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2014/7/22 23:35:13
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:

nice mate i love the green blanket.
2014/7/21 10:09:12
the man who lived twice

warning..... contains muvizu violence.... you have been warned.
2014/7/20 21:33:05
adding a model into assets? Tessa is right, the only way is in a set. we did have the option of adding 3d assets but they (the muvizu gods) put and end to it earlier this year. you can now only upload sets, custom character textures and random pictures of my little pony !! what type of asset is that muvizu dudes?
2014/7/18 14:58:24
New Band using Muvizu mysto wrote:

excellent stuff, gotta love a bit of the Quo
2014/7/17 22:59:17
New Band using Muvizu check out toonarama's music vids , probably the best here in my opinion

and my hag face vid of course lol
2014/7/14 19:43:09
Shiny new xbox 360 controller muvizu_chap wrote:
Was this an official Microsoft controller or a third party one?

an official one, had a bit of a play about with it and im well impressed with the control it gives you.

@clam i wasnt aware but i am now Big Grin i'll check it out
2014/7/14 16:59:40
Shiny new xbox 360 controller it came in the post today and what can i say........... excellent. no more octopus finger camera controlling, flying around the gaff like a loon Big Grin me old first person shooter skills are flooding back and very handy in muvizu Big Grin
2014/7/6 23:41:03
Coming Soon...

finished me street set
2014/7/1 23:52:45
Coming Soon... video567 wrote:

How do you make your models so characters can stand in them? ive been trying to do this with a batmobile but no luck so far

that would be the joy that is collision. .ase models... collision is easy. fbx is supposed to be just as easy but produces some weird effects in muvizu (for me anyway, so i dont bother) theres tutorials on it here and i believe urbanlamb has explained it in a recent thread for fbx models. as for your earlier statement about me making a tutorial. theres nothing i could say that hasnt been said in the muvizu tutorials about making sets. (plus im to lazy to make one Big Grin) lights and shadows are your friend. they can transform a simple set quite drastically into something impressive. dont be fooled by my pics, my sets are very simple and usually very small. its all about camera angles, lights, shadows and some awesome assets lol.

@wabby excellent pirate ship
@mrdrwho ziggys sets are something that i find i want to be able to make myself so if i can compete in the set making department with him it only makes me try harder to get to his standard. i know im not there by a long way yet, but i do like showing off something that im pleased with Big Grin
@ziggy cheers mate, i do like a grimy texture Big Grin
@judyjohnson its nice to see someone other than me and ziggy post their stuff in this thread nowdays.
2014/7/1 1:52:18
Coming Soon...

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2014/6/29 23:36:28
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:

We're a cheery bunch, aren't we? Big Grin


looking good mate im looking forward to some brain frying action there Big Grin
2014/6/27 10:24:43
And the Muvizu Oscar winner is... thanks

for anyone who is remotely interested all the mortal kombat graphics can be found in gif form here. the blood spurt gifs will need making yourself as the images needed resizing and re-gifed (made up word Big Grin) in gimp


i use sony vegas for editing and you can use gifs in it, dunno about other software but its very handy for doing stuff like the kirk fights
2014/6/26 22:29:32
And the Muvizu Oscar winner is... thanks glad you enjoyed them



pt3 yet to be made

if you have play+, then here are the gorn attachments and custom textures
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2014/6/26 20:53:57
Birds. I need birds. theres a tutorial on how to make transparent avi files here somewhere. just how complicated that is i dont know coz ive never tried


cant find the one i was thinking of but found this one

2014/6/26 18:00:23
MODEL ERROR if they are .ase then import double sided. if they are fbx you might have to make an inside for the object so all faces are facing outwards as theres no option to import fbx files double sided. so the inside will be invisible when you turn it around..
2014/6/26 9:13:57
rough concert if you want to add a background video, rather than use a avi file which can get very choppy, use a backdrop and set the image as your camera. so your muvizu band can be seen live on stage by the poor people in the crowd stuck way up the back
ive never really seen the point of that, paying to watch a huge screen. recently i watched the carl froch boxing match at wembley stadium on tv and there was about 80 thousand people there. now if you are right at the back it must be like watching ants fighting but i digress Big Grin

yeah anything you can add a texture to can be used as a display for video or camera including characters which can make for some interesting results.
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2014/6/24 2:03:02
Coming Soon...
l can honestly say, i have had far to much time on my hands today Big Grin

and to much coffee..... and kitkats..... and cigarettes...... and not enough sleep..... Big Grin

time for bed said zebadee.
2014/6/23 15:32:50
Coming Soon... today ive been mostly making..... horrible shiny stuff in jars.....

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2014/6/21 23:47:39
Transparacy Issue? ive never been able to work that one out myself. you could import the visor on its own using the alpha to opacity setting. it would save you tearing your hair out Big Grin
2014/6/21 23:41:52
muvizu figure template ideas for use in modeling after a while you'll get used to what sort of size you need to make things. its all trial and error really. i personally have a template i use for hand objects hats etc so i know exactly how big and where they will be. as for where they will be. attachments are only a few places around the origin point in whatever program you are using.
in sketchup if you work in metres, the guide woman whos there when you open it up comes roughly to the shoulder of an original character.
now making stuff for the newer characters is different coz they may be bigger but the proportions are smaller.

as for wanting to make our community grow with more 3d assets..... they shut that down not so long ago. im not opening that can of worms up again coz its will go nowhere fast lol
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