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2011/12/6 13:18:58
Cool Animations atk2tonogan wrote:
Dreeko I like your video. Its great Keep it up.
edited by Luscan on 06/12/2011

Thanks. Stay tuned!
2011/11/30 8:56:08
Muvizu remakes Thanks for the comments folks!
2011/11/29 10:59:19
Muvizu remakes Hi

Here are some comedy clips recreating in glorious Muvizu

Data O Briain

Have I Got News For You

Father Ted

Has anyone else got some Muvizu remakes to share?

2011/11/25 9:41:39
Random requests! Dylly wrote:
.where's Dreeko's Dragon when I need him?

Barry shot him
2011/11/23 20:12:08
White Wine in the Sun I believe the"-" sign in the title acts as a minus sign which negates the "white wine in the sun" part.

2011/11/19 10:59:49
White Wine in the Sun ukBerty wrote:
Just posted my Christmas video.

It's an animation for Tim Minchin's song "White Wine in the Sun".

Hope you like it and Merry Christmas !


edited by ukBerty on 19/11/2011

An absolute masterpiece Berty. nothing created in Muvizu before comes close in my eyes.

Message to all:

Watch this movie and pass on the link to everyone you know.
this deserves to go ultra viral!

phenomenal! bow
2011/11/13 13:05:09
facial animation workaround ukBerty wrote:
Dreeko - this is a top tip and something I will be using immediately.


You are the very chap i had in mind when i discovered it!

Glad to help!
2011/11/13 12:09:38
facial animation workaround Do you want your character to have a blank expression instead of grinning like a maniac?

Well, I have been playing around with muvizu (shock!) and discovered that if you wish to create a blank expression on a character when they are in the seated position use the "guitar idle" animation and if your character is standing then use "drums idle" and your character will suddenly lose all emotion until you decide otherwise by selecting a different animation.


2011/11/10 13:45:39
On the News Emily wrote:
I agree - top work, as always! I don't think I could get tired of these.

I'm interested to know - for the manic running scenes, was it post-processing, or transparent video?


Thanks folks!

The manic running scenes were just cut between the spaces in the interview with the speed increased and looped in sony vegas

2011/11/9 17:02:45
On the News Latest episode

Hope you enjoy
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2011/11/8 19:05:31
I could not find the problem I have I always load my audio into audacity and export from there to bypass any weird sound issues.
2011/11/5 15:52:45
How to switch between the characters' movements direct characters one at a time
2011/11/4 17:03:34
That's Daytime That's Daytime

Dick Bracken and his wife Trudy hosting a daytime topical magazine show.

Hope you enjoy
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2011/11/2 22:38:54
Undo last recording button The answer is yes to all
2011/11/2 15:57:46
On the News
2011/11/2 15:27:05
On the News Problem stems from putting a certain amount of eggs in one basket.

I don't even like eggs!
2011/11/2 13:44:15
On the News Thanks Emily

There has been a few technical issues which has prevented the programme being aired this week.
On the News will resume as soon as possible.

At the moment I need make to create some space between myself and my computer before there is an outburst of violence which would cause harm to anyone walking past my window and into the flight path of an airborne laptop...

today i am not happy.....
2011/11/1 17:33:24
How to switch between the characters' movements AlfredoMangano98 wrote:
Hi I am an Italian user and I want to know how do I switch between the movements of the characters, I'll explain I figure 1 and figure 2, figure 1 is the action such as hello and then responds with the action figure 2 hello, in practice two characters meet and say hello and one other responds by saying hello, but I do not know how to toggle the movements, I can take, when I click on to manage the movements of a single character, how do I manage the movements of both the characters in one take? I hope that I explained well

you have to do each character in a separate direction
direct character 1
then direct character 2

2011/10/30 20:49:58
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) And what a shed it is!
2011/10/28 9:37:37
Skirts for all - not as mad as it sounds, honest! TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!!

Roman epics! can't have them without skirts!
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