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2015/8/4 16:59:36
Today's Download ziggy72 wrote:

And what's the deal with the TGA depth pass? I'm sure it's a nice feature, but without any kind of change log <cough> it's kinda hard to work out why it does what it does, or what we'd use it for. It is kinda freaky though

TGA depth pass is for anyone who would like to be fancy and do the depth of field in a post processing package such as after effects or nuke, although Muvizu cameras do a decent job of it anyway Big Grin
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2015/8/4 16:52:21
Today's Download Release notes are publicly available on our wiki page and can be found here.
Sorry forgot to update it for the last release but it is all up-to-date now
2015/6/3 9:57:34
I purchased software but it is not installing Hi Niceguy

Could you please email with full details of the error you are receiving (and if possible a screenshot of the error).
Our technical support team will be able to help you sort your problem.

2011/9/9 11:21:05
Bond is back! Next one needs to be Die another day on ice
2011/9/1 10:44:56
Animate focus distance, DOF or field of view ukBerty, I have let the web gurus know about this deleted post. Seems it could be a wee bug.

S&M Abuse get it fixed!
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2011/8/25 17:09:41
Newbie.... We are looking at characters interacting with objects but none will be weapons as a lot of young children also use the program.
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2011/7/20 11:18:34
Update fail. There is a list of changes on the last news update
but no official release notes yet
2011/7/19 14:39:21
Character Texture maps Barry has made a lovely tutorial on how to create a custom character texture using a web app called
2011/5/27 11:21:58
New 64 bit and New 32 bit Crash on "Make video" Hi Chuckles

Try this for me please.
Open a new scene, click on make video.
In this window click on options and uncheck anti-aliasing

After this load your scene and try make a video then.

Just to let you know, I have been able to render out the set you emailed us and I have a 32bit windows 7 machine.

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2011/5/26 10:56:25
New objects It was Ziggy who asked for it so I have post a link to this thread.
2011/5/26 10:55:40
The newest Muvizu release... ziggy72 wrote:
And then the inevitable request Shock No, no, not guns (again) but rather would it be possible to make the undercarriage on the jet removable, or be transparent, so it would look better in flight? Same with the UFO actually.

UFO and jet with no undercarriage
2011/5/26 10:24:37
The newest Muvizu release... artpen wrote:
Hi team, great upgrade, just to note I downloaded the 32 bit and all that is not
Working is the import sound file for dialog?
It starts to import but muvizu just dissapears with a message saying " Muvizu has
Stopped working "
Any solutions oh great ones?
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Hi Artpen

if you have a look at this forum thread

try what is suggested there and see if that works

2011/5/25 16:35:15
Help me please!! Hi MiOG

Now that the new release is out you may want to try uninstalling the old Muvizu, deleting all folders relating to muvizu.
Download and install the new version. That should hopefully fix your problem

2011/5/25 16:31:07
The newest Muvizu release... Oh I see. Well keep us updated with it.
The engine upgrade should be able to handle a lot more in regards to 3d model imports so should the problem still continue once you have had a look at it, just send us the model again and we will see what we can do
2011/5/25 16:18:34
The newest Muvizu release... bigwally wrote:

I hope you meant "watchable video".

Yes watchable is a must of course!
2011/5/25 16:17:52
The newest Muvizu release... Quoling wrote:
Have got the 64 bit - must admit to being a little disapointed so far - I thought the "IDE" would be able to stretch across two screens - I have also just tried to import a simple sketchup model which crashed muvizu

The next release (which we are already working on) will have an update to the UI which should hopefully let you do that.
As for the sketchup model, it wouldn't happen to be the "queen stage"? We have tried so hard to get this to import, (whipping Dave in the corner didn't help either :abuse but the thing is HUGE! it really needs to be broken up into smaller pieces in order for it to work. Sorry
2011/5/25 16:13:07
The newest Muvizu release... Let's see who will be the first user to post a video using the new version! Big Grin
2011/5/20 12:56:30
Using the kinect as a cheap motion capture system freakmoomin wrote:
im starting to fear for my job.........but in saying that......ive been afraid of mocap for about 8 years and im still here

P45 is at the door! Stick Out Tongue
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2011/5/20 11:38:08
Help me please!! Hi MiOG

I have sent you an email with instructions to follow
Hopefully it will help. Let us know either way whether it has worked or not.

Claire x
2011/5/18 16:42:05
Little Miss Random Seeing how my videos of Little Miss Random have almost become a series I thought I would post them here.

Latest one

G is for Giraffe

Irn Bru

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