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2014/7/24 22:36:13
Crawling and climbing I'd like to have a character crawl or climb on all 4's. Any suggestions?
2014/2/23 15:11:52
importing ASE file only has one color/texture. this is the model

I removed the transformer. I did not find any other chickens that were appropriate for Muvizu. If you find please let me know.

@fazz68 thanks for the file. It did not work either. This leaves me to believe that it is the model, as I have had success with other models.
2014/2/23 12:24:10
importing ASE file only has one color/texture. I have tried both colors and images. Neither worked.
2014/2/23 11:21:34
importing ASE file only has one color/texture. Thank you for your reply. I have tried that without success. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?
I am using sketch-up 2013 pro.
2014/2/23 3:20:14
importing ASE file only has one color/texture. Anybody have any ideas???
2014/2/17 20:02:12
importing ASE file only has one color/texture. I am trying to import a simple chicken that I got on Google warehouse. It should have 3 or 4 colors. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but when it comes into Muvizu the edit menu only gives me the option of one color.
Any help would be appreciated. Here is the link to the sketchup file.


Thank you,

2013/6/24 23:13:44
Error loading scene unknown format Help? In the end, I had a similar file that I was able to do what I need. I only lost about an hour.
2013/6/24 19:23:55
Error loading scene unknown format Help? Nope. Unfortunately, my dropbox is not showing any earlier versions. Last I worked on it was in April.
2013/6/24 18:43:19
Error loading scene unknown format Help? I am trying to open a file and i am getting the message "There was an Error loading scene unknown format"

A little history. I downloaded Muvizu Play and saw that the watermark changed and the 920HD was missing. This was not good for my large project I have been working on, so I went back to version 23.
I wonder if I had opened it in Muvizu Play and now it won't open in the old version? Or is it corrupted?
Any way to open the file and re-save it for v23? If so anyone able to help?
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2013/4/30 20:13:10
What happened to the 960 X 720 size? thanks. I got it and installed it.
2013/4/29 23:06:23
What happened to the 960 X 720 size? Thank you.
I tried that but it still came out 1280x720.
Any other ideas?
2013/4/29 20:08:27
What happened to the 960 X 720 size? I am in the middle of a project that I started and left for a few months. When I came back to it in Muvizu play, and wanted to make some more scenes the 960 X 720 size is missing.
This leaves me with 2 problems:
1. I have to finish this video.
2. This is a series and now the videos will not be the same size.

Besides re-installing the old version any other ideas?
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2012/11/20 2:33:03
cell phone and sitting position Thanks for all the answers.
How was the head set done?
2012/11/16 15:07:51
cell phone and sitting position Thanks for the quick answer.
When I tried that, the character stood up. Is there anyway to make him sit?
2012/11/16 14:51:00
cell phone and sitting position I want to have my character speak on a cell phone from a sitting position. I have imported the phone from Sketch-Up and placed it by his ear. I cannot find an action that will place his hand by his ear from a sitting position.
Any ideas?
2012/10/4 11:27:01
Rendering time gimmick wrote:
The rendering of 1 minute Xvid 1280x720 is around 9'30"

Wow! That is 9 and one half minutes compared to my 45?
2012/10/3 15:24:02
Rendering time Thanks for the fast reply. So basically you are saying that if I am happy will the speed the program responds to, there is no need to upgrade, as I will not shave any time off the rendering.

This sounds funny considering that sony vegas can render a minute of Muvizu video in about 5 minutes--but I will take your word for it.
thanks again.
2012/10/3 14:24:23
Rendering time Just to be able to justify the expense of a new system, how long would a minute of video take to render with a decent video card?
2012/10/3 3:15:40
Jacket and Hat Thank you this is awesome. Do you have the eps file that I can open in Illustrator and change the color to navy or black.

Thanks again.
2012/9/30 21:57:13
Jacket and Hat How would I add a custom suit jacket to a character that does not have the option to wear one?
Also, what about a hat?
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