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2012/12/30 11:24:25
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar WozToons wrote:
As there is already an entry in the updates ( see right bar under post list ), I think the answer may be simpler than people think. As the cat may be out of the bag already I see no harm in posting my submission. At least those who had trouble with the cryptic stuff will get a chance in the draw then.

Even though my post was hours before yours, it was very nice to see a Muvizu friend posting just like my guess. Thanks WozToons. Then came toonorama's movie (funny one, btw) reinforcing us... And it was also great! Thanks toonorama. Now came Muvi_Maker saying that finally figured it and that wasn't not as easy as thought before... So, with no post it now seems that he/she was wrong or trolling, but that's only a hope.

It seems that only in the week beginning 7th of January we'll know. Anywayz, we watched great animations and had fun thanks to Muvizu Treasure Hunt, what are enough reasons to be glad.

And for those who still didn't watch mine there it goes:

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