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2012/8/1 16:43:25
Dreeko's Tutorials Another Tutorial Vid

As requested Lighting!

Part 1

Hope it's of use to someone.

Any further tutorial suggestions are always welcome!

2012/8/1 12:22:15
Motion artist Someone has taken the idea to the next level!

2012/8/1 11:37:05
Changing character's faces. Dimension_five wrote:
Hi D,
Just loaded the old edition: 2012.01.10.01R.
No problems with that one, faces options back again!
I did not add the update though.
Anyway back in busines, I wanted to try out my new Sony Vegas video editor,
excellent discount from Amazon, almost 50%.



Very odd!

I would try un-installing all versions and try downloading the latest one again with all the heroes stuff.It really is worth it!

Vegas is great too incidentally. It's my editor of choice.

Good luck!

2012/8/1 9:33:44
Changing character's faces.

Is this what you're looking for?
2012/8/1 9:28:48
Great Program with a lot of potential.. but... Stick with it!

There's no 3d animation program out there that comes close for simplicity and speed of quality production!
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2012/8/1 9:26:31
Kevin McLeod Music Jamie wrote:
can't have enough free music to use

Well here's another one!
2012/7/23 14:37:56
Hello a short parody Dylly wrote:
Okay...how did you get the insect to flap its wings? I've got to ask...impressive shot.

poked it with a stick (tutorial to follow)
2012/7/18 19:57:57
Heroes and Villains animation suggestion box ziggy72 wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
For gods sake, give the big guy a batman style mask, the wee guys are giving him one hell of a time about it!

Isn't that covered by the Cowl option in the character properties?

Only half way Zig! What about the ears man? The ears!!

I do kind of agree with zig about the limitations with creating different faces, although when you look at comics and hero cartoons on telly, the main charater types( which the new guys are) are all very similar in appearance.

Generally though this new morph based system will probably lead to more customisation options and hopefully a spanking facial animation system rivalling source filmmaker!
2012/7/18 14:06:36
Heroes and Villains animation suggestion box Well...

There are a lot of great animations to chose from and you have covered nearly all the ones I could think off.

But.. yes there are a few things I can suggest..

1. A neutral pose, Every character has an initial mood that can be set but the ability to change or keep a characters expression as a blank one just isn't there. For the regular characters the workaround of using guitar or keyboard mode has worked but these new guys don't have that option!...A neutral mode is a MUST

2. Bullets bouncing of the chest body effect.

3. Eyebrow position direction. Please, please make this possible. and when you do, why not combine the sliders into two instead of four?
One for both eyebrows up and down with the extremes at either end and another slider for the individual eyebrow movements, left at one side of the slider and right at the other with level eyebrows in the middle.

4. For gods sake, give the big guy a batman style mask, the wee guys are giving him one hell of a time about it!

2012/7/17 20:35:26
Motion artist ...and it works with imported video too kiddies!
2012/7/17 14:04:34
Motion artist It's a program for animating comic strips. Looks quite good, I thought it may be useful with the new Heroes pack


2012/7/17 14:02:14
Goin in for 1st ever emergency hernia surgery this EEFilmz wrote:
Goin in for 1st ever surgery - emergency umbilical hernia(had it for over 1 decade now) surgery this am, due to extreme pain yesterday...originally wasn't doin this til august. Unfortunately when I wsa gonna play with Updated Muvizu yesterday is when the pain started...so it'll have to wait....

EEK! sounds a bit nippy!

Hope all goes well!

2012/7/17 10:22:53
Feedback Thread -v0.21b release (July 2012) Beefy is 6'6" ...if anyone is interested...

2012/7/17 10:14:39
Feedback Thread -v0.21b release (July 2012) Marco_D wrote:

Have a look here http://www.muvizu.com/Info/98/Custom-textures

They should be working. The new character are listed last.


Just downloaded them...woof!!
that's a lot of textures to customise!

Zig!, you're going to be busy!
2012/7/17 10:11:19
Heroes and Villains trailer!!! My Heroes and Villains trailer is now on the Muvizu download page ..Yay! Applause

2012/7/17 10:07:55
Feedback Thread -v0.21b release (July 2012) ziggy72 wrote:
Sorry Marco, but it should be here already

First issue - Beefy's eyebrow location 'both lowered' option doesn't do much at all (although thankyou for finally giving us the 'Roger Moore school of acting' ability!)

Yes, It's great to see the eyebrow movements in there but why have you not went to the next obvious step and allowed us to animate them?
2012/7/16 10:21:32
Pixar’s 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling Thought you may enjoy!



2012/7/15 9:27:09
Heroes and Villains trailer!!! dwino wrote:
Thx Dreeko, glad the FX are all in Muvizu. And the lighting too! But that takes you to know what you're doing. Ever consider doing a brief tutorial on how you do your more stylized lighting? Cheers.

For me, lighting is all down to playing around with the setting until you are happy yourself with the atmosphere you are trying to achieve. A tutorial on lighting has been on my mind for a while but what type of lighting should be covered? Sunny outdoors, indoor office lighting, etc etc?

If you are struggling with the lighting the best thing to do is google a picture of the setting you are trying to replicate and play around with the lights until your Muvizu set looks similar.

Hope this helps in the meantime.

2012/7/15 8:59:06
Heroes and Villains trailer!!! Flarko wrote:
I really liked the epicness of the vid., It definitely inspired me : )

Keep on!

Thanks! I will!
2012/7/12 15:48:21
Need a model or set made? Will there be a hitting the fan scene?
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