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2016/5/23 17:45:04
an old RobotMan commercial I forgot abot....Lol! Robotman is now in the store, the add-on file has a password lock on it, so when you buy your copy you can email me with proof and I'll send you the password, the add-on file will be updated with new add-ons whenever I have a chance, I will let you know when its updated.
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2016/5/23 2:31:44
an old RobotMan commercial I forgot abot....Lol! think it should be up tomorrow.
2016/5/21 21:09:37
an old RobotMan commercial I forgot abot....Lol! Ok I did it, I just took all of the different versions of Robot Man and made one set, and uploaded it to the Muvizu Store, I also included all of the attachment in one file that you can download for free if you buy the set, they are in fbx format, and I will update them with more add on when ever I make more, also included the Commercial Video in the description, not for sure when it will be posted, maybe after the weekend.

Here's a picture of the set

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2016/5/21 16:26:19
an old RobotMan commercial I forgot abot....Lol! PatMarrNC wrote:
and the good thing is that it's proprietary and nobody can hassle you for monetizing it!

True that my friend, true that!
Ok I'm going to finish him up, and then put him in the store and see how it goes.
2016/5/21 4:20:58
an old RobotMan commercial I forgot abot....Lol! Yea guess I could, I may even make more suits
2016/5/20 5:21:47
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) your welcome, and I'll let you know of any scripts, maybe I'll let you try out for a character In Finger Pistols Are dangerous, because thats going to be my next project, another episode of that, On funny you mention subtitles, I'll have a lot of that in the new Alien Grey episode.
2016/5/20 3:22:54
an old RobotMan commercial I forgot abot....Lol! thanks Rocque
2016/5/20 1:01:29
an old RobotMan commercial I forgot abot....Lol! ziggy72 wrote:
Good armour, how many pieces is that? Looks like you loaded up all the attachment slots. I like

well I'm glad you like zigg72, I left the hand attachments empty so he could hold things and do other stuff, you know I still have the set, and all of the model files, not sure if I should continue it since they have the sell feature in the store now, but would anyone buy it, I know it would make for a different kind of character for muvizu, and all of the props and weapons are really different then what muvizu has to offer, hmm....maybe I should, something I would have to think about.
2016/5/19 20:30:00
an old RobotMan commercial I forgot abot....Lol!'s an old commercial video of a project I was working on right when I first started working with muvizu, I was looking through my old hard drive and found it, just forgot about it,anyways it was something that I was making for the store, but considering all of the work I was doing on it, giving it away wasn't my intention, it was coming along great, and everything looked really good, but there wasn't a sell feature in the store at the time so I canceled it, the commercial is kind of corny I think, but hey it's funny to watch.

2016/5/19 8:12:55
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) Rocque wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
one thing you might consider, Clayster, since you're already not that far from doing it... is to eliminate dialog completely and let all your gags be visual.

The upshot of doing so is that your video immediately becomes viable everywhere in the world. If you build a large internet fan base and sell ads, the ability to get EVERYBODY on the planet to hit your site (as opposed to english speakers) ... that opens up your potential into the billions.

A thought for the back of your mind....

Eliminate dialog? I can record voices much easier than making animations. Once Clayster gets famous for his Alien Grey series maybe my voice will be, too. Then all of us can eventually just do what we enjoy instead of needing to work to support it. We can all dream, right?

Yes Rocque we can dream, but dreams can also come true, and your voice will be known when ever this dose happen, I will call upon you again to help with the cows, by that time the cows will have a new look as well as Alien Grey, the more and more Ideas I get the more Alien Grey will grow, but I do need more people to help with voices if I'm going to proceed with AG, then I need more then just my voice, Right now I'm working on an episode Called ,,Houston..we'r not Alone", this time he going try to abduct Neal Armstrong while he's on the moon, yes I'm creating a lunar surface set, complete with the Lander, moon rover, creators and more, and I'm using 3D Milkshape to do it all only because its an easier and faster 3D program, and it's looking good so far.
2016/5/18 19:19:17
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) WILL DO
2016/5/18 16:21:13
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) artpen wrote:
Great episode there clayster! love the intro too Cool

Thanks for the kind words Artpen, Hey are you good at doing cartoon voices?
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2016/5/18 16:19:42
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) PatMarrNC wrote:
one thing you might consider, Clayster, since you're already not that far from doing it... is to eliminate dialog completely and let all your gags be visual.

The upshot of doing so is that your video immediately becomes viable everywhere in the world. If you build a large internet fan base and sell ads, the ability to get EVERYBODY on the planet to hit your site (as opposed to english speakers) ... that opens up your potential into the billions.

A thought for the back of your mind....

thanks patt, I'll keep that in mind, also thanks for everything you do, your encouragements, your help in the themes, and for being a good friend.
2016/5/18 16:14:03
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) PatMarrNC wrote:
I just noticed the AlienGrey logo you created for the series! Very cool! You are getting positioned to merchandise the heck out of your series!

Speaking of which, I notice that both of your paid assets are being downloaded (bought) at about the same rate as the freebies. I was wondering how that would work. I'm guessing that there is a transaction fee taken out for each DL, and I hope Muvizu gets a cut... but even if you get a fraction of the asset price for each of those transactions, over time you stand to make some serious money!

I'm a little surprised that so many here are content to make videos that use other peoples' intellectual property... (spoofs of movies and TV shows, comedy skits, music videos of popular music etc) After all the work, they don't own any rights to the project, and basically the only reward is whatever attaboys they get. If anything, using other peoples' intellectual property in your videos could introduce legal liability! That's potentially worse than making NO money for your time... there's potential to LOSE money!

The talent here on the forum is enormous, and I hate to see it squandered. I suggest that more people should take time to build a proprietary identity for their work, complete with Logo, theme songs, transition music, pro script writing etc.

I hang out on other creativity-based software forums, and I know that there are lots of creative people out there who are really good at one piece of the project. There are music forums, writing forums, graphic arts forums, 3d modelling forums, video production forums, animation forums etc etc etc... and people on all of those forums are open to collaborations.

What makes Disney and other such producers top notch (besides their budget) is the fact that they have teams of talent to work with... not one bright star who does everything.

Just a thought for the back of everyone's thinking.
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thanks Patt, yep the logo was inspired by my sister, I was sitting and watching her write words for her posters and love the way she did the letters, so i ask her to make me a logo for Alien grey, and I'll add the alien to the letter "I" when it was done I scanned it and then edit it with photo shop, made two versions one it's self, and one on a moon, for the way it works on selling in the store, they do charge a fee, not sure how much I really forgot, but I'm glad that they do take out their part, after all if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have muvizu.
2016/5/16 18:32:54
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) To let everyone know, I am selling "The Basher", it's that big hammer Contraption that alien grey whipped up to bash Spunk the dog, it contains two versions, one that's just a prop for scenery, and one that is in three peaces and put together with Key Frame animation so you can see how it really works, so if anyone would like a copy it is now available in the store, it will make a great addition to any cartoon that contains traps and gags.

here's picture

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2016/5/14 21:04:29
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) ziggy72 wrote:
Creepy little bugger, isn't he? And I've never seen an alien with a moustache before... It's good, but Pat's right, you would benefit from a bit of 'compression' to speed up the edits and titles a bit. Also, I would have sped up the footage of the Grey creeping up on the cows (at 2:30), since the Muvizu run cycle is a bit slow looking in this case.

I agree to, but at the time I had to make an intro that would length up to the song, and to make a scene for each verse,but Patt is working on a shorter one to help me shorten the intro.
2016/5/14 20:59:46
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) PatMarrNC wrote:
Wow Clayster, that was AWESOME! I think you've found your niche here! It really is reminiscent of the roadrunner/coyote videos from the 60s!

Your models are all so good, (LOVED the double-hammered-dog-whomper and each of the devices your alien character tried to use)

The final scene in which a compressed alien rolls past and leaves the carton of milk was somewhat unexpected but totally enjoyed!

I think it was a good decision to put subtitles for the alien's conversation... otherwise you'd have to make his voice more easily understood, which wouldn't be as funny.

Rocque's voice acting for the cows was also good, easy to understand and full of personality!.
There were a couple of comments made by the dog that I didn't understand, even after going back a couple of time to listen again.

I think the opening theme needs to be shorter, so I'll remove one verse. Better yet, maybe it would be good to have each verse used as two separate intros so you don't have to use the exact same one every time. If you ever make a full blown 30 minute compilation of Alien Grey toons, then the two verse version would make more sense, but in a 7 minute production, using 3 minutes for intro and outtro seems disproportionate to me. Since you tend to make a lot of short episodes, you definitely need a shorter intro theme. (I'm on it. )

Once again.... EXCELLENT job my friend.. and VERY entertaining! Keep up the good work!

after a few more watches I have more comments.

I take it you're using HitFilm for the effects? Like the portals that open between universes? (Very cool). You have used a bunch of interesting effects in this, it will take me a while to wrap my head around what you're doing
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Thanks Patt, yes I am planing on doing 30 minute episodes, having the new version and the longer version will come in handy, and i will keep going on this Little guy, just hope he'll live through whats coming next....Lol!
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2016/5/14 7:37:59
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) Well here it is everyone, part two to Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) His All mighty Leader Monar sends him back to Earth to bring back a cow so they can have Milk to go with those cookies, or he'll have to spend a whole year in the Lupnor minds.

Thanks to Classy Croc Productions for making the Alien Grey theme song.

thanks to Rocque for helping with the cow voices

Here is the video, enjoy

2016/5/13 14:19:52
Ghostbusters spoof canceled But there will be some items that I won't sell because they will be used through out the episodes, but the earth I'll be redoing for a better look, but the one in the pack still dose makes for a great scene in a cartoon.
2016/5/13 13:59:47
Ghostbusters spoof canceled ritsmer wrote:
Please consider me as one of your very first customers.

Coming from the "camera"-video world and practicing Muvizu for nearly a year now - it is quite a huge handicap not being able to draw a cat so that it does not look like a snail.
And so all your creatively made objects do encourage my ideas as to making Muvizu films.

Well I already have a pack in the store, and it dose contain the planet earth and the rocket from alien grey,if you would like those, later on after I finish part two I'll post some more.
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