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2013/9/29 22:59:34
Can I make a character play a musical instrument? i never get my hopes up mate. but we can dream Big Grin
2013/9/29 21:34:45
Can I make a character play a musical instrument? urbanlamb wrote:

Also my spidey sense is tingling but I think that this next muvizu play release might contain something other then just bug fixes. I could be wrong and am trying not to get my hopes up but the delay in release is making me wonder about what else they are adding into the software. If it was just a bug fix it would have been patched by now

maybe a lovely christmas present for us..... like an umbrella to brandish.... Big Grin
2013/9/29 13:20:24
Can I make a character play a musical instrument? at this moment in time this cannot be done. the only instruments you can use are the ones already in muvizu.
2013/9/25 21:57:29
Charakter in a car the only tutorials ive watched all the way through are the importing from sketchup and adding collision ones. i skimmed through a few of the others to find out the basics and then just played about with the program to learn it properly. its really not that hard to work things out in muvizu and like urbanlamb said most problems can be solved with a little bit of searching in this forum.
2013/9/25 16:01:12
Charakter in a car i dunno about anyone else but part of the fun i have with muvizu is actually working these things out for myself. working out the little tricks and finding different ways to do things. i think you are forever learning how to use muvizu to its fullest. but each to their own.
2013/9/23 23:53:40
Import object button missing? the import button has moved from the create objects pop up to its own place on the drop down menu under create

click create as above..... the import is at the bottom.
2013/9/23 21:02:06
A question of scale? my 2p's worth.... if im making a model that has to have a specific size to use in muvizu (for example.... a vehicle) i have muvizu and sketch up running together and go for the trial and error approach and keep scaling and exporting till i get what i want. it only takes a few attempts to get there (usually) if its a smaller object i leave it at the size i make it in sketch up and just use muvizu for the scaling. i work in metres and know from experience the lady scale thing thats there at startup comes roughly up to the shoulder of a standard muvizu character and thats my initial guide.
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2013/9/8 16:08:10
System Requirements lol see ziggys reply above for the answer to that
2013/9/7 3:11:54
A couple of noob questions, Model and texture size http://www.muvizu.com/Video/17214/Tutorial-09-Building-sets-Cameras

the camera is pretty easy to move, just click on it with you mouse and position it where you need it. Directing the camera is a bit more difficult you can use the mouse but i find using the buttons a whole lot easier.
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2013/9/6 13:56:34
Fire ! What He Said and a smaller smoke effect too while you're at it
2013/9/5 21:06:28
Map Alpha to........ yeah i get the set to emissive part, ive made a few light bulbs hanging down for a few videos and using a black texture for the bit you dont want to shine works ok for that type of model. but i was trying to make a proper light fitting for the ceiling that had the bulb bit glowing and the actual housing for the light still acted like normal so it would show the shadows. if its done in the actual model making when you add textures to the model then without learning to use blender i probably wont be able to do it.
i just wondered if you could actually make an emissive texture to add to the model once its imported into muvizu. kind of like when you make an Opaque png texture. but thanks anyway mate its probably just as well i cant do it, i have be distracted from animating for weeks now and this would just be another one Big Grin
2013/9/5 20:14:37
Map Alpha to........ ok i get that , so how do you make a texture emissive?
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2013/9/5 15:00:43
Map Alpha to........ hello muvizu people, i have a question about the Map alpha to bit on the importing thingy. i understand "None,Opacity,Opacity mask and Emissive" but what are the other ones for? and is it possible to import a model with just one part of it emissive and the rest of it normal? for example a light with just the bulb bit glowing. cheers
2013/9/5 11:55:44
losing textures on Favorited objects urbanlamb wrote:
it has been said that the fix is ready to roll as I mentioned it as well. Its coming soon 'tm' a week or so ish sorta maybe

thanks mate i shall now shut up and get on with some animating Big Grin
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2013/9/4 14:10:43
losing textures on Favorited objects hello lovely muvizu people is there any news on my losing textures on favourited object problem?

ive been experimenting and im losing textures on favourited models if i change the texture on that model before it is favourited.
but only my models? models from the assets page are ok. apart from mine

example... both are favourited models. on the left i changed the textures before saving to favourites, on the right no texture change before saving to favourites. dunno if that helps at all. or if you have fixed the problem then just tell me to shut up and get on with some animating instead of messing about with models. Big Grin
2013/9/3 0:25:45
Rendering problems
  • your file is to large for windows to handle by the sound of it. if you have a 4GB 8minute video. thats about the same as a full length dvd. if you have any video encoding software, re-encode it with a smaller bit rate.
    any video converter is good and its free.
  • 2013/9/2 21:39:58
    Car Scene thanks mate, it still needs a lot of work doing to it but i think the end result should be good.
    2013/9/2 21:31:55
    Car Scene urbanlamb, i dont think a round steering wheel will ever be possible with the biker pose, this one is a sort of squashed round. the prototype works ok though. add some detail to the seats and bung a transparent texture to the bottom for side shots.

    the super charged mustang isnt mine though Big Grin
    2013/9/2 13:06:47
    Car Scene i have been working on a car interior model to use with the biker animations for interior shots but its very early in the process, if i can work out how to do a decent steering wheel that works then it should be plain sailing. (unless the muvizu gods grant us a driving pose animation ) adding a removable outer car shell body shouldnt be to difficult.

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    2013/8/31 23:36:52
    Scammer - Amir Gabriel and i thought she was in love with me.....

    but seriously does anybody ever fall for this scam. ive lost count of the times ive received these scam messages all over the place. probably every site i have a profile.

    message to the scammers........... give it up, nobody is going to give you their bank details for that massive fortune you want to deposit into our accounts. yawnnnnnnnnn..
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