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2023/2/9 1:22:22
Website updated 3 Well I'm just going to put this out there, I had this site set up for a whole year now, just waiting for the right time to pay for service, but not having enough funds to get it started was always keeping it from happening, so I decided to publish it in its free service state, but with the coding I made makes it like a premium website and I made it with a Forum and Group Pages which doesn't need premium service to work, I also made a video gallery that works off video URL's so you can upload videos unlimited with out the premium service, I redone the site to look similar to Muvizu's so you may know how everything works, I also add a donation page with my Paypal account button to collect donation, I figured if anyone likes the site and wants to help it get better and grow they could do so by donating any amount they want, and once there's enough for a whole year then the money will be used towards the sites, and will be set to auto pay every year, so doing this I figured the site could turn into a community site like Anizu but better, who know maybe the site could fund itself this way!
here is the link to the site, once it gets it's service, I will connect my own Domain.
2022/12/31 11:54:40
AI voice overs Hey everyone, if you can't find any voice actors, and needing natural sounding voices for your characters, then look no further, Replica Studios has you covered, and I recommend using Replica Studios for all of your Videos, here is an example I made with a test video using Replica Studios, you can compare the Pirate in the middle that's played me, with the other two pirates on the Left and right that's voiced by Replica studios.

If you would like to try Replica Studios for yourself then Here's the link, I really do recommend it!

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2022/12/31 11:43:11
Make an object invisible MrDrWho13 wrote:
Similarly to how you trigger the explosion effect, you can "direct" the visibility of the object. Go into the "prepare object properties" menu and set the "visible" property to be animated. Then you can switch to direct and turn that on and off when required. http://muvizu.com/Wiki/wiki/96/

Yes, by using Key Frames, you can control the visible in the spots of the timeline when you want them to be visible, and invisible.
2022/12/26 9:50:50
DigiFactor Animation
2022/12/6 7:33:56
Website updated I I have updated my website and linked it with my YouTube Channel, I also synced with my PayHip store as well, now everything is all together in one space.


2022/9/13 9:38:30
Animated Muvizu Logo Electric Muvizu Logo

an Electric animated Muvizu Logo with a blue neon glow, you can use this in all of your Muvizu videos to let everyone know you made it with Muvizu! You can get it without the watermark by clicking on the link below!


Rippling Muvizu Logo

An animated Muvizu logo with ripples and a neon glow makes it seem to be reflected off a body of water, this logo will give your video a classy look, and it will let everyone know that it was made with Muvizu! You can get it without the watermark by clicking on the link below!


For any of my Muvizu assets in general, click on this link!

2022/9/11 0:08:53
New Animation Coming soon!

My next upcoming animation made with Muvizu!

Trailer coming soon!
2022/9/10 23:54:30
30% Off my Products!

Hey everyone, I'm running a little special on my Payhip Store, when you buy any of my products, share it on Facebook and receive 30% off, special end on 09/30/2022

2022/5/6 0:55:38
Unable to Actvate Muvizu, received payment confirm That's their old email, They don't hardly use anymore, this is the email that you will get a quicker reply from them with


I already told them of your problem!
2022/4/27 0:29:19
How to get Muvizu quicker

Muvizu way to pay.

make payment on paypal using this email

mail to:Felix@meshmellow.cn

then email meshmellow showing proof of sales
or you can pay though Muvizu.com

and to help you get your copy of muvizu faster
you can email me at : digifactor50@gmail.com
and I will push the sales through with Meshmellow
and they will send you your license!
2022/4/11 3:58:04
Muvizu Dungeon set

Direct Product Link: https://payhip.com/b/gl2UG

My Payhip Store Link: https://payhip.com/DigiFactor/collection/all?&page
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2022/3/10 11:57:05
Tog:episode 1, Tog Discovers fire Tog finds food, but wont share with Nor, Tog discovers fire, Nor poo poos Tog!

2022/1/15 1:58:04
Can't install Muvizu on new computer this was posted two years ago!
2022/1/11 7:11:05
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Lair set

Get a copy Now!
2022/1/11 5:29:43
Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles Character Set The updated version of the turtle character pack is now ready!

2022/1/5 10:25:23
Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles Character Set Update #1
2022/1/3 16:19:12
Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles Character Set

Set contains all 4 Turtles, Splinter, Shredder, Bibop, Rocksteady, and the foot

you can get the Character Set here!
2021/12/31 23:40:42
How to animate a first person 360 camera If your upgrading the same computer that you had muvizu on without ever uninstalling , you maybe able to restore your old copy of muvizu,

by watching this video below, you can use the same method by going into the Old windows Folder, that's if you never unistalled Muvizu before you upgraded, if so then keep trying to get a new key from Meshmellow, they do check in once in a Blue Moon,,,lol, sorry but that's true, once you do just remember what the professor tells you on the video!

2021/12/27 8:00:18
MUVIZU and OCULUS Yea Oculus works for Muvizu, and 360, I made a boat ride buy animating the camera and the boat, put in a few jump scares creepy sounds and made a creepy set, you can create any kind of vr experience even with the 360 and it will still work with oculus
2021/12/20 8:57:22
How to make a custom character talk in Muvizu
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