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2012/6/30 21:11:35
Sony Vegas Bargain!!! Thanks Ziggy, will give those a try.

As for Pro vs. Studio I'll let you know when I find something I need that Studio doesn't do.
Could take a couple of years so don't hold your breath.
2012/6/30 20:34:52
Sony Vegas Bargain!!! ziggy72 wrote:
Love Vegas I do - if you're only using Windows Movie Maker or some such, and want to do more, this is great news. It's a damn powerful program.

Only got it yesterday, so impressed I nearly bought the company.

What codecs/settings do you use for working with Vegas and Muvizu Ziggy?
2012/6/30 13:38:06
Sony Vegas Bargain!!! Hello everybody ,

Just a quick post to say that Sony Vegas Home Studio HD Platinum Production Suite 11
is now on Amazon for the ridiculously low price of £ 34.74.

For what you get this has to be the best value production/post production software on the market.

End of Infomercial.
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2012/6/28 0:50:23
Camera movement Brilliant!!!
2012/6/26 13:38:42
Gap Plug in for GIMP on Windows 7 http://browse.deviantart.com/resources/applications/gimpactions/?qh=§ion=&q=GAP#/d28ngyt

This is the one I use, works on my Win 7.
2012/6/19 1:25:12
Muvizu needs you! Dylly wrote:
a remake of the Life of Brian...with extra Romans! Venit vidi animata!

Any Romans with CAPES in it?

Brick Wall
2012/6/18 22:24:47
Muvizu needs you! Time is a concept created by human minds to explain certain perceptions within their environment and as such has no physical basis. The Universe does not recognise time. To all intents and purposes all we have is our own experience of now. The past is memory and the future imagination.

Don't get me started on a debate about time and reality Jamie!
Just give me my cape like you promised!!
or tomorrow I'll start a thread about the pointlessness of existence.

Damn Computer..
2012/6/18 19:59:17
Muvizu needs you!
Its a well known superhero fact that time slows down as you approach a climactic part of the story!

Typical, I hate waiting. Life's too short. I was looking forward to playing with my new cape.
2012/6/18 18:22:19
Muvizu needs you! Jamie wrote:
We expect the beta test programme to start next week, Monday 18th June 2012.

Have I missed something or is our new Superhero's fatal weakness bad timekeeping?
2012/6/18 18:07:51
Coming Soon... Gone nuclear already! Looks great.
2012/6/14 0:21:39
Muvizu needs you!
The evil ones have been here since the last general election nicking money from poor people, kids and the disabled! If there ever was a time for a Superhero it's now!

i agree.

The forces of good should muster on the field for the final conflict. Send word to the minions of Milliband that we will assist them in the battle.

Off Topic
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2012/6/13 23:29:36
Captain Kirk / William Shatner sings Karaoke What a load of old Shatner. It's life Jim but not as we know it.

Have seen some of his vids and you got the atmosphere just right. I like it.
2012/6/13 23:24:06
Muvizu needs you! I look forward to Monday 18th June 2012 with great anticipation. As I am already an accredited beta superhero I assume the light in the sky will shine for me and will keep watch steadfastly until I receive your signal. The evil ones are coming and we need to be prepared. King-tron
2012/5/31 17:45:58
Gun_in_Hand Toast Darth Lightsabers En Garde! Gun Buddies

Good news.
2012/5/18 14:44:20
Just ask Alan I reckon it's the gun wot did it, Guvnor.
2012/5/18 14:09:30
Just ask Alan Alain et mort. Sacre Bleu!!!
2012/5/17 0:23:02
Coming Soon... Ziggy and Jamie thanks for the suggestions, I'm getting quite a list. Looks like it'll be a long series.

I am working on the Arena at the moment and am working on crowd scenes trying a different method to both of the above from within Muvizu. We'll see how it turns out when it's been polished. I have a middle of the road laptop but Muvizu runs pretty well and with careful planning of the order I create and direct stuff I'm getting some pretty good pictures. Expect some herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically across the plain pretty soon.

Sorry Ziggy, I forgot to mention earlier, that screenshot looks really good.
2012/5/15 15:43:01
Coming Soon... CrazyDave wrote:
Joey Barton :-/

I will consider it but the level of violence in that particular contest may be too much for some people.
2012/5/15 14:29:51
Coming Soon...

Dragonton Arena is a new reality series made in Dragonton where viewers get to suggest the next contestant to go unarmed into the Arena to face the might and power of Slayer the Dragon.

Each episode features pre-match interviews and analysis from a panel of experts including Ref and The Executioner. All contestants will be fitted with a helmet camera to capture unrivalled footage of the pyrotechnic destruction.

The pilot is due to be released in June 2012 and suggestions for the first contestants are being taken now. Message my inbox with anyone you'd like to see take on Slayer.
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2012/5/15 12:50:32
camera right click Ditto, one of the most irritating features.
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