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2012/12/4 13:45:59
It´s Christmas My film is now on the mainsite of
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2012/12/3 18:26:46
Ghost House Trailer thingy haha, very funny, I like it.
2012/12/3 17:16:15
My Video okay, thank you.
2012/12/3 16:34:20
My Video It´s Monday and theres no Video in my profile.
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2012/12/2 19:51:58
My Video ah I see. Thank you very much.
2012/12/2 19:21:00
It´s Christmas It´s now in black & white, I think the atmosphere is better like that.
2012/12/2 19:14:02
My Video Hello,

my problem is, that I can´t see my uploaded Video in my Profile. Why?
I uploaded it yesterday, I done that on my Muvizu profile not on youtube.

Thanks for help.
2012/11/30 21:57:09
It´s Christmas Thank you very much.
2012/11/30 20:24:15
It´s Christmas A simple and short film about the real heroes on earth.

Have Fun

2012/9/18 21:57:41
SWOBOT - Intro Hallo folks,

this is my intro for SWOBOT the Robot.

I hope you liked it.

Rob from Germany

2012/9/9 14:35:28
Ghettoblaster I´ve tried to import a big house, but Muvizu says "The Object is too small to be imported" what can I do?
2012/9/9 13:31:23
Ghettoblaster thank you very much
2012/9/9 13:06:02
Ghettoblaster Hi ukBerty,

thank you for the links. But where to unzip the Plug In?

thank you
2012/9/8 17:36:52
Ghettoblaster Hallo everyone,

for my next Video, I need a ghettoblaster, can anyone build one for me?

thank you

2012/9/6 14:24:54
Charakter in a car Thank you Dreeko, your Video helped me much.
2012/9/5 21:57:05
Charakter in a car Hallo,

how can a character use a car? I want that the character can drive the car, but how can I do that?

2012/8/27 12:17:06
The IDea WOW, really nice :-)
2012/8/23 15:09:22
SWOBOT - Coming Soon no, theres no meaning, it´s just a funny name. Only the "Bot" is a meaning and I think you know what that means.
2012/8/23 0:04:56
My First Movie It looks really nice :-)
2012/8/21 22:39:24
SWOBOT - Coming Soon It was just a test video, but I got a great idea, I want to make a series about a robot, the robot is like Wall-E (Sweet Voice) and Ted (Drink Beer etc).

I´ve "transform" the test video into a trailer.

Please excuse my bad englisch, I am from Germany. ;-)

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