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2012/4/19 16:07:29
Random answers to random questions Great tutorial ! I love the tip of the globe, thanks !
2012/4/18 14:21:19
Paint colours Some props accepts textures, not only RGB colors. In this case, you can use PNG picture with transparent areas.
2012/4/17 15:14:32
Random answers to random questions And where we could find the secret link to download the secret version with all these secret features? Creeped out
2012/4/14 12:53:02
Need a model or set made? Hi Dilly,
so you use SketchUp + plugins for create models, then 3DS Max for textures map, then export to Muvizu?
2012/4/12 13:04:52
Faust & Mephisto Hello,

This is my 2nd Muvizu movie. Thanks to everybody for your previous comments during the Easter weekend. To answer these comments, I love very much to use the Muvizu lighting because the stage lighting was my job in the past.

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2012/4/7 15:33:26
Sketchup to Muvizu Thanks Dylly, this plugin is fantastic !
2012/4/6 10:04:09
Problems uploading / commenting on videos Hello,
Yesterday at 9am I uploaded a video via and it's on Youtube but not in my profile
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2012/4/6 9:39:57
Sketchup to Muvizu OK, thanks Dylly. I will try this software

When a software is good & useful, $20 is a moderate price
2012/4/6 8:42:17
Sketchup to Muvizu Dilly wrote on twitter
Found a new tool for SketchUp! Really speeding up Muvizu set creation!

What is it?
2012/4/4 18:30:43
Unable to save 'boy' character If the character has a new skin (by UV painting) , you must remove the new skin before saving
2012/4/4 15:36:28
Zombie Arms There are some informations in

C:\Program Files\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Data\ContentPacks\0\Animations.xml

But the list is not easy to read
2012/4/4 10:45:52
Zombie Arms @ Jamie : Would you have somewhere a .TXT list of all the movements? I'd like to translate & print this list for convenience

(of course I can do it if the list doesn't exist)
2012/4/4 0:14:49
Hows Performance in the up and coming release Interesting. I don't understand why 64bit is worse than 32bit
2012/4/4 0:11:40
Sketchup to Muvizu Nice work!
Stairwells with the collision meshes would be probably very useful in many movies

And the nice High Bridge would be also very useful in a "stand alone" version (with 2 guard-rails in length and not 3)
2012/4/3 12:57:07
Too many colours in Sketchup In SU, you could also in the Materials list "In the model" delete one by one all materials used (right click then delete)

Each deleted material is replaced by standard white/grey face

so your model will have REALLY only one colour
2012/4/3 8:42:25
Too many colours in Sketchup In SU, after you paint all the faces the same colour, you should go to :

Display/Animation/settings/Statistics/clean the unused items

I hope it's the solution
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2012/4/1 13:07:38
Camera movement I agree with that.

tip : in Muvizu, the camera manipulation with keys is a bit easier than with mouse
2012/3/31 13:32:24
character mapping muvizu When you paint a Muvizu skin, you can draw only trousers, not dresses.

Download the examples (PNG files) here :
2012/3/31 11:21:04
The Spirit of Muvizu I agree. For me, Muvizu is interesting because there are a lot of possibilities but also a lot of creative constraints

A lot of tricks in the Muvizu movies remind me Melies and the beginning of cinema.
2012/3/28 15:28:31
A more complete Time Line Hello,
For an easier editing, I would appreciate in the future a more complete Time Line in Muvizu with:

- a vertical grid with minutes, seconds and cue points
- a "multi characters" tracks view.

It's very difficult to synchronize two or more characters (head, eyes, movment, dialog) when the display shows only one character at a time
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