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2015/3/20 12:58:45
Have an object drop from the sky Thank-you...I will give it a try.
2015/3/20 8:57:28
Have an object drop from the sky I am looking fro a way to have an object drop from the sky and appear on a characters head...any suggestions?
2015/3/2 17:22:25
Mobile Phone Asset Great...thank you very much
2015/3/2 16:22:34
Mobile Phone Asset Thank you...that's what I thought. However, I believe it is an asset that was been added after I purchased Play a few months ago, so it was not installed with my version. Basically, I am trying to figure out how to get updates.
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2015/3/2 15:33:34
Mobile Phone Asset I have purchased Muvizu Play+ and understand there is a mobile phone asset...where do I download it from please?
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