.

but... a set is useless because the characters are for sizing in external programs right?
2016/6/23 18:01:49
ROBOT VOICE SOFTWARE If you change the recording device to WASAPI and choose your speakers then it should record the output of your computer. (For me the default was MME)

In Windows 7 I think you need to go in to the Windows sound settings to enable it, but it seems to work in Windows 10 for me where I haven't touched those settings.
2016/6/23 16:56:30
ROBOT VOICE SOFTWARE There are some trick to make you sound robotic in audacity itself, but it's not as simple as your solution.

As for recording sound from your computer in audacity, you should be able to do this without using a patch cable. (I don't know if it's common to say 1/8'' in the US but in the UK we usually say 3.5mm jack. Interesting to hear you call it something different )
I'll double check when I get back to my PC but I think you may need to enable it in your windows sound settings.
2016/6/23 7:23:08
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting Artpen did a pretty good robotic sounding voice for me a couple of years ago. Maybe he's one to ask if you want a few different methods to try out.
2016/6/22 18:43:59
Patient lying in bed ziggy72 wrote:
Yeah Primaveranz, is it this kind of thing you mean?

Holy smokes, that's incredible!
How long did it take to model that?
2016/6/22 11:11:14
Help with Audio. Is it just in Muvizu you get the strange sound? Maybe the codec you used to export or is it the same inside the program? If the audio file sound fine outside Muvizu, just render the video out of Muvizu, mute it in an external video editor and then put the original sound back in here.
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2016/6/21 16:33:18
Download Mandy The installer inside Muvizu is a bit weird. Have you tried going to file-->activate
2016/6/21 9:15:58
Transparency in Body Texture? Nope, the transparency just makes the skin show through. Sorry about that.
2016/6/20 7:23:07
Character Proportions animall wrote:
I came across this discussion by chance and read various inputs. I am not a programmer but 2D/3D animator, so my suggestion comes from this angle. If Mandy and Rosie come in 3 parts (meshes), e.g. Head, torso and legs, how difficult would it be to add the independent size slider so anyone can create his/hers Character Proportions? If this could be possible to implement to other existing characters, it would tremendously increased various options, without a need for extra characters.
This way anyone can create a character which is more comical, illustrative or serious depending on the animation script.

I'm not sure if this would work because I think the character skeletons would no longer match the proportions of alternate body part sizes which could cause problems. That might just be for the older characters though.
2016/6/20 7:20:56
How do I transition over to a new computer? Congrats on your new bonus/PC!
I think the Intel graphics get cancelled out when you have a graphics card but that's ok because they're pretty bad anyway.
The GTX 970 is very powerful and I believe Ziggy and Berty both use this for Muvizu.

You Muvizu licence is tied to your computer's MAC address which is the unique identifier given to the WiFi or Ethernet card inside the computer. If you licence does not activate automatically you'll need to contact support. It's probably best to install Muvizu fresh from the site rather than copying the files over. The favourites are saved somewhere else on your computer but I'm not sure where so it's probably best to ask support about that too.

8GB of RAM should be enough. Out of curiosity, do you have an SSD?
2016/6/17 7:02:51
Coming Soon 2016 Rocque wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
Yup, looks really good. Your backdrop is a little warped - I always 'compress' my skydome picture vertically in photoshop because Muvizu stretches it out to fit (so it evens out in the finished shot and helps to avoid those kind of distortions). Incidentally, the ideal dimensions for the skydome sky are :

W = 2048
H = 512

If you reduce the width to 1024 and duplicate it you end up with a reasonably 'flat' looking sky. So, what happens now on the planet?

What does this mean? What is skydome? Is this something I should know if I am attempting to work with photographs in my background shots?

The skydome is the sky bit of Muvizu's environment. If you go to edit-->edit environment, then click in to the section called sky, the image you put here goes on to Muvizu's sky. You may not have noticed before, but Muvizu is inside a giant 3D dome which is why it's called the skydome. (The sky in the dome)

This isn't important for backdrops though. You can see the aspect ratios for those here:
2016/6/16 12:20:10
Any software can make an avatar doing fb live? You'll either have to use something like Facerig
or you'll have to create a bunch of pre-recorded clips to play for various emotions, movements, etc - but the lipsincing will not work. Facerig is your best option but you only have the choice of the characters built in to that. I'm not exactly sure how you'd activate each of the clips with the other option.
2016/6/15 18:45:32
Coming Soon 2016 PatMarrNC wrote:
Stated differently: if it were illegal to have artistic talent, and you were in a court of law being tried on such charge... I'm afraid there's more than enough evidence to hang you.

Well that's one way to say it, I suppose! laugh
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2016/6/15 16:52:39
Competition? Yep, thanks for that. I think I have an idea now, so let's see how far that gets.

Edit: I'm linking the competition here for archive purposes:
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2016/6/14 21:39:00
Competition? I think keeping each challenge separate would be best so they don't interfere with each other.
I'm not sure if I can come up with anything for this first one, especially with the high minimum time and forbidden external music , but I'll see if I can muster something up.
2016/6/14 17:35:21
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) PatMarrNC wrote:
regarding the requirement of using all original stuff:
does that mean you can't use any of the sets from the store unless you're the one who submitted it?

How about royalty free assets like background music, sounds etc?
2016/6/14 11:43:07
HELP! come faccio ad attaccare... You need to have Muvizu:Play+ for this:
Right click your character, go to edit, then go to the part you want an attachment on. You should see an import option that looks like a wire-frame box. Here you can import the attachment that you'd like.
2016/6/14 7:05:20
An idea for a contest Wow uh, thanks guys.
Rocque just covered an important point that I almost forgot since I was distracted by the competition: Get well soon!
2016/6/14 7:00:50
Minimaker....New Digimania Product If you want to avoid the stretch of the background image, use a backdrop instead of the sky dome. (Maybe the curved or super wide would be best for this)
That lighting looks pretty good so far!

On a slightly different note, if you want to showcase your work in progress, post in this thread to build up some hype and get some feedback.
I think we will need to make one every year because this is already starting to get unwieldy!
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