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2015/9/2 14:06:59
Update - content store Woohoo!
Thanks for that, and the swift reply!
2015/9/2 12:34:58
Update - content store MuvizuTeam wrote:
Hi All,

I know some of you have been asking where the content store is as we did say it would be here by now.

Due to a number of challenges with render layers and our desire to get the next release to a point where we are happy and set for 'go live' - it will be a few more weeks. We are now looking at mid September.

Apologies for the lack of an update but we didn't want to announce anything until we knew for sure when this would now be available.

We are really sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience - it's really appreciated.

Thanks again,


...and will this release include the fabled keyframe functionality too?
2015/8/25 10:29:16
Copying and pasting character movements You make a very good point PatManNC.

To expect Muvizu to be the one stop shop from idea to completion is not realistic if you have a project with a certain degree of complexity. Third party software for image, audio, object creation etc will have to come in to play to realise your vision .

However, for the casual user who simply wishes to create a quick funny video for friends or their own entertainment then yes, Muvizu can be the standalone solution.

With Muvizu you can -

Record audio
Design sets with in built objects
Create and customise characters
Direct characters, objects, lights and cameras
Cut between different cameras bypassing editing later.

..and with new features now appearing at a more regular rate, the complexity level for a video where the user has to turn to a third party program for completion will only become higher over time.


PS: You don't even have to green screen any more! the layers feature has made it obsolete!
2015/8/21 20:12:32
Can't keep this old animator down! Look after yourself Bigwally!
2015/8/7 14:01:11
4/8/15 Release Bugs ukBerty wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
,eg if your character were to walk across the set and walks over a table you'll have to include the table on that layer otherwise when you render and piece the layers together in your editor the character will appear to walk through it...

The trouble is if you put your character on a ground plane that is in the same layer and then make that layer invisible then they fall through it. This can't be right.
If I hide a layer and then make it visible again then I expect it to look like it was when I hid it.
edited by ukBerty on 07/08/2015

Hmmn.. Maybe I never tried to hide it again after inclusion on the same layer. I'll try again when I'm home. Thought I had a solution there doh!
Seems to be a fair problem if that is the case. Ground planes are used consistently to work around the horrible collision nature of Muvizu.

Over to you Robert..
2015/8/7 11:16:49
4/8/15 Release Bugs Neil wrote:
ukBerty wrote:
What would be really useful is having F9 to toggle between "view all layers even the invisible ones" and "view only the ones marked as visible".

I'm on it.

Rebel wrote:
could you fix if for me so then when I hit the F14 key, the maid brings my coffee!

But I can't do anything about this, sorry. Send me a maid and an F14 key and I might be able to take a look.

While your "on it" could you pick another button which will "hide all" to hide cameras, effects, objects etc(whatever we select in "hide all" check box style) too?
2015/8/7 11:11:53
4/8/15 Release Bugs ukBerty wrote:
Just playing with layers and the "characters fall through ground planes on invisible layers" feature is a real issue for me.

My parrots have literally just fallen of their perch !

I noticed this. When I had a wee play with the new version.
When you split your set into layers you have to make sure that you include all objects/floating ground planes that are used to keep your characters in position on the same layer. So a bit more forward planning is required,eg if your character were to walk across the set and walks over a table you'll have to include the table on that layer otherwise when you render and piece the layers together in your editor the character will appear to walk through it... Well not through it exactly but over the top of or behind the image of the table instead of over.

edited by Dreeko on 07/08/2015
2015/8/6 21:27:47
Character Proportions MrDrWho13 wrote:
shhhh, don't mention dragons.

who would want a dragon ...sheesh!

2015/8/5 14:20:03
Today's Download MrDrWho13 wrote:
I have to say, hiding the background layer while directing turned out to be incredibly useful, my PC was barely coping when showing it, even with lighting disabled!
A couple of things to report - if you close muvizu with directx11 and a layer hidden, when opening the set with directx9, anything that was hidden does not appear.
Sets made with layers do work with directx9 for rendering etc.

I think I'll be moving to layers now. Too much potential not to.
2015/8/4 21:36:48
4/8/15 Release Bugs ziggy72 wrote:
Supposed to be a summer's day, not a Siberian winter

Also found that you can't actually render video with v1.5 - it just produces a 1k blank AVI, although it LOOKS like it's rendering it.

Ah! now that is a bummer.
Most folk use avi....oh dear

Loo Flush
2015/8/4 21:28:40
4/8/15 Release Bugs ziggy72 wrote:
I'd better put this here as well : Rendered movies are dark.

All saved sets do this, but sets created in 1.5 are not affected.

Ithink the rendered pic in the middle looks better zig!
2015/8/4 19:03:50
Today's Download MrDrWho13 wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
PS I now know I'm a veteran of Muvizu since 0.12b thanks to the wiki - and it was crap back then compared to now, you lucky things!

Same here!
"30th August 2010"
Was it really that long ago?!
edited by MrDrWho13 on 04/08/2015

I registered and downloaded the day after this was on the telly http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/click_online/8885276.stm

Watch it from 2mins 15 secs

Muvizu looks very retro in the clip!

2015/8/4 14:15:23
Today's Download In other news....

2015/8/1 0:42:04
Random feature requests Don't get me started on eyebrows!
Remember this -

When did the character textures become shared with all the characters? I thought they all used their own otherwise you couldn't give them different costumes.

Ideally I was hoping that I could import an object(like a backdrop) onto the face of a character with transparent eyebrow shaped pngs animated leaving the character textures separate but it ain't possible at the moment. I've suggested a few alternatives too for the never ending request list.

I've said this for about five years now -
If Muvizu introduced a way of animating facial expressions in the same realtime direction method as other aspects eg head moving etc then it would take it to an entirely new level.

edited by Dreeko on 01/08/2015
2015/7/25 16:21:19
Great video which shows what Muvizu could do You've missed my point Urbanlamb.

Never mind moving on.. It's a good video, let's leave it there
2015/7/25 9:44:58
Great video which shows what Muvizu could do toonarama wrote:
As all Muvizu assets are made in Maya this is just as much a muvizu video as any other and shows what could be achieved by making import available plus some skill or money spent on bought assets


Although, the Muvizu mantra is "direct don't animate".
With all animations created in another software program to just import and render using Muvizu for me doesn't make it "as much a Muvizu video as any other"
A muvizu video for me has been created using the character actions available, the head and eyes direction, and all other real-time puppetry methods which make Muvizu (for me) an original and an enjoyable creation experience.

Muvizu directs. That's always been the goal. To make it an animation software that creates cartoons in as close to realtime as possible. Yes there are aspects which could benefit from keyframing eg cameras but I hope that Muvizu stays true to its tagline -

(altogether now)..

Leave the high powered rendering to RenderDm.

That's why they made it!

edited by Dreeko on 25/07/2015
2015/7/24 23:08:01
Great video which shows what Muvizu could do ukBerty wrote:
Should be called "Great video shows what you wish Muvizu could do"

Ha! Yes indeed Berty! Also helps if you have access to Maya and the relevant skillset to create objects and entirely new characters and animations for them. Muvizu was not the primary creation tool here! It did show that it could be used to render though.
2015/7/24 0:05:45
Then and now.. filkertom wrote:
Wow. That is startling. What exactly did you do differently with the lighting?

Just deleted the ones that I had and replaced with one Light.. Can you guess which one?
2015/7/18 17:19:10
Then and now.. So I did it...

Despite all the major bugs I've installed the new version of Muvizu alongside the old one and just for fun I dug out an old set (very old!) and rendered a scene to see the difference in quality between now and then.

Same characters, same scene changed the lights slightly that's all. On the left is the old one from yesteryear and on the right is today's version -

2015/6/22 10:21:18
Standardized movements for all characters?? I know exactly what you mean. Why they chose not to make the same actions for all characters is beyond me. I understand that different character types would move in a different style to others in certain cases but if you are going to make a move for one then it really should be made for all.

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