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2020/5/4 0:09:28
Covid sparisci! Get lost! Una popolazione, ma soprattutto gli sportivi non ne possono più di stare reclusi e di aspettare... C'è voglia di tornare a lavorare, andare allo stadio, di vivere... Covid, ti diciamo una cosa sola...vattene! Sparisci! Get lost!

Covid get lost! (Italian version)

2020/4/20 3:13:54
Resta a casa! Stay at home! By Marco Chinicò

Tutti i giorni, in diverse fasce ora in onda la telenovela più seguita degli ultimi 30 giorni.
Resta a casa! Non c'è altra soluzione!
Stay at home!

Video Stay at home

2020/3/17 4:42:54
Coronavirus, I'm not afraid of you! If you live using mind, Coronavirus is not scary!

By Marco Chinicò

Coronavirus non ti temo!
Italian version of videoshot- Marco Chinicò on YouTube Channel

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2020/2/3 0:17:01
"Innocent prisoner" By Marco Chinicò

Anxiety, frustration, desperation. That's prisoner's agony. The video animation has been inspired by Enrico Forti story. Enrico Forti, named as Chico. Italian entrepreneur and broadcast producer. Arrested 21 years ago, exactly in the 1998 year, was sentenced on June 15, 2000, due to the Dale Pike murder. Since the day when the Police Department of Miami District arrested him, Chico Forti has always been sustaining his innocence. He stays into a security prison of the Florida State, forced to stay there for all life until the death. Sentenced without any overwhelming evidence or testimony against him. “The only certainty? A plot to his detriment”. All that the journalists and Enrico Forti‘s friends think. CBS American TV network and both of the Italian broadcast TV programs, TG2 Dossier and Le Iene, have been followed the Enrico Forti’s story.

Whatch my video here:
2020/2/3 0:14:36
Raid on TV broadcast, "cartoon become news" By Marco Chinicò

A crazy criminal man has broken into a TV broadcast office. Screaming, threatenes to kill all based employees there. Policeman who followed him exclaims: “hands up or shot”. Exploded many fire by gun! Man fell to the ground, dieing early. Could a criminal fact become a cartoon? Could telling news by cartoons is possible? "Raid into a TV broadcast"; when cartoon project become news.

Note: That's an experimental project so the videoshot has been inspired only by fantasy, not from a real criminal fact.

Whatch my video here:
2020/2/3 0:05:06
Marco Chinicò Journalist and videoproducer To whom it may concern


My name is Marco Chinicò, 40 aged, Italian journalist born in Rome but based near Milan City.

Also photojournalist and videoproducer, I decided to discover the Muvizu software because I'd to bet that cartoon could become news.
Telling news by cartoon is not utopia!
Discover me, thanks for the attention!

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