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2013/4/29 14:08:19
Media Player has encountered a problem. Hey UrbanLamb, just thought you should know I had great success. I got it to 1.66Gb. It was the actions, I guess I had way too many. When I started removing/deleting actions the size decreased. Again, I was able to keep enough actions though that the video wasn't so dry. I can't thank enough the entire muvizu community for all their help. I was able to turn it in on schedule. Very happy. I really can't say enough good things about the Muvizu software, it's awesome. Thanks all!!!
2013/4/28 4:52:03
Media Player has encountered a problem. LOL, yeah it's a decent length time line, but not so bad. You'll be happy to know that by deleting some actions I accomplished my mission. And I didn't have to delete all of them, I was able to keep quite a few. Just deleting a few brought it down to 866mb. Vast improvement. Whew. I'm almost done. That is a relief. Thank you so much once again. =) I'll keep in mind the quality for the next time. The thing is for my first attempt I had left the quality at its default value and it was blurry. So I increased it to 100 and it's perfect since. I know there's an option to make it blurry but I hadn't selected that and it came out blurry. So that's the conclusion I had come to.
2013/4/28 0:45:30
Media Player has encountered a problem. It's slightly over 13 minutes, lol. >.< I'm about to render it again, b/c like I said the file seemed to have grown exponentially when I added a bunch of actions. I'm going to try that route now and if it doesn't make a difference then I will do 1 minute clips at a time. I really appreciate your help. Can't thank you enough.
2013/4/28 0:10:38
Media Player has encountered a problem. I'm going back now and deleting some actions, not sure if this will help, but that's the last thing I did after my first attempt and think that's responsible for the bigger file now.
2013/4/28 0:01:28
Media Player has encountered a problem. First off thank you so much urbanlamb, you have been of great help to me previously. Yes it is bigger than 2gb, 2.6 actually. Is there anything I can do to make it smaller without sacrificing content? I'm just curious as to that, but I will heed your advice. Thanks so much.
2013/4/27 21:47:12
Media Player has encountered a problem. Hi all. I made my movie 3 times. The first time no problem. I went back and added some things and made the movie again. Now Media Player will not play it. Is this an existing issue? At a total loss. Any guidance is welcomed.
2013/4/26 15:32:09
How to add actions And it all JUST clicked for me now. Thanks. I had watched the tutorials, but the order or way in which I've put my movie together differed enough from the tutorial to cause me confusion. I got it all now and having lots of fun adding actions. Thanks so much.
2013/4/26 15:04:24
How to add actions I did dreeko. Thanks.......
2013/4/25 19:58:33
How to add actions Hi there. I've been working on a simple video, it has one scene and 1 character. I recorded the audio and brought it in. Now I would like to add some actions to the character while he speaks. How do I go about doing that? Thanks.
2013/4/19 14:11:47
Unknown error..... Absolutely!
2013/4/19 14:06:04
Unknown error..... Great, thanks so much. I love this program, it's awesome and fairly easy to use. =)
2013/4/19 13:27:25
Unknown error..... Yes it looks exactly like that. And I did notice it's saving anyways. Ok well hope ignoring it is indeed ok, lol. I'm using Muvizu for a project and just hoping that the end result is ALL saved and functional. Thank you.
2013/4/19 0:23:07
Unknown error..... I installed the update today that was available for Muvizu. I then launched the program and worked on a scene I've been working since before the update. Now when I save I get the following message: There was an error saving the scene. Unknown error. Is there a fix for this? Thanks.
2013/4/10 2:46:53
Poster Yes and you're right, another object I had been trying to add an image to was a computer monitor and I was able to!!! You have made my night!!!!!!!
2013/4/10 2:45:50
Poster Ok, I was SO excited by your response that I tried and it worked! I cannot thank you enough!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
2013/4/10 2:30:20
Poster omfg I love you. I will try that tomorrow. My brain is just about fried for the evening. Thank you SO much.
2013/4/10 2:08:03
Poster How can I make a simple poster, with an image I specifically want and import it into muvizu. I tried using sketchup, making a simple rectangle and using the image as a texture and I get all kinds of errors messages. I've reviewed all the articles and instructions and yet I cannot accomplish this. Can someone please give me the most basic of instructions on how to do this? My brain is about to implode. -.- Thank you in advance.
2013/2/25 21:15:51
Question You rock! Thank you SO much!
2013/2/25 20:27:35
Question Where do I find the Fall into the Grave animation? Thank you.
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