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2012/9/9 0:27:05
The new Muvizu and The Garage Band Blues... Hopefully episode #5 of The Garage Band Blues will go live sometime next week.

One of the reasons that it's taking so long to complete is that I've been trying to get the same precision and accuracy with the timeline in the new version that I had with the old version of Muvizu (ver 0.16b) and it's just not there. I've been trying and doing everything I can think of to get that same precision but can't seem to do it.

With that said, any future episodes will probably be made using the old version 0.16b. I'm willing to sacrifice the new "bells and whistles" and the "villains and super heroes" to get the precision and accuracy back that I had with the old version.

Don't get me wrong, the new version of Muvizu is really great and can produce really nice animations but there are some functions (in my opinion anyway) that were better executed in the old version.

Anyway, I'm finished "ranting". Episode #5 of The Garage Band Blues is just about finished and I'll upload it (hopefully) next week.
2012/9/4 3:41:56
Upload a character I think if you create a character and then save it as a set file you can upload the set file to the site.
2012/9/1 21:45:50
A Liar's Autobiography - Official Trailer AWESOME!!! ApplauseToast
2012/8/31 18:54:15
Length of the Character Actions My experience has been to keep adjusting things on the timeline until you get the look you're after. Sometimes moving things a "split second" either way can make all the difference.
2012/8/30 1:28:24
32bit or 64bit advice needed.... I'm not sure this helps or not because I'm not a Mac user but I use Windows 7 pro 64 bit and Muvizu runs just great.
2012/8/28 18:26:32
Super 10 (seconds) Great job Ziggy!
2012/8/24 16:04:19
The Old and The New... Up until now I've chose to use an older version of muvizu to produce The Garage Band Blues series and my musical animations. Version 0.16b to be exact. The main reason I use the older version is mainly because of the more precise control I have over things on the timeline that the newer version seems to lack.

I like being able to add a cue point to the timeline and then "snap" a movement or event square to that que point. Trying to get a movement or event square to line up with a que point in the new version is "hit and miss" at best. Not very helpful when you are trying to match a character movement or get a lite to turn on or off to a beat of the music. Being able to "fine tune" a que point on the timeline and then "snap" a movement square to it made things much more precise.

I like being able to move about on the timeline by placing the cursor where I want and then just sliding the mouse. Using the "zoom button thingy" on the new version and trying to get to the point I want has been frustrating to say the least. It always seems to go where I don't want it to.

I like being able to record a characters action and then hit the spacebar to stop the recording. I know I know, the new version has a way around this but still like the ol "hit the spacebar" method. It was simpler and faster. I know I'm probably in the minority here but the old timeline seemed to work better for me.

With all of that said, I am "biting the bullet" and using the newest version of Muvizu to produce episode #5 of The Garage Band Blues. There are numerous scenes in this episode that require VERY precise timing and movements of objects and characters so I hope I can get that same timing and precision with the new version as I could with the old. So far I am finding that doing certain things are taking me a bit longer to achieve because of the way the new timeline works but things are nevertheless progressing.

I do have to mention that I am truly grateful the devs put the "ruler marks" back on the timeline. Those little marks REALLY help things a lot!

I'm not trying to bash Muvizu or anything, just voicing my opinion. I'll get used to using the new timeline eventually but I sure do like the old one better. These "issues" won't stop me from creating animation at all. I've been bitten by the Muvizu bug and there's no known cure. Too bad there isn't a way to merge some of the "old with the new".

In the mean time I have some serious animating to do. Stay tuned for episode #5 of The Garage Band Blues, the best and most ambitious episode yet!
2012/8/23 14:31:32
Length of the Character Actions I've used the "mix and match" method of creating character actions for awhile now with pretty good results. With a little experimenting you'd be surprised at how many "new" actions that are available.
2012/8/19 3:18:24
Permission from MUVIZU This may help you a bit...
2012/8/15 15:27:04
Heroes and Villains animation suggestion box Now that's what I call being creative! Well done Dreeko!
2012/8/12 18:18:04
Object Interaction Impossible? Unfortunately at the present time there's no easy way to do this. I've encountered this issue while creating some of my videos and the way I've gotten around it is to "suggest" the action you want.

For example I had a scene of a guy throwing a business card at someones head. I didn't actually show the card in the guys hand but the dialog "suggested" that he had one. I then showed the guy doing a throwing motion and then cut quickly to a shot of the card stuck to the other characters head.

You didn't actually see the card in the guys hand and you didn't actually see it flying through the air but the way I designed the scenes and edited them together it "suggested" that the guy had a business card and threw it at another guys head. The final video actually turned out pretty well.

Even though Muvizu does have a few "limitations" I've found that with a bit of "creative thinking" there always seem to be "workarounds" for the issues that pop up.

Good luck with your project, I look forward to seeing what you create.
2012/8/8 19:50:49
Please add a save every 5 minutes or so... I've gotten in the habit of saving my work VERY often. I sometimes save 2 copies of the same set just in case something really bad happens!
2012/8/7 17:00:32
Get well soon Eef! I hope you have a speedy recovery EEF!
2012/8/1 19:23:56
New here! Audio/Video Engineer. Welcome to the wonderful world of Muvizu! I too am looking forward to seeing your creations!
2012/7/27 7:26:41
Machinima Expo Accepting Submissions July 1st I may be able to pull something out of my bag of tricks to submit as well.
2012/7/26 20:10:35
Feedback Thread -v0.21b release (July 2012) I haven't thrown a gripe, err I mean a suggestion in for awhile so I thought I might ask if we could get the "snap to que point" feature back?

Seriously though, after using the new version for awhile and fiddling with the new features I'm liking the way things are going. There are always improvements that can be made but for the most part I find the new Muvizu to be a pretty solid program.

2012/7/25 0:28:43
2 American voices needed Don't know if you're interested in a "Midwestern drawl" but if you are I'd be willing to give it a go!
2012/7/17 20:20:03
Goin in for 1st ever emergency hernia surgery this Good luck EEFilmz!
2012/7/17 20:13:45
Motion artist Nice find! I'm going to give it a go as well!
2012/7/13 19:16:35
A Public Service Announcement! I remember watching silly films like that when I was in grade school. Fiddling with the film trying to guide it through all those little gears, the "clacking" sound of the projector as it ran. Ah the "good old days". Nice work there Insane Hamster, keep em coming!
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