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2012/11/9 0:28:29
NSIS Error HHHEEELPPP Me too! Get the same message time after time when trying to install. I first DirectX 9 as Muvizu advised, then I downloaded the full version of the software, but got the NSIS Error message when attempting to install. Then I wiped the full version off my hard-drive and downloaded the Lite version. But same thing, when trying to install the NSIS error is back on my screen.
I am using Win 7 Ultimate, 32 bit. My drivers for everything on the laptop is updated.

The NSIS message says that 'installer integrity has failed. Contact the installer's author to obtain a new copy.' I then googled the URL the message gives, just to see that... wait for it... I have to contact the publisher or developer!

I looked around on Muvizo's forums but can't find an answer. What can I do?
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