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2015/7/16 3:03:12
Coming Soon... very nice mate

a little tester with all the new gubbings turned on....
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2015/7/11 11:26:22
It's all happening here! the AO is pretty cool. been having a play with it. getting the settings right is a bit fiddly but it does the job pretty well.

no AO test

with AO test
2015/7/11 2:08:47
15 characters check your content packs. you might have some missing. in muvizu click on tools then contents packs to see whats installed.
2015/7/9 23:42:50
It's all happening here!

no AO

with AO

it does work but does need some refining so it works on all the nooks and crannys rather than just the large ones
2015/7/7 16:22:43
Can't download Full version have you tried this page?

2015/7/7 7:56:39
It's all happening here! mindiflyth wrote:
Oh, so the people posting in this thread have some sort of special status on the Muvizu site, so they're getting to see stuff early? That explains it. Really looking forward to any info we can get! After a long period of quiet from Muvizu, it's great to hear that things are happening again.

nope you have exactly the same version we have.
2015/7/7 7:54:55
It's all happening here! the updates ive found are performance related, oh and the new ambient occlusion settings. if you're looking for new characters or objects there aint any. cant say about bug fixes because i havnt used muvizu to animate in some time. real life gets in the way at times dont it....
2015/7/7 0:48:47
It's all happening here! just found the ambient occlusion button..... nice

15 second clip in 1920 1080 rendered in 4 mins..... would have taken the old craptop about an hour before..... something has happened to the muvizu guts..... me like
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faster set loading on a fbx heavy set. was taking around half an hour..... down to just over 9 mins..... me like even more. and no error warning boxes as yet.
im impressed so far by performance. im using a crappy cheap old laptop at the moment, so i imagine using a decent pc would be pretty awesome.
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2015/7/6 19:16:29
6/7/15 release bugs beefy sitting down. uninstall the content pack and reinstall. if its the same bug left over from last time. my beefy is standing ok but i did reinstall all my content pack last time.
2015/7/6 18:57:25
It's all happening here! i agree

roll on the next updates

keyframe animation function....... oohhhhh i think i just.... never mind.....
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2015/7/6 18:53:48
Today's Download yes it seem as visible/invisible is broke....

you can still make the bits that stay visible invisible via the character edit for that attachment. a bit of a pain until its fixed but workaroundable.
2015/7/3 10:59:23
Why does this look like crap? its because you used moviemaker to get the snapshot. low resolution.

in muvizu when you go to make video, click on the advanced tab and set the output to targa sequence. it will give you a high resolution set of images of that one second video. you might have to convert the tga file to jpeg or png in another software (gimp, photoshop etc) to use at the site. but it will give better results than moviemaker.
2015/6/26 15:41:29
Need rollerskates! all versions of sketchup are available at the link i posted before.
2015/6/26 5:21:53
Need rollerskates! http://www.filehorse.com/download-sketchup-make/old-versions/

you cant use the exporter plug in with the new versions which is why we use sketchup 8. i have the last version of 8 running and it works ok for muvizu.
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2015/6/14 21:43:16
Assistance https://www.dropbox.com/s/h81n7hg5puwdrpa/boxes.zip?dl=0

try these ones, i haven't removed any collision but can if you want me to
2015/6/14 19:30:47
Assistance @rebel ok i think i see your problem of jumpimg boxes. your sketchup models are not on the origin point. where the red blue and green lines inersect, that is the origin point and the center of the base of anything needs to be on that point when you export it. just put a cross on the bottom of the boxes and highlight the whole box. click the move tool to the center of the cross and move the box to the origin point. it will turn yellow when you hit the right spot. then export. that should sort out the jumping.
2015/6/14 13:37:58
Assistance very cool selection of nuts there very nice.

well they still have their collision and they are all laying where i dropped them with all the physics boxes unticked. i cant see any problem with them jumping about. so id say your nuts are fine.

so sorry but whatever is making them jump about in rebels set i dunno. they are not reacting with anything i can see. things with collision only react with each other when trying to occupy the same space. as the nuts have their collision they cant do that. unless you put them side by side and try to scale one up. then all it will do is push the other object away.

nuts dropped on the ground and nuts on a ground plane with invisible backdrops making a box to keep them in place.

lol just read rebels new post....
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2015/6/14 10:17:51
Assistance if you are removing the collision it probably is.. without seeing one of the nut models in action (had to word that carefully lol ) its hard for me to see what the problem is. it might just be fixed by moving the origin point of the nut, ie where it sits on the ground.
2015/6/13 21:59:14
Assistance yes fbx collision sucks huge monkey balls. not easy to remove and get to work in muvizu without flying all around the place.

@drewi what are you making your fbx models with? and what other file formats can it export models as?
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2015/5/27 22:12:01
Children characters...anywhere ?.... you can make the characters smaller by scaling them down. in edit character click on the body tab and use the scale slider to alter the size of the character.
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