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2013/9/17 0:47:36
Charakter in a car I wish I could see video
2013/9/16 14:43:57
this is a bug? I like the video too, bugs or no bugs. Too bad we don't have big bugs to put in videos too. LOL
2013/9/16 13:58:59
Introducing myself, Questions Hello Mike,
I looked several in face it said there was nothing there I looked at every character part before posting the question.
Its not there. I thought maybe goggles were parts of the skin.
2013/9/16 10:28:30
Introducing myself, Questions MrDrWho13 Thanks for welcome.
I think I got the movement thing sort out.
I wish I could figure out how to stop the road from flickering.
My heroine has now permant googles on no clue why can't remove them either.
I am just make a new face for video of one of my favorite Jamendo artist Misfilter.
I know I can use the music.
I like to do lead singers face if I can figure out how.
Does anyone know if the file names of avatar can they be changed?
Because I think super hero girl face took over heroine.
Like to have her face back too.
2013/9/16 3:54:30
Introducing myself, Questions What the guide or at least ones I have seen doesn't tell me is how do I rotate objects. Or how to move the pink propeller in ways I want it to view. Am I missing something?
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Actually I figured out how to rotate my view and objects which is done in two ways but it was bit hard.
Right clicking mouse I get edit button popping up but some how I keep clicking the right button and move the object moves.
And if I keep hitting the left arrow button I move.
But I didn't really get the instructions about this when I was viewing the videos.
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2013/9/16 3:30:08
Introducing myself, Questions Thanks Urbanlamb for responding. I was using the mouse I double check again see if I miss something. I was pretty tired last night.
I am familiar with uv layers cause I use to do some clothes and skins in Second life but the uploading process got pretty expensive with all my failed texture experiments. The Sims never could forget it out when I tried originally years ago.
I did some tutorials on clothing making in blender, I am attempting to figure that program out again but still learning the basics.
Can any thing blender wise be used for avatars here?
And what about poses and animations for movements?
Is there any tutorials on this out there example if I want the avatars to do a Round dance around fire?
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2013/9/15 23:42:40
Introducing myself, Questions Hello I just joined after spending all yesterday evening watching the tutorial videos.
I have some experience with UV layers and texturing from my years of creating stuff in Second Life, Sims and illustrating.
I have made some youtube music videos using music from bands that allowed me to use their music in past nothing to fancy.
I am still in process of trying to figure out 3D modeling, how to create 3 objects.
I know I am going to have lots of questions future and present so I hope that powers that be won't mind me
creating a thread just for whatever issues that I come up.
Currently I have finally download the program but I already running into problems.
I tried to find out more via some of the links here but I haven't found what I am looking for so I am here now to post
most current question and issue.
I can't seem to control how see things with my mouse or camera.
Its going all over the place. Its making me very dizzy and frustrated
The scene I select is wooded scene with fire going. Young female warrior character.
I figure out how to put some fire out there but the red box and lighting objects seem a bit distracting.
She definitely needs hooded robe. No clue yet how to do this here.
Any tips?
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