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2014/10/26 5:58:31
I give myself defeated. Floors and carpets? bumped above the spam..... for now......

and to answer the question....

type floor textures, ground textures or whatever textures you want into google (or whatever search engine you prefer) and see what shows up. there are countless sites that provide textures for use.
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2014/10/26 5:56:05
Stop the spam! there must be some technical wizard on this site that can bombard the email addresses provided by the Baba ji spammers with some wonderful viruses and **** them up Big Grin

muvizu dudes.. ban some ip addresses or whatever but do something coz this is getting beyond a joke.
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2014/10/25 4:18:03
I give myself defeated. Floors and carpets? use a ground plane backdrop.

the one highlighted with a red square.

or if you just want to change the ground texture.

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2014/10/23 2:36:20
Coming Soon... now that is f#####g awesome !!! excuse my french. just when i think im getting good you knock it out of the park and make me feel like a beginner again Big Grin
2014/10/22 8:10:56
Robot Child Music Clip i like it the robots flying through the solar system was pretty good. was that a 2001 a space odyssey reference when they got to jupiter?
2014/10/21 20:57:40
Stop the spam! primaveranz wrote:
מיין כאַווערקראַפט איז פול פון ילז

ווי טשיקאַווע, מייַן האט קאַסטערד דריפּינג פון די סוף
2014/10/20 0:33:57
Stop the spam! mysto wrote:
From the words of the old Monty Python sketch, "I DON'T LIKE SPAM!!!!"

im quite partial to a spam fritter. many many moons ago after a good drink in the local, a spam fritter in a crusty bread roll from the chippie went down a treat Big Grin

then came back up again the next day.....
2014/10/19 23:55:06
Stop the spam! nearly 5 pages of spam.... a record i believe. im guessing no mods on duty at the weekend Big Grin
the thing is, does anyone actually read the spam and think "oh that sounds good, i think i'll check it out" probably not. so whats the point?
2014/10/17 17:19:13
Coming Soon...
2014/10/17 3:51:03
Coming Soon... thanks Big Grin
2014/10/17 3:47:34
How long does it take you? ukBerty wrote:
At the moment I'm running at about 2 minutes a month. I'm anticipating getting this up to 4 minutes a month early next year.

Looking at it written down is really quite depressing.

wow. i take my hat off to you. that is some serious time span.

the longest ive worked on a project is about 5 months (the evil dead) and its still sitting on my hard drive unfinished but theres about 45mins done. just no ending which will probably be another 20 odd mins. it will get done one day when i have time and stop faffing around starting new projects before i finish old ones Big Grin
my last video i think took just under 2 months and it was 12minutes long but that includes making 95% of the props from scratch. remastering the audio from some crackly old rubbish recording to something listenable and a few custom textures.... making sound effects.... etc etc. in contrast my classic kirk fights 1 took a few hours of animating time. it took longer to make a gorn than it did to make the video.

at the end of the day whatever effort you put into making something is totally your choice. as dreeko said "how long is a piece of string" well that sums it up perfectly. there is no time limit. it takes as long as it takes.
2014/10/16 23:04:11
Coming Soon... HayManMarc wrote:
@fazz68 -- you are amazing.

i dunno about that but i am super awesome..... lol
2014/10/16 10:00:35
Coming Soon... Clam wrote:
fazz68 wrote:

turbo lift yeah !!! finally i can get on to some animating

But, but...what about the Jeffries tubes?!

find me some crawling and climbing ladders actions and i'll make some Big Grin
2014/10/16 2:42:14
Coming Soon...
turbo lift yeah !!! finally i can get on to some animating
2014/10/15 23:01:04
Coming Soon... looks excellent mate. pretty much spot on to the real thing muvizued up.
2014/10/15 11:26:58
Coming Soon... Dreeko wrote:
Complete with sliding doors?

yep. all doors are fully slide-able.
2014/10/15 2:03:47
Coming Soon...

a bit wider than they should be but i need some room for me dead bodies Big Grin
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2014/10/13 16:08:37
Coming Soon...
2014/10/12 12:02:53
possibly the best cgi ive ever seen

saw the actual advert on tv and thought the orangutang was the real deal. very impressed.
2014/10/10 23:57:39
Coming Soon...
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