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2015/8/6 17:16:54
4/8/15 Release Bugs Ah, ok.
Thanks for the update!

*Mutters to self that it's just like old times*
2015/8/5 18:05:18
help me please They're probably just busy today, they'll reply as soon as possible. Muvizu HQ is just a small office in Glasgow, not some giant corporation with staff online 24/7.
Give it time and, as Berty said, you need to lower your expectations for a recreational piece of software.
2015/8/5 13:18:15
Today's Download I have to say, hiding the background layer while directing turned out to be incredibly useful, my PC was barely coping when showing it, even with lighting disabled!
A couple of things to report - if you close muvizu with directx11 and a layer hidden, when opening the set with directx9, anything that was hidden does not appear.
Sets made with layers do work with directx9 for rendering etc.
2015/8/5 12:14:46
New Render Layers Email It might be a bug, you could always install the new copy alongside by downloading it here:
You activate it the same as usual, so have your code handy if you've upgraded to Play+ before.
2015/8/5 11:41:13
New Render Layers Email You should get a prompt to update when you open muvizu. Layers are only available when you've set muvizu to use DirectX 11 rather than DirectX 9. They come under View-->Show layers window.
However, there is currently a bug where you can only render in DirectX 9, which defeats the point of using them until they issue a patch, so you might want to install this version along side your previous version.
2015/8/4 21:11:47
Today's Download View-->show layers window
2015/8/4 20:48:11
Low consumtion Graphic Card Recomandations I would suggest an nvidia 750ti (~£100), because of the processing power it gives for the price, and the low energy consumption. However, I've heard that amd cards work better with Muvizu.
Personally I have an AMD Radeon HD7770 2GB but these have been replaced the the very similar R7 250x.
Neither of these are silent, but Muvizu relies heavily on the GPU so I'd suggest getting something that can handle intensive game engines and the like.
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2015/8/4 19:54:12
help me please Yeah, the official Muvizu support is only open from 9:00-17:00 Mon-Fri BST.
I have the installer for the patched version of Muvizu 1.4 64-bit (The version before today's) here:

You just install this version, and click no when it asks if you want to update.
When you install this version, you will have to highlight the whole licence key in the email you received when you bought Play+, go to File-->Upgrade-->Enter code and it should be fine from there. If you get the E2 error, run Muvizu as an administrator.
2015/8/4 17:31:40
Today's Download ziggy72 wrote:
PS I now know I'm a veteran of Muvizu since 0.12b thanks to the wiki - and it was crap back then compared to now, you lucky things!

Same here!
"30th August 2010"
Was it really that long ago?!
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2015/8/4 16:58:53
Today's Download A related feature request - the ability to change the layer the object's in, in its edit menu.
It's difficult to work with when you have hundreds of trees and only want to select one or two.
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2015/8/4 16:53:01
Today's Download claireq wrote:
Release notes are publicly available on our wiki page and can be found here.
Sorry forgot to update it for the last release but it is all up-to-date now

Now you tell us!
2015/8/4 16:09:18
Today's Download blickfang wrote:
s this real? I am at work and can not verify.

Yep, it's real - the new limit is 9.
2015/8/4 16:08:26
Today's Download mcmillan-ra wrote:
Given your sets are quite err... heavy (as an understatement) you should be able to get a bit of a speed boost from this. Generally, put all your background stuff into layers - and then hide them when working with foreground characters. Should remove lag and such like. You don't just have to use them for rendering out...

I'll have to try this!
2015/8/4 15:01:02
Today's Download filkertom wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
Have you downloaded the 32 bit version or 64 bit? Also, always download the Full version not the Lite one (avoids problems down the line).

Love to, but I've only done so once out of about a dozen tries. The server always times out on the Full version Which is immensely frustrating. But *sigh*, I'll try again. Makes me feel like a crazy person or a Republican -- trying the same things over and over, expecting different results....

This seems related to the dll issue.
Try using a download manager to download the installer - it should solve these problems:
2015/8/4 14:53:04
Today's Download I'm not sure I would use it too much, but it would definitely have a novelty factor - I've always wanted to try editing 3d videos, but Muvizu has limits currently regarding number of cameras (well, ok, maybe not so much now) and the lack of possibility to move them together.
Sign me up!
2015/8/4 14:16:26
Today's Download Dreeko wrote:
In other news....

*jaw drops*
2015/8/4 13:27:15
4/8/15 Release Bugs Ah yes, sorry, I'll move it here:
Bug 1:
Got this error when opening an old set:

Bug 2: I also managed to freeze it by selecting everything in the layers window. (although it could just be me being impatient)
2015/8/4 12:13:34
Today's Download Try re-installing muvizu with all the boxes at the end ticked (.net framework etc)
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2015/8/4 8:57:33
Assistance Looks great!
2015/8/3 20:57:28
Fix this problem? No problem, I hope it all goes well.
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