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2022/6/20 22:33:16
Smitten Aestiphan, the Lord of Victorious and Most Passionate Smiting, discovers the problem with ending the world.
2022/6/20 22:24:33
Down To Earth Only a fool would follow the links of pinkysharma69, a very obvious scammer.
2022/6/13 22:56:13
Making It Barry Fenwick is finding out more than he wants to while visiting his parents.
2022/6/6 22:32:31
A Taste Of Lightning When their still blows up, Jim-Bob and Cletus are left with no way to get all liquored up!
2022/5/30 22:50:16
The Homeworld Two aliens use a plaque found on a space probe to locate it's planet of origin.
2022/5/23 22:37:38
The Cruellest Cut In 1947, Rookie Cop Ham isn't ready for the crime he comes across.
2022/5/20 22:29:27
Moving forward A number of years ago while recovering from heart surgery I was stuck at home bored out of my mind. I discovered Bitstrips, an automated comic strip making website that was just starting out. The software was more sophisticated than the usual thing you find on the net and I discovered that I really enjoyed creating jokes and stories with it. It eventually was eclipsed by another offering by them called Bitmoji. Snapchat bought the works and shut the comic making site down.
I tried hand drawing and although I managed to do a reasonable job, I found it very laborious and I began looking for another creative outlet. I eventually found Muvizu which has similarities to the comic software but of course, is far more powerful. Although I can draw, I already know I don't have the talent to animate but Muvizu gets me around that and being 3D it is so much better. I am sorry that I appear to have found it when it's been bought by a company that clearly doesn't care to support it properly. Hopefully, despite that, I can get a few years of enjoyment out of it before I have to search for something else again.
2022/5/16 22:22:32
The Pile When visiting his parents, Zeke asks his dad about the secret.
2022/5/2 22:51:50
Would You Believe? Vermilion and Violet are having difficulty getting others to follow their beliefs.
2022/4/25 22:52:39
The New Installation Robot Bob 722 has a question for robot Dirk 1-17.
2022/4/18 22:49:20
Just A Man One man with a heart full of justice decides to take on the evil that stalks the city streets at night.
2022/4/11 22:57:30
A Little Joke Jeffery doesn't think his father's jokes are very funny.
2022/4/7 22:40:34
Down To Earth These links are scams. Don't be a fool by using them.

Te linki to oszustwa. Nie bądź głupcem, używając ich.
2022/4/6 22:10:47
Down To Earth I do not like these sorts of scam posts on my postings. Anyone who follows any of these dubious links is likely to be robbed.
2022/4/4 22:48:49
Down To Earth A rock zooms through space on a collision course with Earth!
2022/3/28 22:57:29
Tomorrow Says Hello Barry's camping trip is interrupted by an unexpected visitor.
2022/3/21 22:53:06
The Night Of The Exalted Having acquired an artifact, a couple enters the secret chamber under their house to perform an ancient ritual.
2022/3/14 22:57:16
One Fine Day Forty Years Later When finally rescued, a castaway has a lot to catch up on.
2022/3/7 22:11:15
A Tall Order When three adventures pass through a village while on a quest, it is Stan that must meet their demands.
2022/2/28 21:52:20
A Night Of Mystery After Zeke over did it at a party the night before, his memory isn't very clear. Kyle, however, remembers everything.
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