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2011/6/15 22:05:15
Computer not fast enough? Every day is a schoo day!
2011/6/15 21:34:43
Computer not fast enough? Danimal wrote:
RightURKen wrote:
Any way to turn it off completely so it doesn't happen when I load a set?

I don't have it right in front of me to test, but can you open the scene window, select all the plants, then hit the Edit button and turn the Sway off? It seems like that should be able to do all the plants in one fell swoop.

Like you dan I don't have my comp in front of me but I can't see that one working. If it did surely being able to select other groups and changing their collective properties would be an option? The brightness of several lights for instance.
2011/6/15 21:23:47
Facial animation The main difference with Muvizu and the other animation companies out there from my experience is that the developers of Muvizu actually listen to their users and the requests that are put to them. Not only that. They act upon them!
They really seem hell bent on giving us what we want feature wise. When i first came across muvizu and started using it last august i (like many) had a couple of feature suggestions which i posted on the forum. I expected the usual " thanks for your interest but unfortunatly blah blah" answer. But no! Instead I got a "thats a good idea, we'll see if we can squeeze that feature into our next update!" answer. Mow maybe I just seem to request things that are always on the cards for Muvizu. But this has happened on a number of occasions.
Basically what I'm saying is that the developement of Muvizu ( at the moment! ) seems guided by us, the users and not bank notes. At some point this focus will probably have to change when the well runs dry. But for now what I say is have faith in the devs and the course that they have for Muvizu feature wise.

Just don't ask for a dragon!
2011/6/15 20:08:51
Computer not fast enough? RightURKen wrote:
I've switched to the 32 bit version and it seems to be working fine. Now, is there a way to turn off "sway" for plants and trees? Most of my sets have dozens, if not a hundred or more plants and trees. Now when I load them it looks like they're in a wind storm. So far the only thing I can figure out to do and click on each plant or tree and turn it off individually. That takes forever. Any way to turn it off completely so it doesn't happen when I load a set?
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Nope!, you're stuck with the mass bobble headed botany for the time being.
2011/6/15 15:57:54
Facial animation freakmoomin wrote:
But to lighten the mood a little, we are currently looking to develop a completly new style of character with all new animations etc.....cant give away too much at this point but hopefully this will give people a new viewpoint on muvizu and show a bit of a different side.....

Oh you e done it now! Expect an unrelenting barrage of posts asking you to explain all!

I'll kick off..EXPLAIN ALL!!!
2011/6/15 15:00:21
Facial animation Facial animation capture using an xbox Kinect!:

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2011/6/14 18:48:39
Facial animation dwino wrote:
Hmmmm. I mostly agree with D, but not entirely. What is currently in Muvizu is fun and creative, but many features are half-baked at their current state. Along the way, in order to get things going on Muvizu the developers have had to say 'this'll do for now" several times.

I don't mind if they keep chipping away without the fully formed feature, as long as they lay a good foundation for things to blossom over time. So I wouldn't wish for things to be half-baked in terms of Muvizu going down an alternative road that's so-so. However, I don't mind half-baked if it's the start of a good facial animation system that is not yet fully featured.

Point taken and very well put

Can't wait to see how they implement it!
2011/6/14 14:22:24
Facial animation I look forward to the day where facial animation makes an appearance in Muvizu but I would like to see it appear in the best form the Muvizu gods can muster. Not a half baked "this'll do for now" attempt.

I'm sure that this is what they would prefer too!

2011/6/11 11:24:41
Interface & Timeline ziggy72 wrote:
I seem to keep finding features I want removed, rather than added, but never mind - could we PLEASE have the option to turn off the camera look thing the view does when the object you're working with goes offscreen a bit. It's starting to drive me mad - I'm building sets for Dreeko using big walls, and trying to position them is an exercise in frustration because Muvizu tries to 'help' me see what I already know is there and don't care about. I can move the view around myself to track the objects, thanks all the same, it's no bother

Yes as Zig says hes creating sets for a hotel sketch for me to animate and voice. The script is by a forum member with great writing prowess who is also penning 'Back to the Führer'
Collaboration is where it's at people!
I'm also working with Mysto on garage band blues which is shaping up nicely!

Good things a coming!

2011/6/9 11:52:38
A tutorial vid from Dreeko 65Radius wrote:
Thanks for that! It'll save me hours of wall placing with dismal results!

Glad to be of assistance!

2011/6/8 18:02:25
A tutorial vid from Dreeko wertstrong wrote:
We should be able to move between orthographic and perspective mode and there should also be a way to go from top,front,side e.t.c If there is already can some please tell me how

Fraid not. Orthographic views are not available. I thought they would be a good thing to have also but think about the Walls. If you move a camera directly above a wall it disappears from sight because they have no depth. So they would be invisible in a traditional plan view.

2011/6/8 15:55:41
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Sorted now

cheers Neil

2011/6/8 13:54:02
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Another tutorial!

There is a way to create a set with parallel walls using a floor plan. This video shows you how..

Hope it helps someone!
Cheers D
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edited by Dreeko on 08/06/2011
2011/6/7 14:34:13
Random requests! mcmillan-ra wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
I have a few character based cartoons from my back catalogue which will have to stay there until these options appear im afraid!

Is this some sort of attempt at blackmail?

oh god no!
my blackmail attempts are usually photograph based
2011/6/7 12:17:56
Random faces/heads Neil wrote:
Danimal wrote:
Sounds like a pretty wild Friday night!

It's actually a good description of Jim's leaving do last night.

The random face button is a good idea and I'll try to incorporate it with the UI redesign. I'll probably add a "random body" button too. It'll be harder to do favourites for faces, but I'll look into it..

Any more news on this possibility?
2011/6/7 12:14:28
Random requests! Eyes!

I'd Like an option for a single eye, cyclops stylee on a character.
In fact the ability to add as many eyes as we like would be nice.
I have a few character based cartoons from my back catalogue which will have to stay there until these options appear im afraid!

2011/6/7 12:08:32
Using the kinect as a cheap motion capture system More interesting Kinect stuff

2011/6/7 11:37:56
Muvizu and mice Neil wrote:
I played a feral druid in WoW for about 3 years, but now I mostly multibox 5 paladins with a friend who plays a paladin and 5 shaman.
edited by Neil on 07/06/2011

I do hope there were no costumes involved

2011/6/4 12:47:53
How make the character sit on bed Glad you enjoyed it.
Horse was imported into sketchup from google warehouse then exported as a .ase file and then imported into Muvizu

There are tutorials on how to do this if you are struggling


2011/6/3 13:07:09
Random requests! Bow tie!

There are a variety of neck attachments, but no bow tie! It would be handy for james bond type movies and alike.


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