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2016/12/21 9:09:03
I will continue to use creative commons music it seems

About cinematic sounds and royalty-free loops, the Sony Sound Series collection was interesting. One can find CDs on ebay or somewhere on the net...

But the 2016 versions of Sony Production Music titles are no longer available for individual purchase. They are only available with voucher codes included with other applications like ACID Music Studio
Orchestral 1: Classical
Orchestral 2: Modern
Orchestral 3: Cinematic
Orchestral 4: Rock & Pop
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2016/12/21 7:25:34
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price I suppose that the mails are lost in the antispam's world

But thanks to the support, I got my 6.32 GB of data, serial, etc
2016/12/20 10:21:03
CINEMATIC MUSIC Mmmm, to produce Hollywood music, you must study music for 15 years...

Or buy a $50 software like MAGIX Music Maker with banks of film music loops

Very easy to use. It's like Lego with bricks of music
2016/12/19 21:43:18
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price In France, the price of Poser 11 is not $49 but 62 € including tax

I paid by paypal and I got nothing Whaaaaa? No mail. No download links. No serial numbers ! And the websites for Poser are so much complicated: + +

So I am waiting for an answer of the support
2016/12/16 21:44:06
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price Thank you for all your answers and about the trick of the transparent background.

With green screens, one have problems as below:

2016/12/16 11:05:11
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price Thank you Pat for the example

If my Muvizu environment uses a sun at left and at 9:00 AM
Does Poser suplly a good lighting for a good insertion of the persona in Muvizu ?
What about the shadows on the green screen of Poser?
2016/12/16 0:28:33
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price Hello,

Could you please show an example of a moving "Poser" persona in a scene from Muvizu?

Thank you !
2016/8/28 21:48:32
End of August sale - 50% OFF! Hello,

I have an old licence of Muvizu Play+ (January 2014 - 75 GBP!)
Is it ok for use with Play+ v1.7 or 1.8 ?
I can't test at the moment because my graphic computer is out of order.
2016/8/21 10:48:37
Ads and promotional articles from Muvizu I own some promotional articles of 2012. Do you know other articles? What's new in 2016?
I would like to see the Muvizu t-shirts in the store !

2016/8/21 10:43:33
Competition? The prizes could be also Muvizu T-shirt, Muvizu bag, etc

2016/8/19 12:18:29
texture issues with sketchup ---> muvizu Hello,

My method :

- In SU8, I don't use RGB colors. I replace by coloured textures as red.jpg, yellow.jpg, brown.jpg... or photographic textures.

- Then I export the ASE model and all the textures in the same repertory of the Muvizu project

- I edit the ASE file with notepad and I correct the paths of JPG textures files to get the right paths.

NB : a monochrome texture could be a square image of 128 x 128 pixels (JPG or PNG)
2016/8/13 9:38:24
texture issues with sketchup ---> muvizu In an SU ambulance, there is maybe only one texture but there are also many colors! So you should check your ASE file with all the materials and colors

*MATERIAL_NAME "Colour_008"
*MAP_CLASS "Bitmap"
*BITMAP "C:\ut3\toto.bmp"

All these colors should be replaces by a Muvizu colour or by a jpg texture like *BITMAP "yellow.jpg"
2016/8/12 21:42:10
Middle East objects [Collaboration?]
So, you need to find a rifle model with no holes. Good luck!

Below, this coloured AK seems to be correct but the blue surfaces show the errors. But it's easy to remove the errors by reversing these blue surfaces before to export the model.
2016/8/12 16:45:43
Sweet Home Thank you Rocque! In the specifications of Muvizu, the different lights are really a fantastic point.
2016/8/12 13:13:18
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] About transparency, some AK47 into 3Dwarehouse have reverse surfaces.

We can see these reverse surfaces in Sketchup with the "Monochrom" view and thus correct the model.
2016/8/12 10:42:40
This is my Olimpic games video LOL very funny And the music is perfect !

Just a small note: Muvizu elements or charactersare a bit missing into the first minute of the video
2016/8/12 10:28:03
Sweet Home @Rocque : maybe this link is ok for your system Drink

PS for Muvizu staff : this video is in the queue since Sunday 7
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2016/8/11 21:05:23
Middle East objects [Collaboration?]
It exports all the textures from the Sketchup model

Thank you Ziggy for this plugin. But is it ok for export also the SU colors?
Normally, SU exports textures but doesn't export RGB colors of the models and one must create 256x256 squares like "red.png", "yellow.png", etc.
2016/8/11 17:19:27
Sweet Home Thank you very much for your comments ! Cool Happy to know a new Muvizu musician !

- The winding path is inspired by the Magician of Oz. It’s just a PNG plane of 1024 x 2048 with the road in sand color and transparent grass for use above the green grass of Muvizu.

- The cards are open source & designed by David Bellot at

- The Hammond organ comes from 3D Warehouse

- I made the plaster house in SketchUp, inspired by a real sculpture.

Yes, I play all the instruments. The solo is made with a Roland G-505 Strat like. I think I used the 2+3 mikes. It’s a direct recording through the excellent Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp.
Also there are reverb, delay on the track and some compressor on the master.
I am living in
2016/8/11 15:55:15
Middle East objects [Collaboration?]
all my assets imported from SU8 have no textures at all whatsoever, they are plain cyan (color) as is his toto.bmp file

In your ASE, you should change all the lines
*BITMAP "C:\ut3\toto.bmp" by something like *BITMAP "C:\ut3\color_005.jpg"

And create these missing textures 256 x256 color_005.jpg color_006.jpg color_009.jpg in the same color as SU

You could also export materials from SU like metal.jpg, wood.jpg etc. (right click on each material)

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