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2012/7/11 13:26:38
unreal engine 4 OOh it's purty!

2012/7/11 11:28:50
Heroes and Villains trailer!!! Heroes on the big screen!
2012/7/10 20:14:22
Heroes and Villains trailer!!! dwino wrote:
Excellent trailer/movie!!

Looking forward to new Muvizu! By the way, where any parts enhanced with 3rd party software?


Thanks and no, none of the scenes were enhanced with any third party software.

The only changes made to some of the scenes produced using Muvizu was the speed of play back. All lighting, effects etc came courtesy of Muvizu itself.

2012/7/10 13:42:48
Heroes and Villains trailer!!! Thanks for all the comments left on YouTube so far!
It was fun to make and it'll be even more fun making a full hero based series with it I'm sure!

2012/7/9 23:31:05
Heroes and Villains trailer!!! EXCLUSIVE!!

The powers that be have allowed me to upload...Drum roll....

....Heroes and Villains trailer!!

Please comment and subscribe if you likey!!

Hope you enjoy!

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2012/7/8 19:37:44
Random requests! ziggy72 wrote:
On the subject of eyebrows, could we please have the option to turn off shadows on Brows? Pretty sure my eyebrows don't cast shadows over my face... I'll go check


Very good point!


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2012/7/7 22:38:47
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... Congrats Granny D!
2012/7/6 13:21:59
Why are Character Actions Grayed out sometimes... All the greyed out button denotes is the fact that the chosen animation is unavailable and it is this that has caused confusion as many users when confronted with it are unaware as to why.

Ziggy's idea makes it clear what the problem is.

Yes there are many things which we would like to see included or improved within Muvizu but this seems to be a recurring issue which confuses and annoys others who are not as familiar with the program as the hardcore Muvizu geeks like us.

The dragon can wait a little while longer I feel.

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2012/7/6 12:07:10
Why are Character Actions Grayed out sometimes... Yip a great idea Zig!

I do still think that all animations that are upper body related (eg conversational ones) should be eventually usable in both the seated and standing positions.


My latest video here! http://www.youtube.com/user/dreeko?feature=guide
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2012/7/5 11:49:36
Random requests! This was created by using a scaled down backdrop positioned on the characters forehead on to which was placed a variety of eyebrow shapes with transparent backgrounds switching from image to image by animating the backdrop object image properties.
The raising and lowering of the eyebrows can be created by animating the movement of the backdrop up and down. If a single eyebrow movement is required then you would have to have two separate backdrops.
Please note though that the eyebrow backdrop is not going to move with the character as it is not attached. For this reason I haven't really used this technique much.
I have a sneaky feeling that the facial morphs used on the new characters may pave the way for a facial animation system

...it's only a feeling though!

Hope the above helps!

2012/7/4 13:57:16
Change the font I believe that the letters are objects which have been created and placed within Muvizu which are accessed by typing, rather than actually being created at the moment you type. So I think we are stuck with the font until the process is changed to the latter.

That's my understanding of it anyway!..

2012/7/4 9:07:18
Need a model or set made? Good luck Grandad Dylly!
2012/7/1 12:41:01
New show GAME in GAME out looks like a great series!
2012/6/30 9:11:40
University background Find a suitable image and put it on a backdrop placed behind the characters.

Here's a tutorial I made a while back which may help

2012/6/28 16:13:20
insert video in my scene Same here!
Output video from Muvizu but it wont allow it back in on to a backdrop! ?


Xvid is in! but my fave the motion jpeg isn't
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2012/6/28 11:54:38
Camera movement Marco_D wrote:

Hi Mr. D,

I think those are two excellent ways to improve camera movement.
I honestly don't know the required technical specifications to do this, but what I will do is put this in as an improvement

Nice brainstorming guys.


I particularly like the idea of overshoot, where the camera has a slight lag in following the character path and slightly goes beyond when the character stops and then smooths its way back to position.

Do you get what I mean by this one folks?
2012/6/28 11:14:32
Movie poster ideas Fancy making a poster to publicise your movie?

Here's a few ideas that may help


2012/6/27 17:32:43
Camera movement What are the present thoughts on moving the cameras in a way similar to the methods used for characters?

Clicking on the ground plane for waypoints with a slider for speed and height. (separate timelines?)
Using the same ball in a circle control method (presently used for head movement) for pivoting the camera around.
A "look at" option which would lock the camera view on a selected character/object with the ability to animate this on and off.

Another one which has just came to me..
Loose tracking.
The camera uses the same recorded movement path as the character/object but can be position away from the character with an optional overshoot controlled by an adjustable slider (similar to the smoothing option)This could obviously work in conjunction with the"look at" feature.

Any thoughts?

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2012/6/26 13:26:25
Coming Soon... Oooh space.. The final front ear!
Looking forward to it zig!
2012/6/26 13:19:46
Camera movement Please do jamie, please do!
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