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2012/11/6 3:42:34
Newbi Dear all,
Thanks for all for helping out...but now i have some serious issue with the anti-aliasing and video output.

Here i want to know how to get anti-aliasing to work.I tried with several steps searched for the forum.But nothing was worked.
here is what i tried...
1.i installed directx 11.. but still when i see in muvizu system info it shows directx 9.
2.I have tried configuring with turning ON & OFF anti-aliasing related thing in my graphics card properties.

Nothing got worked.
Is this the issue with video codecs or some other thing..

Now i have directed a movie but when i do make video i am not getting the good quality of video..

My system info:
Windows 7 32 bit
graphics - nvidia Geforce 210(capable of upto directx 11)

Hoping for good & fast suggestion..
2012/10/22 11:56:59
Newbi Dear Muvizu users
I m new to muvizu.I have couple of questions regarding muvizu.let me tell you in point.
1.what is collision in 3d model as per muvizu is concerned?
2.Can i do cloth effect in Muvizu?
3.When i import an externel 3d model which is downloaded from muvizu users, i can import it to my scene.But next time if i see the same model it will not be their in that i required to import it again.So what makes the external models to remain in object gallery permanently?
4.can i make a scene of city full of buildings,trees,vehicles etc,. and create a view like hilicofter shoot mode..?if yes how?
5.can i make a scene of 1 person standing inside some shop and another from outside & purchasing somethiing?if yes how?
6.How do i get 3d models like various buildings,trees etc into the muvizu?

Looks i have asked for lots of questions..still answers are much appriciated..!

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