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2013/5/30 23:27:52
Man of Steel..Identity Crisis (Batman vs Superman) Very cool !

PS: I just realized that their was a REAL new Superman movie that are going to be presented on cinema.
2013/5/26 14:58:08
Hello Community That's strange. Muvizu isn't the program who takes all your RAM.
2013/5/25 19:56:35
Hello Community Don't care about that, I'm sure it will be fantastic :P
2013/5/25 14:02:36
Hello Community I look forward your first video !
2013/5/25 3:57:18
Import .jpg image to make new character You could do something like this, but add some arms like you want:


I'm not sure it's totally what you want, but I try to found ideas.
2013/5/25 3:46:13
Import .jpg image to make new character That's hard, but I think we could be able to do that.
You can take a wall, and then, put the picture of your flag on in. After, you add some legs ....

I will try to do what I can for you, I'm comming back in 10 minutes.
2013/5/25 1:16:37
Import .jpg image to make new character Did you mean that you want a banner on the clothes of your characters ? Sorry I talk French.
2013/5/24 23:00:11
How to make a character holdong an exported object I would like so much to help you
2013/5/24 21:37:12
How to make a character holdong an exported object Hi all, some people look at the gun I modeled and they ask me if it was possible to make a character holding it. I wanna if it's possible to do it, or if it's possible to me to create an instrument (by code, I don't know) .

Thanks !
2013/5/24 21:34:46
Best FreeScreenshot software Thank you all for your answers !

LightShots is cool !Thank you also to Neil, I didn't know that Muvizu supportes screenshots.

Thanks all
2013/5/24 12:58:05
Best FreeScreenshot software Hi guys, I wanna know of YOU know great free software to do screenshots. I personnaly use PRTSCR. It's a cool one, but the quality of the resolution of the screenshot isn't perfect.
So, if you know other ones, live free to tell it.


2013/5/24 0:51:19
Attack of the nandroids Poor people How grandmothers could be as bad as this
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2013/5/23 13:07:59
error while downloading muvizu Did you choose the right version of Muvizu for your computer (32 or 64 bits) ?
2013/5/23 1:41:12
My first attempt at a video A gift is always better when it has been done with love. Great Job
2013/5/22 21:45:46
Do you have a personnal website ? Merci beaucoup pour cette attention particulière, je vous en suis très reconnaissant
2013/5/21 22:37:41
Do you have a personnal website ? That's cool. Thanks for sharing
2013/5/20 17:25:30
Email updates humm ... yes , you're right . Forget what I said
2013/5/20 15:02:57
Email updates You might also add the time of the message
eg: Today : 13:10
2013/5/19 22:12:00
Une communauté francophone : JE VEUX DES PREUVES eh bien .... c'est .... UN TOURISTE
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2013/5/19 19:59:44
Une communauté francophone : JE VEUX DES PREUVES J'ai une blague pour vous:

Comment nomme-ton un homme intelligent en France ???
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