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2013/5/24 13:53:16
Best FreeScreenshot software This is what I use

2013/5/23 16:18:25
Please Decrease size of Gallery Icons/ Pictures I personally don't mind who has videos on the gallery.

If they are good then why not?
The gallery is for creators to show off their work, but it is also there to entertain in my opinion.

Whether professionally created or pieced together by an amatuer for me it comes down to whether it is good or not.

I just want a bigger gallery with smaller thumbnails to allow more videos per page!

2013/5/23 11:23:15
Coming Soon... Another Dreeko Muvizu vid coming soon featuring Batman,Robin, the flash and Superman! Stay tuned!
2013/5/23 9:30:18
Bamboo graphics tablet competition!!! Muvizu is using one of my videos for a competition to win a Bamboo graphics tablet! Yay!!

See below!


I guess cos I know the answer to the question without watching the vid I won't be allowed to enter!
No matter, I have a perfectly good tablet anyhoo!

Hope it goes to a good home !

2013/5/22 10:20:16
xbox one and new kinect features The new kinect has some ridiculously advanced features

Check it out here

2013/5/21 14:43:57
Dreeko Strips! urbanlamb wrote:
I was doing posters at one point around my superman stuff. Its kind of fun to do the still shots and printed media around a video it feels to me "like a real movie" hehe

Let's see them then!
2013/5/21 13:03:20
Please Decrease size of Gallery Icons/ Pictures Yeah! Chuckles you are right about the reluctance to click through to another page!

I used to like watching my video making it's way down the old gallery page and when it disappeared from the first 16 to the second page I would think "Time to crank out another!"

I rarely go to the gallery page now.

The forum is practically the only place I visit and I'm sure I'm not the only one!

So I would like to see something of the gallery in other areas of the website .Perhaps a sideways scroller somewhere on the forum page and the blog too.

Wot ya think?

2013/5/17 8:54:18
Dreeko Strips! Thanks folks!

Yeah, Who says we have to make Muvizu stuff that moves!

I think there is great potential for comic book creation or single panel cartoons too!

2013/5/16 14:06:34
Like Muvizu? Tell Your Friends. Shocked and shared! EEK!
2013/5/16 14:04:17
Dreeko Strips! Here's a comic strip I put together with screenshots from one of my Batman videos

Hope you enjoy,comment, share etc!


2013/5/14 11:07:47
Shotcut Came across this the other day http://www.shotcut.org/ It's a free open source video editor. Hope it's of use to someone

2013/5/13 18:35:44
The Configure button when making a video I feel your codec woes Mungy.
That's one scary looking avatar you've got yourself there btw!
It reminds me of this little vid I made a while back

Did the person that took the photograph survive?.. Eek!
2013/5/13 14:44:52
Timeline and light colour improvements Definitely with ukberty on the lighting issue. It just isn't as good as the previous versions.

2013/5/12 19:28:01
CRASH when I try to input a video on a wall I use ffdshow's mjpeg codec for video on backdrops etc It works a treat!

Xvid is useless for it and is also terrible for editing!
edited by Dreeko on 12/05/2013
2013/5/12 15:17:56
CRASH when I try to input a video on a wall Or do it the other way round!
Install the 32 bit version of Muvizu! Instead!
2013/5/11 18:33:51
CRASH when I try to input a video on a wall Hi!

I used to make a spoof news series called "On the News" which included a few background videos (Sky News style!) The 32bit issue came to my notice when I could no longer open the relevant sets for my series. The reason for this was down to the fact that I was now using the 64bit Muvizu.

If your version of Muvizu Play is 64bit and you are importing video which has been rendered by a 32 bit program then you will have trouble.

Hope this helps

2013/5/10 16:28:03
Hello Everyone! MrDrWho13 wrote:
It's not a dragon is it?

Have I asked for that already? Dang!
2013/5/10 12:28:58
Hello Everyone! Hi Carole!

I'm sure you will have a great time at Muvizu.
I have been lucky enough to visit Muvizu HQ a few times now, including the Muvizu Play launch where I met yourself (as did Woz and MrDrWho) and it seems like a cool and fun place to work.

With Muvizu I have created quite a few comedy sketches, a sitcom based on my experiences from working as a firefighter and a number of video tutorials.

I also hang around the forum answering questions (where I can!) and I try to make suggestions for improvement/feature requests wherever possible too! (one has just sprung to mind actually!...(mental note for later!))

I love Muvizu for the speed it enables me to produce quality 3d animations that I can share with others. No other program comes close in my eyes.

Good Luck with your mission of spreading the Muvizu name out there in the wild! I'm sure myself and the rest of the community will help you with the crusade wherever and whenever we can!


PS: Your avatar looks pretty chilly, you might want to turn up the heating on your side of the office!
2013/5/4 22:23:43
Muvizu Play, dialog and timeline wdeprospo wrote:

Using 23B will work, and I probably will use it.

I do have the dialog split by character. How do I load each for a character. Is this a special effect?


Just load each track as you did the first and prepare dialogue for each one for the character of your choice.
2013/5/4 18:56:28
Muvizu Play, dialog and timeline wdeprospo wrote:

I've been using Muvizu Play this week, and I am having a good deal of trouble with dialog and the timeline.
If I move around on the timeline using the mouse, to adjust dialog start/stop, the timeline does not seem
to re-sink with the dialog audio. Does anyone else have this problem?


if you separate the dialogue for each character into separate mp3's then you could load them in and assign then to the individuals required setting the dialogue to talk for each.

This would remove the need for talk/shush direction and therefore the problems with syncing too!

Hope this helps

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