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2011/10/11 16:07:13
Superheroes texture Very generous! I'm sure many will find them useful!
2011/10/10 22:09:31
Machinima Expo 2011 Now Accepting Submissions looking forward to seeing the entries!
2011/10/7 8:59:48
Tutorial suggestions What would you like to see explained in a video tutorial.

It could be a certain effect that you may have seen or something else that you just can't get your head round in Muvizu.
What are the biggest stumbling blocks out there for you?
2011/10/6 22:00:24
Stitched in Time Team Outstanding!

You've really embraced all the features of Muvizu and used them to their full potential. Really funny video. I loved the scene at the front door where the blood spatter appeared behind the wife.

First class effort. Another Muvizu star is born!

2011/10/5 13:04:42
Error trying to UNZIP Character Texture Maps. oops!
2011/10/3 18:01:39
Feet disappear tonethemoan wrote:
Thank you Zigggy,
I did that and slso looked at dreeko's work with the ground plane and the boy band - BRILLIANT.
I'm having fun with Muvizu, but realise how much there is to learn.
Thanks again Sir

Glad you found it of use. Feel free to subscribe to my channel

2011/10/2 17:03:17
Jagged Edges Problem ziggy72 wrote:
Hi dude - what resolution are you outputting the movie as? I think the default (under Movie Options) is 480x360, which is a bit rubbish. Your machine should be able to handle the 1280x720 option, which is very smooth, so try that and see how it goes.

Listen to ziggy!

HD is da best! Thumbs Up
2011/10/2 15:53:16
Jagged Edges Problem sanjitill wrote:

I've been playing with Muvizu for a couple of days and so far it's been great. It installed fine and runs fine.

The only problem is that many of objects and characters have jagged edges. These jagged edges show up even more after I have created the AVI file.

My laptop's about a year and a half old.
Its specs are:
Windows 7
Intel (R) Core (TM) M 330@ 2.13GHz
64 bit Operating System
Video Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics (Core i3)

I've already updated my video card drivers.
Is there anything I can do about the jagged edges?


there is anti-ailiasing is available via a checkbox when you go to the make video stage. This should solve your jaggy problem.
2011/10/2 14:27:57
On the News Just a quick thank you to all who are taking the time to comment on the "On the News"videos both here and on the video page. They are very much appreciated

2011/10/2 6:49:56
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) This is funny one...
I added a shoulder attachment to the dog character and then decided against it so I selected "none" to remove it but the attachment stayed where it was and the dog suddenly acquired a microphone! I tried removing both again and couldn't. The only solution was to restart the program.

Crazy bug!
2011/10/2 6:44:48
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) ziggy72 wrote:
Zigphone again...

...oh c'mon, pick up...

...bloody answering machine, hate these...

Oh, hi, Zig again, listen, there's a strange bug now when using the animate eyes/head dialogue - all's fine until you hit record and then nothing happens. In fact, after that, the timeline doesn't respond to anything. You can only close it using the eyes/head box, and it doesn't work again for any characters at all until you reload the set. Intermittant too, can't replicate it, but it always happens eventually it seems. The other timeline instances, like Actions, still work after eyes/head messes up, so it seems to be only an issue with that particular function.

So, uh, yeah. Laters.

Yip, I've had this one on numerous occasions too lately
2011/10/1 10:26:59
On the News Latest episode now up!

Hope you enjoy!
Don't forget to comment and subscribe!

2011/9/30 23:51:46
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Danimal wrote:
My experience with dialog sync is this:

If you move the marker back a bit and then push play, the dialog sync is correct. If you stop and restart or move the timeline forward, the audio lags WAY behind the action. Again, nudging it back, even if just a bit put the sync back.

Some of my animations are waiting in the wings for a multiple audio dialogue option to appear. I know it can't be far away so I'm happy to wait and do less conversational animations at the moment.

2011/9/30 9:29:50
Import more than 1 dialogue audio file? Multiple dialogue tracks are not supported at this time. Hopefully this will be possible in a future update.
2011/9/27 18:52:00
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Remember you can manually input the start time for the actions and they will jump to exactly where you want them.
2011/9/26 17:41:48
On the News In case you missed them here's my latest series of videos -

Episode 1 - On the News

Episode 2 - On the News: Greek report

Hope you enjoy!

2011/9/26 15:20:32
Unreal mac version So glad you've made it over to the land of Muvizu. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay!

The mac issue is one I hope will be addressed for yourself any many others.


2011/9/23 23:21:24
Unreal mac version Hi

What's the thoughts on this piece of news
And does it mean that the poor little mac users may be able to play with Muvizu without resorting to bootcamp sooner than we think?
2011/9/19 9:50:58
Some more tutorials please? Glad to be of help!
2011/9/18 11:58:56
Some more tutorials please? Hello!

Lighting can be tricky. I find that if I try and think about the scene I'm trying to set and what the lighting would be like if it was in the real world it all becomes clearer in my mind and ultimately on the screen.

I usually start by reducing the the environment brightness down to practically zero and gradually introducing lights. If it's an outdoor scene then I would go straight for the fantastic new light (which was just introduced to us in the recent update) the directional light. This light simulates sunlight by creating a parallel light in the same way that the sun does.

Indoor scenes would generally consist of a combination of the normal lights (lightbulb icon) and the spotlights. If it was a bedroom for instance, I may have a normal light near to the ceiling with the brightness and distance adjusted to taste. I would turn off the casting shadows option for the ceiling plane. if there was a bedside light i might use a smaller lightbulb with a more reduced distance and i may change the colour of the light to suit the colour of the lampshade. If it was a darkish colour I would probably need to increase the brightness to see the effect I was after.
If the bedroom was a night time scene then i would adjust the same set so that the brightness on all the lights in the room were reduced to zero, then I would introduce a directional light and select a light blue-ish colour to simulate moonlight.

Does any of this make sense? or would it really be better if I made a video tutorial at some point showing all this?

As far as camera angles go, just think about who (or what) needs to be on screen, and for how long to get your story across.

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