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2014/1/20 17:33:49
Cartoon-Cartoon ninamag wrote:
why do some muvizu cartoon looks better, or more 3d, than other muvizu cartoons?

good question, I do not know
2014/1/20 16:13:44
Cartoon-Cartoon fazz68 wrote:
that was pretty cool, i like the look of it. it reminds me of rhubarb and custard (an old cartoon about a cat and a dog if you dont know )

we need a thread for new cartoon ideasDuhh
2014/1/20 15:45:41
Cartoon-Cartoon Hi all,
just a little Experiment. I made a cartoon of a cartoon

2014/1/1 12:41:50
sorry, not 100% Muvizu primaveranz wrote:
Definitely looks like it has possibilities for Muvizu until they let us create our own animated objects inside the engine. Thanks Sofie

Hi primaveranz , yes this is possible, but only as a chroma key (i thing). thank you for your interest.
2013/12/31 18:49:53
sorry, not 100% Muvizu fazz68 wrote:
thats pretty cool what is sketchy physics? i might have to check that out.

Sketchyphysics is a plugin for sketchup. sketchyphysics animated sketchup models with Joints. (All Plugins free). I'm happy to help with questions. Search in youtube for "sketchyphysics".
Here is another example:

All informations and Plugins:
2013/12/31 12:33:53
sorry, not 100% Muvizu hi all,
i made a combination between Sketchup....sketchyphysics......muvizu.....chroma key effect. used sketchup 7 and sketchyphysics 3.2.
my steam engine model is from the google 3d warehouse. (My Model) i used the VSDC free video editor.

happy new year......Buddies

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2013/11/20 16:04:16
I tried to tell a story. ha ha, I wanted to Muvizu "Dark star". now I understood. Thanks for your efforti agree
2013/11/20 8:11:44
I tried to tell a story. Thank you. I'll be looking at "Muvizu Dark Star". But the idea is very interesting. Yes, I try to upload the video to the gallery. Thank you for your interest.
2013/11/17 8:05:53
I tried to tell a story. I tried to tell a story. it is the year 5246 after Christ. all the people are green.
there is only one gender. the people have made ​​it their mission to destroy all
unnecessary planets in the universe. But sometimes they make a mistake: this is the story

2013/11/12 17:26:45
Character movements allways still character movement problem. (play+)
2013/11/8 12:50:21
ask for pictures exchange in backdrops Thaaaaaaaanks very much
2013/11/8 12:17:55
ask for pictures exchange in backdrops I want to be a background (or monitor) display different images is this possible? (automatic switch between two images).

Thanks in advance
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2013/10/18 16:31:24
avi file in a backdrop (sorry for the 10 th time) Hi Mike_Num_5,

I also work with VirtualDub. Thanks for the tip with the codecs. It works with the codec DivX 5 .0.5. I make an avi video with Muvizu, then I save as uncompressed avi file. I compress with VirtualDub using the DivX codec. Now I can use the file as a backdrop. Many many thanks


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2013/10/18 13:57:08
avi file in a backdrop (sorry for the 10 th time) sorry, that was often topic in this forum. I would like to have an avi file to run in a backtrop (or TV object). I can do this simply does not. What am I missing? I need to change something in the config file? the video does not work, but just wobbles.
2013/10/16 7:59:12
Audio limited and cut-off yes, I have the same problem. with mp3 files is at 8:15 sec. end. wav files working correct.
now I change all the mp3 files into wav files. I use the freeware program XMedia Recode.
2013/10/15 7:40:24
problem with the timeline yes, I had exactly the same problem, but with the old version
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2013/10/9 16:02:37
how the character holds the gun? sorry, my mistake. I have the hand and the objects found.
. Many thanks to all for the help
2013/10/9 10:28:50
how the character holds the gun? hi, I test the new Muvizu play +. I would like the character holds a weapon in hand. import of the gun works, but how the character holds the weapon firmly? the gun is on the body but not in hand.
can someone help me? Thanks in advance
2013/9/16 14:22:12
this is a bug? THANKS
2013/9/14 12:26:08
this is a bug? sorry, I've overridden the .set file. thank you for your effort
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